Love Is A Battlefield And You Are Going To Be Slaughtered

Note: I wanted to warn the reader that this will be the most controversial post I have written to date. This post is to test your own ability and will to handle the cruelty of life. Don’t read this post if you can’t handle it. 

All of these views and points are ideas and theories I have learned about and reached at one point in my life. They represent the thoughts of my own shadow, the part of my mind which arises when the darkness inside of me manifests itself. 

You don’t need to agree with me or like me. Everything in life is for the individual to make their own personal subjective interpretation about. I don’t know if you do have free will but you can believe that you can still choose to believe in the most basic points about life, like whether god exists or not, whether humans are basically good or not, or whether the universe is a nice place to live in.

I wanted to be completely honest with this post. I think you as the reader deserve it. You need to hear the truth, not some lie the media, the movies, or disney tries to tell you. This world and existence we live in is fucking brutal, and very harsh. If you are not ready to play in this game called life your fate is only suffering and failure. This post is not completely about height, but it is related. Just listen and be willing to open your mind.

A wise person once told me that if I look around me, I would be able to see that sex is everywhere around me. All of life and society can be viewed as an elaborate mating ritual. Richard Dawkins in his landmark book The Selfish Gene talked about how we are really just biological machines that are programmed by our genes to do everything we can to reproduce with the most fit individuals so that our progeny has the best chance to survive and thrive when they gow up and have to compete against the millions and billions of others people who are hungry like you out there. From the classic evolutionary biology book ,the Red Queen and Sperm Wars, the reader finds out that for many women, they realize that they probably can not find the best mate who has all the the qualities that they are looking for so they pick and choose mates who have the qualities they are looking for and try to combine them together to have the best offspring. These women would try to get pregnant in their early twenties to the good looking, 6′ 4″, broad shoulders, alpha behavior dominant men who do not have the drive or intelligence to success in the corporate or professional world, and after a few years they take their own children with the good genes and find a nice dependable beta male to marry and settle down with who is professional successful but without the physical qualities and get them to take care of their tall, good looking children who is by another man.

There are already 7 billion people you will eventually have to contend with to find food, shelter, water, and a mate to produce offspring since your instinct is to do that. Your parents were the victorious, and your grandparents were the victorous. For you to even exist, every single one of your ancient relatives had to survive past famine, war, disease, rape, and genocide to live long enough to mate with someone and pass down their genes. In your veins runs the blood of champions. You are the product of the best of the best, which humanity can provide. You are a winner by being even born. If you don’t desire sex and to have children, that is okay. It is just that your genes will be unapologetically weeded out of existence. All the success and effort and back breaking work your ancestors did to pass down their genes and give their offspring the best chance to win in this game against others, you have chosen to throw away because you decided at some point that it is not worth it, all the struggling and competing.

Most plastic surgeons will tell you that the difference between ugly and beautiful is only millimeters apart. when you are only 1 milimeter away from beauty, you are deemed “comely” When you are 2 millimeters away from beauty you are “average” When are are 3 milimeters from beauty, you are “ugly”. That’s right. The difference between being beautiful and ugly can be as small as 3 mm. And that is also often the difference between success and failure. Sometimes when we have been trying to reach a goal and giving all of our effort, we give up just before we make the crack and the dam breaks and all of our rewards comes flooding through. We are often just millimeters away from reach success when we give up. Don’t give up and keep fighting everyday.

When you watch the discovery channel and national geographic, you will see a lion chase after a zebra. One of them has to die for the other to live. The zebra can only run so far before either the lion catches up to it and kills it for food or it is fast enough to run away. If it runs away, the lion starves to death. Of course, even with the death of one predator, tomorrow is a new day and you fight again. This world is really a dog eat dog world where it is kill or be killed. When you are out in the world every day in the corporate machine you understand how damn difficult it is to just even make $1. However when you get home, you must turn that fighting energy into love, caring and compassion and give it uncondiitonally and compeletely to the person you have devoted your word of love and loyalty to.

You have really no idea how lucky you are to even be alive. If your father and mother can been just a feet away from each other when they first met, they might have gotten together, and you would not even be here reading this message. The physicists have tried calcualting the odds and chances of you existing and they have shown that your odds of even “being” are so small that the divided number is greater than the number of atoms in the universe. That is how this world and nature works.

If you are a man, you are at a disadvantage because you are always the one who will have to chase, try insnaely hard, and win the affection and heart of the best, most beautiful, most fit female you can find so you can mate with her to produce the most fit children. Only 20% of all men in the history of human kind has been able to reproduce. If you can even have one child with any reasonably healthy female, you will already be in the top 20% of all men. You are going to have to compete with thousands of other men for the attention and affection of only a few women in your social group since only 10% of all woman are considered attractive. Are you ready for the intense competition?

For you men out there, remember that yur fight is never aginst women, because when you fight against women, you cannot win at least their heart. You can overpower women and rape them as our ancestors did and that did lead to results and offspring, but in this modern era we are not allowed to become complete animals. Your real fight is against the men in this world. You are effectively competing agsint the hoards of other men all tryings to take, steal, and do whatever they can to get the attractive girls.

If you are a woman, you are at a disadvantage because you are probably smaller and weaker than the opposte sex. You are constantly being harassed or approached upon be horny lonely desperate men who want to be with you, want you for sex, and want you to love them. In your lifetime, you have a 25% chance of being raped, often by someone you trust, someone you know. On top of that, you realize that your true greatest asset is your looks, and your youth. That is finite and with each single day your chance to attract that tall, good looking, smart, rich and successful guy decreases. No amount of makeup and plastic surgery can cover up the lines of time and you realize that one day the guys who once would chase you to the ends of the world have stopped coming and are looking at the younger, prettier girls while you are left to have to settle for what is the best you can get. Of course we could all say that we are effectively settling. We all are trying to make ourselves better to find the best we can. Love is a battlefield and you are going to be slaughtered.

