Hairstyles And Hair Tips For Men And Women To Look Taller

This is one of those posts that is used to help you LOOK taller, and when it comes down to real life application, much easier to implement that any real height increasing procedures. It is too bad there really is not that much information that I could find that talks about how to look taller from using hair styles or tips. The general conclusion is to make the sides of the head short and keep the top of the head grown out and extended up.

From the Daily Makeover website HERE

The Shorter Haircut Can Make You Look Taller

If you’re petite and wish to look taller, consider ashort haircut. That may sound counterintuitive, but Scrivo explains: “A petite woman who wears her hair very long can seem even smaller in stature because the scale of the hair is not proportionate and overwhelming to her figure. If the hair were shorter, the focus would move up toward the face and visually lift up a petite frame.” Vanessa Hudgens is a great example. See how she looks taller with a shorter hair?


Advice for Women

  1. Keep your hair short. Long hair can “drown” shorter women. A hairstyle that stops above the shoulder prevents a woman’s locks from overwhelming her entire stature.
  2. Put your hair up. If you prefer long hair, consider putting it back in high ponytails, buns, and other up-do’s. Hair that extends several inches above the head adds inches to your height. Moreover, keeping your hair back prevents you from “drowning” in it.
Add layers or highlights to your locks. Long, straight hair that hangs down in a single layer has the most overwhelming effect. Adding choppy layers or highlights breaks up the monotony of long hair, which may help prevent it from dwarfing you.

Advice for Men

  1. Add height to your hairstyle. Keep the sides of your hair neatly trimmed, but leave plenty of hair on top. The extra volume on top, when matched with the decreased volume on the side, adds inches to your overall height. This trick works especially well if you use gel to create a spiky style.


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