Cartilage And Bone Regrowth Through Stem Cells

From the boards, I found another article that showed that the medical technology is definitely coming along where one day we will have the power to regrow our cartilage and bones, and maybe even our joints. While this might not be able to help us reinitiate natural body growth by opening up the growth plates back from the technology, we can definitely use this technology in collaboration with the limb lenghtening surgery to make the bone increasing go faster and heal quicker.

For other uses, the stem cells can be eventually ejected into our cavities where our old joints were and regrow completely new ones. Definitely the stuff of science fiction right now, and maybe in 20 years, the stuff of just science.

The full article was found from HERE.

Patients ‘could grow new joints’

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Scientists said people with knee or hip problems could in future ‘grow their own replacement joints’ using their own stem cells

People with knee or hip problems could in future “grow” their own replacement joints using their own stem cells, scientists have said.A team of experts has, for the first time, shown it is possible to grow joints inside the body which have a full range of movement and can bear weight.

The joints could potentially last longer than commonly-used artificial joints, saving elderly patients from having to undergo gruelling operations to replace those that have worn away.

The pioneering study was carried out on rabbits but researchers believe it paves the way for a future where people grow their own bone and cartilage.

Professor Jeremy Mao and his team at Columbia University Medical Centre in New York led the study with colleagues from the University of Missouri and Clemson University in South Carolina.

They used a computer to help create artificial scaffolds that were anatomically the same size and shape as rabbit leg joints. The scaffolds were infused with a growth factor and implanted into 10 rabbits after their own leg joints had been removed.

Attracted by the growth factor, their own stem cells went to the location of the missing joint and regenerated cartilage and bone in two separate layers. Just three to four weeks after surgery, the rabbits had fully regained movement and could bear weight similar to animals who had never undergone surgery.

The rabbits had grown their own joints using their own stem cells, instead of relying on an injection of stem cells into their body. This is the first time scientists have regenerated a limb joint using either harvested stem cells or an animal’s own stem cells.

The study was published online in The Lancet medical journal.

Prof Mao said: “This is the first time an entire joint surface was regenerated with return of functions including weight bearing and locomotion. Regeneration of cartilage and bone both from the host’s own stem cells, rather than taking stem cells out of the body, may ultimately lead to clinical applications.”

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