Would You Like A Real Guide For Height Growth For Your Future Children?

I have been wondering recently whether I should write a real book on the subject of height increase but for parents who would like to help their kids increase in height the natural way through using certain exercise, nutrition, sleeping, and psychological hacks. A lot of what I have learned can not really be applied to the physically mature adult since their plates are fused. However, many of the techniques that don’t work on them will work on people who are still young.

There are even a few methods to possibly restore a little bit of the cartilage in the growth plates so the period of growing can be extended. I know at least 30 types of food that can help with the growing process which most nutritionist would not consider right for the growing child. I also would suggest certain exercise routines which the child can use to make the growth process extend slightly longer than they are supposed to.

I know there are probably a lot of other books out there which talks about how to make your kids grow taller, but I would guess they don’t go into the latest studies done by researchers to show what types of sleeping, foods, and exercises most benefit GH and IGF-1 release.

It is clear that the younger generation are getting taller and taller and I would guess you as a future parent would want your children to have as many advantages to succeed as possible. People are becoming smarter, faster, and healthier. It is also getting far more competitive in the professional world. Everything is now global and the people you will have to work with and compete against are not just from your own country, but from across the world.

And being slightly taller, even if it is by say only 2 inches, may be the critical element that helps them get that prestigious job or attract the attention of a possible mate. I would assume that you want to your children the slight advantage over their peers.

So what do you think. Would you want a real guide for height increase for any future children you would like to have?

2 thoughts on “Would You Like A Real Guide For Height Growth For Your Future Children?

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  2. Jeremy

    Could you please make at least a post on this? I have a brother whose 5 and I’m playing varsity basketball, I’ve learned that scouts are very hound in on size especially height. I want my bro to be at least 6’4 to have a good chance to play D1 basketball. I’m 6′ btw.


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