Will I Ever Do A Review On A Product And Not Say It Is A Scam?

I have done so far 10 product reviews on products and services that are claimed by the seller online that it works to increase your height even after your puberty stage and your growth plates have fused. I have concluded that 9 of them are scams and the other one was something that I am just not sure on, but if I had to bet, I would say it doesn’t work.

Here is how I define the word “scam”. A scam is the act of where one person gets another person to believe in something that they know is not true. The scammer is lying. In additon, the scammer knows they are lying and doing it intentionally. Some people really do believe their products work so they are not intentionally lying. Does that mean that they are not held accountable? I would say less so. Just as in criminal court, there is a difference in punishment for people who commit murder which was premeditated and or accidental, we should always take into account the intentions of the person who is lying into consideration.

So to be a true scammer, a person must be intentionally lying to you to make you believe in something or do something. When it comes to our small niche, the scammer wants you to give them money. The absolute truth is that 99% of all the products and services sold across the internet that claim to get you to grow taller will NOT work. In addition, the person who is selling it knows that it will NOT work. SO the act of them saying that the product did work and selling it on a false pretense makes them a scammer by default.


1. The product does not work

2. The seller knows the product does not work

3. The seller chooses to state that the product does work

4. The seller chooses to sell the product.

All these 4 parts create the definition of a height increase scam and scammer.

In conclusion, to answer my original question¬†“Will I ever do a review on a product or service and NOT say it is a scam?”

In the internet space where anything and everything is promoted and sold just to get the next potential customer or victim to open their wallet and pull out their credit card, I would state that my answer is “NO”.

I don’t believe I will ever review a height increase product or service sold on the internet and conclude that it is not a scam. the main problem always goes back to the first part that makes up the scam 1. The product does not work.¬†There is currently no magic bullet or easy way to gain height so no product being sold as a supplement or E-book or exercise routine will work. So everything sold online is basically a scam unless the science of the mechanism is valid.




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