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I recently discovered through the software I use to track the traffic flow to this website that some people are finding this site by typing the words “grow taller mfiii” into the search engines. So that got me wondering what this mfiii is. So I went on to my trusting friend google to do a little bit of research. This is what I found about this mfiii.

I found three main websites that types about it. One of them is the main website for MFIII located HERE , and the other sites looks like online stores that sell the product located HERE and HERE and HERE . There were a lot more sites but I decided just to read up and focus on the 4 main sites that appear first on google. To find more information about MFIII go to the scibd link HERE

The MFIII is a type of natural, multivitamin supplement (I am not sure if it oral or patch taken) that is supposedly made from sheep placenta which is supposed to have stem cells. It is claimed by the scribd link above that is is safer than the traditional human stem cell therapy and much cheaper.

On the main mfiii website, this is their claim

“”MFIII of Switzerland supplements are the world’s only clinically proven, Swiss-formulated, bio-active cell extracts in hi-tech softgel capsules for anti-aging, to assist in tissue regeneration and rejuvenation, giving you not just vibrant, revitalized, beautiful skin; but also a regenerated younger, health””

Apparently the MFIII product is not for height gain but used as a way to combat and slow down the aging process. It is supposed to be and branded as “the most effective anti-aging supplement in the world” by restoring and regenerating healthy cells. The idea is that our true age is determined by how healthy our cells are and how effectively they can divide and replenish themselves. The cellular therapy is supposed to be a bridge between modern western medicine and traditional chinese medicine. The supplement comes in soft gel form but there is three versions. There is the MFIII PE soft gels, the MFIII PE soft gels advanced formula, and the MFIII VP soft gels that is the advanced formula.

From the main site,

 of Switzerland hi-tech Softgels are fully researched and developed in Switzerland and Germany. The method employed in unique softgel capsules produces cells without damaging the effectiveness of the valuable, large, bio-active matter.

The exact dosage of the cell preparations can be accurately measured and the sterility controlled. Cell Therapy is a well known process in the world that has been proven safe and effective in slowing down the ageing process and regaining your health, vitality and physical power.  of Switzerland softgels are deemed a revolutionary anti-ageing and cell activating oral supplements from more than 20 years of research and development.  of Switzerland softgels, being enteric coated, by-pass the stomach and dissolve in the small intestine whereby the active ingredients are fully absorbed by the body.

The advantage of dissolution in the small intestine instead of in the stomach is that it avoids the destruction of active peptides and their functions by gastric acid, thereby ensuring the bioavailability of the cell elements consumed. It is currently the most advanced bio-technological product with a very high metabolic activity. It’s active ingredients are small molecular peptides which are absorbed by the body without losing their effects to induce general health maintenance. The cell extracts of of Switzerland extracts are from cell culture. They are very pure raw materials without any foreign content and are 99% water soluble.


Lab Dom Suisse Inc, the Swiss formulators and developers of  of Switzerland, holds the one and only Swiss licensed method of extraction in cell extraction. The Swiss believe that, in order to maintain the bioactiveness of the active substance of cell extracts, it can only be done with their unique, closely-guarded, Swiss secret of cold enzymatic acid process during extraction without thedestructive effects of heating from 125°C to 180°C as used in the common sterilization process. Hence, no cell extracts are the same because the methods of extraction process are very different. Current cell extracts’ supplements in the markets are via conventional methods. NAMELY :

(1) GROUNDING which leaves impurities, accumulated and unfiltered heavy metals;

(2) LYOPHILIZATION where the cellular wall structure of the cells are unavoidably damaged during the lyophilization process, rendering a high loss of the cell extracts’ high efficacy and effectiveness;

(3) STERILIZATION PROCESS where heating of 125°C to 180°C virtually kills off all natural bio-activeness of any good marine cell extracts. Swiss cell extracts supplement with its unique extraction method is more bio-active and readily available to the users upon ingestion with its fully-soluble, spray-dried material in controlled air environment throughout its unique proprietary Enzymatic Digestion process.

In comparison to any other cell extracts products,  of Switzerland softgels will not supply artificial hormones to our bodies which would affect our own hormone production. Dependency on Hormone Therapy may be effective during treatment. However, it will lose its effects when discontinued. This can be dangerous as it affects the natural balance of the endocrine system. Since of Switzerland is free of large proteins, the risk of allergy is highly minimized as the chance of attacking a foreign body is negligible.

The active substances in  of Switzerland are extracted with hi-tech biotechnological processes. The ratio of active ingredients in  of Switzerlandis set after prolonged research and trials in various scientific fields towards achievement of the best concentration of the active ingredients. Both the inner ingredients and outside coating of  of Switzerland capsules are stabilised. of Switzerland products are all extracted from small peptide fractions with the big molecules of fat, protein and hormones removed. They are further cultivated by Cell Culture with the end results of the active parts separated and purified. They are thus very pure and do not contain any other unnecessary ingredient.

No side effects will occur for long-term maintenance since the bio-molecules metabolize, degenerate and are excreted via the same pathways as endogenous products.  of Switzerland is NOT a DRUG as it does not contain any chemical but is solely a nutritional supplement . of Switzerland is totally safe and can be used in conjunction with any other vitamin or nutritional supplement.

Me: What is clear is that the MFIII product is not intended for height increase purposes. What I did notice from the boards is that a few people decided to buy it and try it out to see if it would have any height increase effects, and the conclusion is that it has no effect on height increase. The product promoters claim that the mfiii can increase one’s height but most people who have tried it have had no height increase. The argument against it can be found HERE and HERE on the impartial height increase boards

The most interesting discussion about the effects of MFIII is found from the site Doctors Lounge where apparently quite a few height increase methods are judged and analyzed which you can find HERE . Apparently the supplement is supposed to even unfuse date growth plates which is a very big claim and not substantiated.

As for the MFIII intended purpose of anti-aging, I am not qualified to state whether it works or not. The main site does show that there has been a few clinical studies done on the supplement and the studies done at France, the USA, and China show that it is safe to take, with minimal side effects.  They also sell what appears to be bottles of stem cell solutions where one is expected to inject them under the skin called blue cell extracts plus and nano cell extracts. It is authenticated with some form of certificate by the Swiss government. From the pictures it appears to have a little bit of effect on skin smoothness. 

The conclusion is that the MFIII has no chance of working , at least for height increase.

7 thoughts on “Height Increase Using MFIII

  1. MiniGolfer

    Anti-aging(anti-senescent) mechanisms do have a role in height increase as growth plate cessation is based on senescent related mechanisms rather than a time table. I’ll have to go through all the ingredients and see how much they can help delay terminal chondrocyte differentiation.

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  4. Silvia

    The MfIII product has also MFIII hp vials Human Placenta that is not the same thing of MFIII capsules.MFIII HP Placenta Human is rich of growth factors which stimulate the cellular activity.I read that it has worked on a 26 years boy.

  5. Silvia

    I read it on El Zar de la Estatura website .Sameone told that he is grown by Kimi and 24 vials Mf3 hp he has taken 2 years to grow taller 2,5 inches.That’s written in Spanish .but you could translate in english.However you need of looking for the page below the article.That’s a comment.

  6. waqar ali shah

    i want it now i am 5′ 6″ i want to i will be come 5′ 9″ how is it possible if it work so please tell me truth i will buy because i used a lots of think but the didn’t work


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