Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound, LIPUS – Part II

In a recent post I did, I had talked about the recent talks going around about the possibility of using the technology of Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound, LIPUS as a way to increase our height and grow taller. The article can be found HERE. It turned out to be a far bigger subject than I anticipated and the article was getting very long since I was copy and pasting large sections of scientific articles and webpages on there for the readers to learn. I guess the first article was just an introduction to the technology with some background information on the history and theory behind it.

Note: I really hope you read the previous article because it is really critical to understand what you ar doing if you plan to use the technology correctly to get the height increase you desire.

This article will be more focused on the talks that state that the technology an be used to increase height. What is kind of interesting is that there is already quite a few websites already up selling the LIPUS devices like this website called Exogen from Canada. The website is right HERE. From the website….

EXOGEN is a portable device that stimulates the bone’s natural healing process. The unit has a small transducer which is placed on the skin above the broken bone and emits low-intensity, pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) waves through the skin and soft tissue to penetrate the bone.

EXOGEN works at all stages of the bone fracture healing process:

  • Early: The ultrasound waves encourage cells to remove cell debris and bacteria.
  • Middle: The pulses stimulate the bone marrow to produce immature bone cells and cartilage cells. These two types of cells are essential to bone regrowth.
  • Late: The pulsed waves stimulate the membrane around the bone to ‘seal up’ the fracture, allowing immature bone cells to collect and grow. The ultrasound signals also encourage the newly formed bone cells to mature more rapidly.

What are the typical EXOGEN heal rates for non-union fractures?

EXOGEN has been shown in multiple clinical studies to heal many types of broken bones, in many locations in the human body.

Heals 86% of non-union fractures

EXOGEN has an 86% success rate when used to treat non-unions. The EXOGEN system’s low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) technology is compatible and successful with all types of broken bone management techniques.  In fact, studies of patients with previously unhealed broken bones that had not healed within one year showed successful heal rates of 86%.

Heals fresh fractures 38% faster

In studies where fracture patients were prescribed EXOGEN soon after the initial bone fracture, they healed 38% faster than patients using a placebo (control) device. In addition, patients who used EXOGEN low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) were able to have their casts removed an average of 22% sooner than patients with a placebo device.

Heals fractures with risk factors as much as 50% faster

One of the greatest benefits of EXOGEN low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) is its ability to help heal broken bones that would otherwise be delayed by patient factors such as smoking. Other patient factors include: diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. Doctors call these factors risk factors. In fact, EXOGEN ultrasound may accelerate fracture healing by as much as 50% in patients who smoke.

From the FAQ page, a few of the big questions are answered….

1.   Is EXOGEN right for my condition?

Your physician will ultimately determine if EXOGEN is right for you, but you may be a candidate for EXOGEN if:

  • Your broken bone does not appear to be showing any visible signs of healing (non-union)
  • Your broken bone is taking longer to heal than normal (delayed union)
  • Your broken bone has been fixed by surgery or metal implants but it still is not healed or healing
  • You have a recently broken bone (fresh fracture)
2.   When should EXOGEN not be used?

People with implanted devices, such as Pacemakers, can be affected by the low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS). EXOGEN treatment is not indicated for use in patients who are still growing (such as children) and is also not approved for use in the vertebrae or skull. Your doctor or surgeon can determine if treatment with EXOGEN is right for you.

3.   How is it used?

Simply place the strap over where your bone is broken (fracture site) and place the small head of the unit (transducer) on your skin with a small amount of gel applied and push the ‘Start’ button. The EXOGEN unit will then work for 20 minutes before turning itself off.

4.   Can I use it myself?

Yes, the EXOGEN unit is designed to be applied by you at home.

The EXOGEN unit comes with simple instructions that shows you, using pictures, how to apply the low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS). It is supplied with all the equipment you need and has been designed to be very easy to use, for a quick instruction guide please click here.

5.   Is it painful?

No, EXOGEN is painless.

6.   How often do I need to use it?

EXOGEN is a once daily treatment for broken bones. It should be used at a time that is convenient for you and fits into your daily routine. This usually means that the EXOGEN unit is applied for 20 minutes at the same time every day.

10.   Can I use it if I have already had an operation?
Yes, studies have shown that it can stimulate healing in the presence of metal implants and this means EXOGEN can be used even if your fracture has been stabilized by surgery.
11.   Can I use it if I am taking other medication?
Yes, there will be no interactions with medication. It is widely recognized in medical literature that certain types of anti-inflammatory medication will impair bone healing, so please discuss your pain relieving medication with your doctor fully.
12.   Can I use it if I have an infected bone?

Yes, there is documented use of EXOGEN with infected bone13. EXOGEN should not be applied at the same site as broken or infected skin. Please consult your physician for guidance on where to place the treatment head if you have any concerns.

13.   Can I use it if I have an ‘external fixator’ on my bone?

Yes, EXOGEN has shown good results when used in conjunction with metal fixation of fractures.

Me: I personal decided to omit some of the questions and answers on the site because they did not have an relevant information relevant for the height increase seeker. What is good to know is that one can use this technology when they get distraction osteogenesis (aka limb lengthening surgery) so their recovery and healing can come along faster. Not only that, the rate at which bone can grow back and even the rate which their leg bones can be lengthening can be increased, maybe even up by 50%. More evidence for its ability to stimulate mysenchymal stem cells proliferation can be found HERE.

I don’t know how much the device being sold costs but I doubt it would be over $300. They already showed you how to use the device from how to put it on to how often to use the device.

In terms of routine, I don’t think one can increase height just from just the LIPUS technology alone, but require some type of initial fracture or cartilage to work with first. 

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    I would like to purchase a LiPUS low intensity ultrasound unit.

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  3. Debby Quashen

    I’d like to know if the EXOGEN can be used for people who have fractured or missing teeth? Where do you get it? How much does it cost?


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