Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Brain Wave Binaural Beats

Something new that I recently discovered that other people have tried to increase height and grow taller is using brain wave binaural beats. It is really interesting and I decided to do more research to see what results other people have received from trying out the technology.

The first article I found was from here and posted below about this possibility.

Beat Short Height with Binaural Beats

May 7, 2011 admin Binaural Beats

Vertically challenged? Is that the reason why you are living a life of low confidence and seclusion? Come off it then. Here is some unique good news for all those who have suffered the pangs of being short in the guise of binaural beats. You must be surprised, probably wondering if this is some kind of a bad joke, however the truth is quite contrary to the thoughts crossing your mental plane. It might sound quite a novel concept and apparently unbelievable, but the fact is that the binaural beats have been able to benefit those seeking a height increase.

Binaural Beats

Though this a relatively new concept and not that well scientifically established, yet that in no way reduces the services rendered by the binaural beats in this specific arena of height increase. These beats generate low frequency waves, otherwise inaudible to the human ear, however help in height enhancement. By producing two different waves for the two ears, the resultant wave contributes in effective growth of height. The binaural beats help to produce waves akin to the brain wave of a person in deep slumber. As is the commonly known fact that maximum growth hormone production takes place when in deep sleep, it is amply evident how these beats will enable you to grow taller.

The binaural beats like all other beneficial measures only render favorable results if the required conditions and rules are followed. This practice must be followed in a calm and quiet place with a relaxed state of mind. Avoid thinking anything else and preferably arrange for a dim light ambiance. Moreover the binaural beats process must not be practiced if you are involved in some other activity, driving, suffering from heart ailments or others like epilepsy and sleep apnea. If the adequate measures and the correct procedures are religiously followed then you are sure to receive the desired solution to your disturbing problem.

There are other people who are using the binaural beats from the Impartial Height Increase Boards

From resource 1

You cannot just start using or listening to these sound beats whenever or wherever you want to. There are several things you should avoid before you use binaural beats to grow taller. It is not advisable to listen to this frequencies when you are:

  • driving
  • operating any equipment
  • when you have certain health conditions like sleep apnea and epilepsy
  • when you have heart problems

Adhering to these simple precautions will help you stay on the safe side while you are trying to achieve your height increasing goals. It is advisable that when you try this unique way to grow taller you should use ear phones to separate the sounds for the left and right ear.  This will also ensure that you will avoid or diminish any outside interference. Also, listen to the beats at a comfortable hearing level so you will not damage your hearing and your ear drums in particular.

It is important that you are in a calm state and are very relaxed when listening to the sound and not think about anything . When you are going to try using this unusual method to grow taller, I suggest you just empty your mind of anything for several minutes. Pick a place that is comfortable, quiet and use dimmed lighting. Listen to it once in the morning at once at night before bed to get the best benefits of growing taller.

Me: It seems that there is very little information about this method/technique. The only other link on google that had anything related to this stuff was for ChargedAudio.Com which sold Hypnosis/NLP CDs to help people grow taller. 

Overall, there are not even any claims or testimonials saying that binaural beats can possibly work. Maybe people have tried to the method but no one has sais anything about results. 

40 thoughts on “Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Brain Wave Binaural Beats

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  2. DaBOSS

    My height went from 5’1 to 5’8 in… … … .. … … … … TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Things that really worked for me:
    1. Supplementation of L-Arginine and L-Lysine three hours after meal and right before sleep.
    – L- Arginine(any kind of form)- 15 grams
    -L- Lysine(any kind of form)- 5 grams
    = This amount supplementation can increase HGH output up to 700% to 800% for about 8 hours. L-Arginine is good for…i4got but it does something. L-Lysine is great for bone formation. Both amino acids are proven to release hgh. Research approved*
    2. Sleep 8-10 hours.
    -Sleep with no pillow on back.
    = This is when your release the most growth hormone. (Greatest way to grow taller) Research approved*
    3. Sprint 30 seconds and rest for 90 seconds. Sprint again with the same duration and rest. Do it 8 times if possible.(Must have the feeling of throwing up)
    – Do not eat anything three hours before and after workout.
    = This releases growth hormone up to 500%. Research approved*
    4. Listen to binaural beats or isochronic tones.
    – Listen to 1.05 hz everyday before, during, and after sleep.
    – Also, listen to 7.0 hz for bone healing after the excersise. Try to listen to both in a ratio of 3:1.
    – You can research more about it. Try isochronic tones they are considered more effective. You can also try to make one by yourself using audacity… but you’ll have to learn it. is the solution.
    – Try to listen to it as MUCH as POSSIBLE!!! At least 12 hours.
    = Listening to binaural beats or isochronic tones during sleep will HELP keep you at non-REM sleep. Non-REM sleep is when you produce a ton of growth hormones. Research approved*
    5. Eat healthy foods or try multi vitamin supplementation.
    – Buy Calcium, vitamin d(3), zinc, vitamin c.
    – Try to have caloric surplus.(healthy “stuff”)
    = Calcium creates is the main ingredient of bones. Vitamin d(3) help keep strong bones. Vitamin c help you reduce cortisol, the stress hormone capable of reducing HGH secretion. Zinc is needed for cell division. Many people are short because they don’t consume enough zinc. Research approved*
    6. Stay happy.
    – Reduces stress, and many things.
    – It keeps you persistent, consistent, and motivated.
    Overall view:
    Please follow these because this gives you more growth hormone than synthetic growth hormones. This will probably make you feel like you’re in another puberty lol. But seriously, this is all you need to increase height. Simple as that. Nuff said. Good-bye and wish you the best!(;

