The Reasons You Should And Should Not Go Through With Limb Or Leg Lengthening Surgery

Of all the methods and techniques that are proposed to increase one’s height, the only one that will clearly work is the surgery where one get their legs cut open, separated, and slowly using metal screws increased in length while everything is held together. When it come to trying to manipulate and mold the human bone, anything beside blunt force and knife incisions will have little effect. There are many height increase ideas being developed currently like using low frequency ossilating pulses, implants, stem cells, and DNA manipulation, but the limb surgery is still the one method that has worked and will continue to work as long as it is allowed.

So we know that it does work. However, the complications involved with the surgery, the pain, the expense, and the emotional and mental effort one has to put in makes the surgery a very controversial subject and decision. If you have ever considered the idea of going through with the surgery and told your family or friends, the most likely reactions are confusion, anger, shame, and fear.

Your mother might start crying and say something like “You are perfect the way you are. Why would you want to put yourself through such a painful and horrifying experience jus tot gain a few inches?”

Your father might get angry and start shouting and try to argue with you to change your mind with “Are you crazy? Or stupid?! Do you realize that you will have to give up your schooling or work for at least 6 months-1 year to go through with this cockamaney idea! Who put this in your mind?”

Your brother might be confused and state “You are crazy for going through with this…Is it because you are worried you can’t find a girlfriend/boyfriend because you are short? I am only slightly taller than you and I am fine with my own height”

Your friends would try to understand but also concerned about you and go with something like “Wow, I can’t imagine ever putting myself through that type of pain and hell. It is your life and body and you will ultimately have to choose what you want to do. I wouldn’t recommend it. Can I help in some way?”

All of them have their own reasons to act and react the way they do. All of their concerns and fear are well founded. If they try to convince you to reconsider or get out of the idea of limb and leg surgery they are doing it out of real caring for you.

So the main question is…

“What are the main real reasons you have for why you have decided to go through with limb lengthening surgery?”

right after this question is answered, the logical next question is

“Is the reasons you gave on your desire really valid and good enough to justify going through such a painful process which will affect all the rest part of your life?”

So let’s look at this issue really deeply. I personally wanted to go into my own psyche to figure out the real WHY? and the other question sS IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?

Here is my own list of reasons that would be good enough to justify why I decided to purposely cut my own leg in half to only reattach it slowly back together in what can only bedescribed by most people as a most painful manner.

1. I want to be taller so I can have a better chance at meeting someone who can like me without worrying about the size difference.

2. I want to be taller so I don’t have to suffer through the emotional and mental pain of feeling like I am not worthy.

3. I want to look at myself in the mirror and be happy with what I see

4. I want to get other people to stop teasing about my short stature

5. I want to be taller so that people will stop rejecting me as a potential and immediately citing my height as the main reason they won’t even give me a chance.

Now, here are my own list of reasons that would not be worth it. At least for me. (For men mostly)

1. I want to be tall enough to be able to play in professional basketball

2. I want to be taller so that my coworkers would start respecting me instead of making fun of me.

3. I want to be taller so that the girl who had rejected me can look at my changes and regret not going out with me

4. I want to prove to other people that I am just as good as them.

5. I want to be tall enough so that my girlfriend can now wear high heels.

6. I want to be taller so that I can get all the girls to find me attractive

7. I want to be tall so that other men can find me more intimidating

If we look at the reasons which make sense, and the reasons which don’t make sense, we can kind of guess what what really makes a reason valid. If the reason you want to go through the surgery is from an intrinsic internal source of desire to make yourself feel happier about yourself, go do it. However if you want it so that you can satisfy the desires and expectations of other people and the rest of the world, you shouldn’t. You can never be able to make everyone happy, keep everyone satisfied.

If your reason is so the external world will stop judging you on your height and to remove the constant teasing and ridicule you get for this state, go do it. If however your reason to ge the surgery is to show off your new body and invalidate the beliefs and opinions of others, don’t. There is no way you can truly change the thoughts and feelings of other people. In conclusion, please understand that you are ultimately going to do or not do this surgery for yourself, so that you can find peace and acceptance and remove the suffering in your life, but definitely not for others because you can never appease other people’s expectations.

2 thoughts on “The Reasons You Should And Should Not Go Through With Limb Or Leg Lengthening Surgery

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  2. chetan

    After the surgery, does the rod remain inside the body for life long. Does the done have the same strength as normal bone. Can one run , jump and do all the outdoor heavy tasks without any problem after the surgery. Does the leg will have all the scars and make the leg look ugly with its marks. So in short life after surgery is how in terms of above parameters?


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