People Who Lack Functional Estrogen Receptors Become 7 Feet Tall?

Last night I decided to actually read over the E-Books I have posted in the downloads section which I actually never got to  and went through them in more detail to see what was actually written in them. I actually discovered quite a few startling claims and finding which I felt need to be reported here.

First, in the E-Book “The Grow Taller Guide” (found HERE) from the downloads section, Under the section labeled “Growth Plate Fusion” the author makes this claim…

“In 1994, the case history was published of a man whose growth was still linear despite his undergoing a normal puberty. HIs epiphyseal plates had not matured at 28 years of age. This person was found to lack any functional estrogen receptor. At present, at least three human males have been reported who either cannot make estrogens or who lack the estrogen receptor. All three are close to 7 feet tall and are still growing. Therefore, estrogen plays a role in epiphyseal maturation in males as well as females.”

This is a big claim the author makes which I can’t seem to be able to find any evidence or source for. So I wanted to ask you guys, is it even possible to have non-functional estrogen receptors?

And the bigger question would be, Who and where are these 3 men who are supposed to be almost 7 feet tall?

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