I Got Tricked By The Internet Marketing Scam E-Products

I said in my last post that I finally decided to look through the products and E-product files I had uploaded into the “Downloads” section. I decided to actually read them to see what they actually say.

Well…. One interesting thing I realized after looking over the files for an hour was that 3 of the E-products are EXACTLY THE SAME THING. If you go to the downloads part and click on all the 3 files.

1. Grow Taller Secrets

2. Free Height Increase Journal

3. The Tall & Fit (Height Increase) System

They are the same product. I have had these downloads uploaded for almost 2 months now and only now have I realized that the products that are free even have problems. When you actually look at the resources linked to these products, they are part of the (Company That Will Not Be Named) program. I would guess then that the three files are the E-Book or book that you get along with your (Company That Will Not Be Named) supplements if you ever decided to buy the program.

So that sort of validates my claim that the (Company that will not be named) program/product is a scam. It is run and marketed using IM tricks and distributed through many different channels and under many different names. Liars!

In addition, it turns out another E-product I have uploaded on the downloads page “The Grow Taller Guide” uses the exact same pictures, diagrams, and exercises as the three E-products I just listed. It seems this product is a shorter more condensed version of the products above.

The 2nd thing that I realized it that another 2 E- products are EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

1. Grow Taller 4 Idiots

2. Make Me Taller (From MakeMeTaller.Com)

So this is definitive proof that the infamous product/program “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” is also a scam. The same book goes by another name with another website, or actually network of links and websites that create a form of incestous backlinking internet marketing scam.

As far as I know, there are more files and products in the downloads section that I missed and are also the same thing, but I checked quite a bit just now. I think I caught all of the scams.

At least I can say that I have NEVER paid for these products. I managed to find this torrent file 2 years ago and torrented all of these files/e-products. I had them saved on a file in a Flash drive which I had never done anything with until two months ago when I started this site.

I decided out of laziness not to fix this problem and just leave it the way it is. All the E-products will be left where they are. Nothing will be taken down. Part of the reason is because I wanted you guys to see that the information products have different names but are the same thing. It is also a good way to get less observant people (like me) to be fooled in thinking there was something special being offered in the E-products.

So the take away and best advice is this. Stop buying these E-Products since they are a superficial information products that are created by people who want to take our money, not help you grow taller. If you still decide to spend money on these type of products, you are the only person to be blame for doing this type of thing. Don’t look for your height increase solution in an online information product that is linked to a long sales page.

Instead, the smartest move to figure out real legitimate way to achieve height increase is to stay and follow this website. This place will always be kept clean, honest, and scam & ads free. I don’t plan to find a solution or have a true working method for a long time. We are still searching for the answer.

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