What Exactly Are The Critical Elements, The Rate Limiting Parts?

One way to find a solution for height increase is to figure out where exactly in the human growth process is the body being limited. If we view the entire human body as a closed system of chemical and biological reaction processes, we can state that human growth and the increase in height is also a long, complex chain of processes, whether chemical or biological.

The simplest model that is possible to make is

Hypothalamus–> GHPH –> Pituitary gland –> GH –> Liver –> IGF –> Growth Plates receptors –> Proliferate Layer –> Hypertrophic Layer –> Ossification Layer –> Longitudinal Increase Of the long bones

Now, if we look at this link we can see that the part of the model which stops once we reach physical maturity is in the growth plate receptor stage. This is the rate limiting step, which stops everything else. There is no more growth plates to work with so any increase in IGF or GH should not do anything.

This is why my proposal is that to look for a way to increase height, we should stop focusing so much time on GH or IGF but more on how to either regrow synthetic growth plates or implant some form of material that can act like the hyaline cartilage. The focus of the website is going to make another change as the research is going to go more in-depth on the chemical and biological processes that occur from the mesenchymal stem cell stage, before differentiating into chondrocytes all the way to the ossification stage, which will include all of the types of proteins and hormones like BMPs which accelerate or decrease the growth plate processes.

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