Increase Height Using The Shinbone Method Or Shinbone Technique

This method or technique called the Shinbone was a really interesting and unique case because of the people associated with it development. There was a guy named Sky which came along around the 2006-2009 period (I am not sure about the real dates since I haven’t done all the research) who wanted to form some type of group or organization to find the solution to our height increase problem. His answer to the issue was a very radical and original method.

If I was to summarize how his method worked, it would be a combination of 1. Microfractures and 2. Ankle Weights. The personal will have to first do some really high intensity anareobic exercises like jumping up and down with weights, and than doing some sprints. The idea is that the high intensity exercise will allow certain areas on the lower leg bones, the tibia and fibula to develop microfractures, at least in the vertical direction. After the microfractures occur, one must put on heavy ankle weights, and use the force of gravity with the weights to push downward on the shine bone to expand and stretch the bones which now have the fractures.

There was a group formed, a lot of testing was done with home made equipment, and plans to expand the method to other cities. The guy named Sky kept on making a lot of claims and in the end he never revealed what the resutls showed. The forums were left wondering what happend and they never got their answer. In my opinion, the guy tried to get this specific method to work, and the result was not what he wanted. The shinbone method didn’t seem to work .

This is my conclusion on this most unique of ideas, at least at this current time. If you are still interested in finding some routine to do with ankle weights hoping to increase your height, refer to my post on Ankle Weights, Part I (link below) which does give at least 3 ideas and routines on how to use the ankle weights to gain extra height.

If you wanted more information about the technique, please go to another post I wrote about Ankle Weights, Part I and Part II. You can also refer to the article on microfractures located HERE.

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