Is A Swimmer’s Build Or Swimmer’s Body The Ideal Body Type?

I remember writing a post a while back where the talk was about the different types of body types. There is the ectomorphic body type, the endomorphic body type, and the mesomorphic body type. I ended the post wondering whether one would rather have the ectomorphic or endomorphic body types.

I would guess most people who read this site are male so most guys would rather have the third option which is the mesomorphic body type. The mesomorph has a naturally athletic build, which means they gain muscle easily and loss wight easily too. Their bodies are rectangular but have wide broad shoulders, creating a v- shaped torso.

Now, to have that type of body for a endomorph which gains fat easily and has trouble gaining muscle, the key is to change one’s diet to more proteins, and put them on a more aerobic exercise program which combines cardio with weights. This gets them to slim down but also bulk up on muscle.

For the ectomorph to gain the athletic build, they really have to focus on eating more proteins and try to do anaerobic, high intensity, low reps weight training. The shoulders need to be widened and the limbs will need to be thicken and have more toned definition.

If one wanted a more simple and easier option to move toward the mesomorphic body type, they can try high intensity and long duration swimming. Swimming has been shown and talked a lot by trainers and exercise experts. In terms of the old model of calorie burning, swimming is ranked as one of the highest ways of exercise to burn calories. To stay constantly above the surface of the water for breath, one must always be moving one’s limbs and body. The consistent movement means the muscles are always being worked.

In addition, the cold temperature of the water can actually act as a energy or heat sink. From thermodynamics, the calories we take into the body has a large portion used to just raise the tempereature of the body to a homeostatic state. One of the ways we can lose calories faster is being in a medium or place that has a lower temperature. The larger the temperature difference between the internal temparture of our bodies and the average temperature of our sorroundings, mean the larger the rate of energy lose happens. Since one type of energy is heat, the heat is just calories used up. The calories used up can be from either the carbohydrates to glucose in our bood stream or the fat stored in our bodies which had long ago been used to keep us warm and be used as energy reserves during times of famine.

Thus, the act of swimming helps us decrease the fat in our bodies, use up calories, and lose weight. Over time, the muscles in certain parts of the body begin to become very developed. The body actually sort of goes through a transformation.

Traditionally, the swimmers build has been described as have a v-shaped torso, with broad wide shoulders, well defined upper torso pecs, flat but toned stomach, and thin waist. The upper legs and calves are also thin and toned from kicking. The arms are thick and very toned as well. There is always still a layer of fat left but that helps in giving the body a more natural look than being completely defined and cut which is 0% body fat free.

The body type most resemble the mesomorphic form, but also slightly more on the ectomorphic side in certain areas. People who have swimmers builds are often described as being tall, even thought they may not actually be. The shape of the torso may create the subtle illusion that the person may be slightly taller than they really are, from being thin/ ectomorphic is certain places.

If one wanted to try to change their body through exercise to look taller, instead of just fasting to look more ectomorphic, which makes them thinner, they can also go for the swimmers build. The exercise is recommended by most doctors for its low impact on the joints, it ability to burn calories, and its aerobic benefits. The heart ia often pushed quite hard when the person first takes up swimming and the person finds themselves out of breathe. Afterwards, they may even feel sharp acute pain in their solar plexus area because their diaphragm muscles are actually reacting to the sudden use of them at such a high level. Within 1-2 months, the person will notice their bodies transform and they will feel like they have more energy than before.

In terms of height, as I said before, the shape and form of a swimmer’s build can create the illusion of more height than others. Most people often use the word “tall” to describe a swimmer’s build. It is desired the most by women for the type of body they would like to have for their male partners. In general, the swimmer’s build or swimmers body is viewed in a very positive light by many people.

But is it really the ideal body type?


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