    1. Steve

      Daboss you are truly God sent. How did u come up with this routine.2 months ago, Immediately I read this routine, I started it. I was a bit skeptical but I gave up all negative mindsets.I can’t still believe and you find it very hard to believe but i grew 5.2 inches(13 CMS) in 6weeks(42 days).I stopped because I reached my dream height(6’2) from 5’9. I am 16 years.
      1. I took arginine and lysine( I couldn’t find arginine pyroglutamate)
      2.I sprinted 5 times. Couldn’t do 8 times cause I always sprinted at full speed(sprinting is the most important part of the routine)
      3. I slept on my back
      4. I listened to BB
      5. I did 10 stretches morning and night( stetches are in “grow taller secrets”.You can download the torrent)
      Note: Results come not slowly but in a certain week so please I beg you, be persistent.I started noticing results in the 3rd week.DON’T STOP HALFWAY
      I think I added so much inches because I am a teenager and still in puberty.
      I say a HUGE thank you to Daboss for this routine.
      Good luck, It will surely work.

      1. Alex

        I’m gonna try this as I’ve done height increase programs for a few months grew about 4 cm Max and looking to get to 6’3 from the 5’11 I am now, I am listening to BB sleeping on back no pillow ect and taking the supps from today, also I’m fasting (whixh helps relase hgh) doing all the things too btw I turn 17 in a few months, Haven’t got the tallest genetics (dad 5’8 mum 5’6 bro (19) 5’10) so I will reply to this message soon to let you know how its gone!

    2. MisterK

      I’m gonna try what you did, DaBOSS.

      I am 23. I stopped growing taller since I was 19. I am 181cm tall since.
      I am going to have these supplements and combine them to glucosamine supplements. Let’s give it a try, just for the scientific interest. And mine, although I am not short, I won’t mind growing like 3-5 cm more. I don’t know, I’ll see.

      Keep you updated fellas (sorry for my english).

    3. diva

      hi there. I am Diva. I am 5.3 and you know the feeling being shorter then your friends is very stressful and sad. all I want to ask you is that what you have said in your post above is right !!!! I don’t mean to doubt you! it just that I lost hope and cant believe anything :(. I really want to increase my height please help me . you did mention everything pretty clearly but still I need your assistance I hope you will replay me because I am waiting
      thank you

    4. Yush

      Hi DaBoss, I recently read your plan about height growth. I have a question about the arginine and lysine that I have to take. Did you mean to say 15 g or mg because on Nutrabio it says to use only 1500mg arginine if you take it with lysine. So I’m a little confused. Did u buy the combined mix of Arginine and lysine of separate pack. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

    1. admin

      Please don’t sign your name as “admin” next time. That would confuse the other commenters and posters. Just use any other name like “bananasplit”

  3. Boss #1

    I’ve been using binaural beats for about 2 weeks. Grown an inch since then. I was 5’6, I’m now 5’7. I haven’t really changed my diet. Although I do try to run for 20-30 mins a day. But honestly I didn’t think to use binaural beats for height increase I’m pretty confident in myself. I heard it helped reduce anxiety and is good for sleep/concentration. Honestly my anxiety is pretty much cleared up and I sleep like a baby now. I hope to keep growing that would be a bonus. But I think BB’s work differently on everyone cause everyone’s different. Plus my bros are both 6 feet. And my sisters are both 5’6. My pops was 5’10 and my mom is 5’6. So maybe I’m finally catching up! 😀 lol. I’m being straight up with u guys. I would recommend using BB’s. there’s no side effects which is a bonus too lol. All the best to u guys. Pce n luv

  4. oskarcura

    Hey Boss, where did you downloaded binaural beats from? can you leave me a link please? i am really interested in using this metod.
    I hope it will finally help me to reach my goal (get 5 inches taller) or at least give me 1-2 inches .
    Waiting for your reply,
    thx Oscar ^_^

    1. Boss#1

      I downloaded them off a torrent. Try using any torrent finder with ‘utorrent’. I also use youtube for the pure form of BB’s. it’s Rlly good for anxiety and depression. If ur Rlly lookin to gain height increase try Homeopathic remedies ….
      Baryta carb 200 liquid 3x a day
      Silicea 12×4 tab 3x a day
      symphytum Q 5 drops twice a day

      I’ve heard this method has been scientifically proven to enhance height because it effects your disk plates in your spine if they haven’t fused already. Also helps your body digest vitamins and minerals better.
      I might try it in the future.
      Best of Luck to you bro. Pce!