This is where the element of height comes into our species psyche. Being tall and having height has always meant at a unconscious level the ability to be closer to the sky, and maybe touch the heavens.I personally have not found one tribe or ethnic group in human history which values people who are smaller and shorter than people who are taller. Consistently through studies, women can been asked and they state that a man’s height is most often the primary factor that determines their dating potential. A man can be a harvard educated neurosurgeon who makes a million dollars a year but he still will heave trouble finding a date if he is of short stature. Height is something fundamental and immovable. Maybe if we happened to be a species that lived underground where there was an actual physical to how high one could be, there would be some form of evolutionary advantage to be smaller but the environment we live in there is limitless in the direction of up, but limited to the direciton of down. With the force of gravity always trying to push us down maybe the aspect of great height is a way for all species to proclaim that they have been able to overcome such a basic, elemental force of nature.

On the other hand, height for females is almost just as imporatnt. Females who are tall are often given mythic statues.They are the ones who get stopped on the street or mall while shopping by a modeling agent scout and given the million dollar contract deals to just wear makeup and walk up and down a runway for a living. Women like 5′ 10″ Blake Lively has to never worry about working or trying ot find her next meal because she will always have men who will provide for her for a chance to mate and be with her for her beauty and genes. Women like 5′ 11″ Ivanka Trump will only date professional millionaire type men which she did since her husband is an investment banker.

People these days try to be nice to you and tell you sugar coated lies so you won’t feel bad about yourself or get too depressed but the cold truth is that certain things matter and often those things are what you have no control over. People believe that there is nothing we can do about height so they think they can judge us on that issue. We can change everything else about ourselves. We can go back to school even when we are in our 60s, go to medical school and become doctors, we can spent and work our asses off for 10 years to become neruosurgeons, we can wear contacts, get hair plug implants, get plastic surgery on our eyelids and noses, whiten our teeth, get teeth implants, buy thousand dollar armani suits and gucci bags and jimmy choo shoes to increase our appearance from an average 6 to a hot 9. We can diet, exercise, and meditate but our height seems to be the last great thing which we can not really do anything about. This life can be viewed either through the lens of sex and mating or the lens of death and struggle.

Immortality is always just out of our reach in the stars, and for those of us who can feel the burning of passion for glory and power in our earlier days , we are told to “reach for the stars”. In Greek Myth, after the Olympian gods defeated the Titans in their epic war, the 3 main brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades had to divide the world upon themselves. Zeus who was the leader chose to take the sky because the sky represented the infinite and he wanted the most of all of his siblings. The sky and height represents the zenith, the peak which humans can reach for. Similarly, there is a limit to how cold a system can be from thermodynamics known as absolute zero, but there seems to be no limit to how hot and high the temperature of a system can be.

Sure, there are some people who choose to view this life through the lens of money but they are looking at an illusions. Money is fake, human created, not nature created. We are living in a culture that has a fiat currency. If one did the research they would realize that all systems and nations throughout history who has ever decided to use a fiat currency had collapsed. Our concept of money is an illusion and our faith in it is based on a lie.

I wanted to get even more harsher  and colder, but closer to the truth. If you have ever been dumped, the real reason they dumped you was because you just wasn’t good enough. Your value in their eyes dropped to a level which they didn’t think you could ever crawl out of. Or they found someone who they believed was better than you, who had a higher value than you. No one who is better gets dumped, they are the one who does the rejecting. That is the truth. Stop all the lies and bullshit and come to terms with it. If you want to get angry at these people who reject you and look down on you, then you have two choices. You can either get angry or get even. Getting angry lets you feel good for a short time and that is a way that your ego does to protect itself from being hurt. However, if you are desiring to do something about being rejected, you would want to get even. Sure, you can learn to forgive and let go and just move on with your life but as we have seen through out the history of mankind, revenge is a sweet act that most men would desire after being wronged. If we remember clearly, the Trojan war and the fall of the great city of Troy was because one man Paris stole the wife of another, Mannaleus and Mannaleus took his revenge out on Paris and Helen by bringing together all the forces of Greece and brought the city of Troy down on its knees.

Inevitably you will eventually lose. we all lose. That is called the certainty of death.

Another wise person once told met that if I look around me, I would be able to see that death is everywhere around me. All of life can be viewed as a person riding on a boat heading towards the waterfall while sitting backwards. We can’t see when it will happen, but it will happen and often so quickly that we never had the chance to react or rethink over our life.

I will be slaughtered by life. You will be too. Everyone will be. However, we can prevent it and hold death away if we play this game of life well and live a life of success. We are supposed to stay alert and vigil to all the things that goes on in our lives and the environment around us. Millions of years ago if you were not alert and aware of your surrounding, you eat killed or eaten. There is really no good news, at least for the ending. We all end our story with the same fate. We are born winners, and we can die as winners if we realize what we are expected to do by the universe and nature. At the most basic level that is how nature defines success and winning. So take your trophies, your honors and accolades, and medals and give me what can not be bought or traded for by humans. Give me the power to transform my body and display to others that I have learned how to conquer the earth and sky and pushed myself slightly closer to heaven and been able to be just more successful than my fellow humans so that I can claim that I was a winner in this life, even though I know that at the end I will lose and all of my actions will be for nothing.

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