What Is Your Reason To Seek Height Increase?

I think this is an appropriate question to ask my regular readers. I know who you are out there. There really is only 3 of you, maybe 4 but I still wanted to ask and get some feedback from you guys. Some of you come and check this site like 10 times a day, which is cool by me. Any traffic and eyeballs who are interested in what I have to say and write is nice. If this turns into an obsession of yours, it might a good idea to take a break from this site. I do try to write 3-4 blog posts a day, sometimes even up to 7 articles, but sometimes I don’t have enough energy or motivation to do much.

 – What is your reason to seek height increase?  –

Do you feel that you are not as good as other people who might be taller than you? Or is your own self image of yourself keeping you from having the type of romantic success or attracting the romantic prospects that you desire? Maybe you think your lack of height is keeping you from getting a promotion or raise. Do people joke or tease you about your height?

As for myself, I had written about my story in a previous post which you can find HERE. I have had a history of insecurity over my self image, whether it was from my intelligence or my height. It is really frustrating when I have a cousin who has both a Ph. D and a M. D from Stanford and Harvard. He may be slightly shorter than me but his number of academic achievements really do intimidate me who only has an undergraduate degree from a relatively unknown state school. How am I supposed to compare myself to that kind of person? Anyway, my story is long and complex. I am a rather screwed up person.

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