  5. Sam

    For how long every day did you listen to the track? Did the growth stop straight after you stopped listening to the track regularly?

  6. DaBOSS

    This is my correction to my other post. Go to and search for Arginine pyroglutamate plus lysine. Use it three hours after meal and right before bed time. Always, set up an isochronic tone set to 1.05 hz every night before sleep to help keep you in a non REM sleep. When you wake up, listen to 31.32 hz isochronic tone or if you are relaxing(not asleep), listen to 7.83 hz isochronic tone. Use it everyday. You might want to consider glucosamine and chondroitin because it temporarily(maybe permanent) made people at ANY AGE grow taller in no time. Take it with water(you should be sipping water throughout the day everyday even if you don’t use glucosamine and chondroitin). Take multivitamins or zinc supplement. Do not drink milk. Take as much as the recommended dose according to your age. Sprint 30 seconds and rest for 90 seconds. Repeatedly do it 8 times. You should also consider intermittent fasting because for men, it raises hgh by up to I believe 2000%…? Women up to 1600%…? Now , while intermittent fasting(16-20 hrs only with 4-8 hrs feeding window) that’s when you take advantage of sleep, arginine pyroglutamate plus lysine, 1.05hz isochronic tone and sprint 8. This will shoot up your hgh so high up that if you were in a sport, you’d be considered cheating when you aren’t really cheating. Eat healthy foods and avoid sugars and decrease carbs as low as possible. Be in a caloric surplus(must eat so much during feeding window). Stay happy. Also, it will help you grow taller if you stretch consistently. To reduce stress, take vitamin c. Good-luck! This will help! Promise! Just be consistent for at least 2 months!(:

    1. herbert

      That’s excellent info dude. I’m only in my first week or so of using these beats and already very much a believer. I know hgh will give you a pins and needles feeling throughout your body and I’ve gotten that feeling after listening to the beats for around an hour.

      A sure sign they are effective.

      I Appreciate your research broseph

    2. john

      Answer me please
      I can not listen to binaural beats not take Arginine or lysine and do everything I have done that more can I longitudinally of 15-20 cm in two months?

  7. Peter Bermant

    I have found many binaural beats from youtube. However, the two frequencies are not separated with one frequency being played in one ear and another frequency being played in the other despite wearing headphones. Do the two frequencies have to be separated and if so where can I find such binaural beats?


  8. ivi

    I’m 17 , 5’3 my parents are tall . Mom 5’10 dad 6’0 and my grandparents are taller than me. Could this help me increase my height? I would love to grow 2-3 inches taller.

  9. ivi

    I am a 17 year old female and I was wondering for those who grew , if I could take those supplements as well? I want to grow 4 inches.

  10. Collins

    Thanky you soooooooooooo much DABOSS. You must be very special to discover something like this. I read your routine and immediately started. I was a bit skeptical. I can’t still believe it but I grew 5.2 INCHES(13cms) IN just 6 WEEKS(42 days). well I stopped because I’ve reached my dream height from 5’9-6’2. I am 16yrs old.
    1. I took l-arginine and l-lysine(i couldn’t find arginine pyroglutamate)
    2. I sprinted 5 times. Couldn’t do 8 times cuz i sprinted at full speed……(I think sprinting is the most important in the routine)
    3. I listened to BB during and after sleep as Daboss advised
    4. I slept on my back(no pillow)
    5. I also did 10 stretches morning and night( the stetches are in “grow taller secrets”)….. you can download the torrent.
    I think I added a lot of inches because I am still a teenager and still in puberty.
    Please try THIS……it really works………… just be persistent…….DON’T STOP HALFWAY

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  12. Aul Marzo

    Hi i’m 18 years old boy and my height 177 cm (5’9 1/2″)
    Can i increase my height with doing this routine?

  13. Sheriah

    How come that this really works? My age is 23. my height is 5’1”.
    and Im out of the puberty stage.
    How come this will really work at my age?
    Is there any proof?

    1. reyyhawn

      heyy…admin. why dont u look into this daboss post. is it trustable? coz…here people just posted the same comment claiming they increased their height 5.2 inches in 42 days.
      it is true enough? or its just a scam…..???
      plz make it clear


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