A Further Look At The Ginza Kojima Technique and Device

I have already looked at the possibility of trying to increase one’s height using this clinic that is based in Japan that is named Ginza Kojima. On the previous post I had ended it by stating that the Ginza Kojima machine could not possibly work and was a scam.

However, recently I have been able to look through Sky’s old EasyHeight website and he seems to be able to bring in a better, more detailed look at the technique and clinic.

This is just a complete copy and paste of one of the webpages of the old EasyHeight site that looks into far more detail into the technique. At this point, I am just presenting the information and not making any conclusions or judgements on the Ginza Kojima Clinics or Device. After looking over the information though, I would say that the clinic is real and the device may be able to give a few extra centimeters. The process is supposed to be pain free and requires no needles. Your limbs just get this type of light or ray that shines on it.

However, I am not sure why the machine would work or how to explain the science. Tyler of Easy Height does talk about the device and writes about a post on it HERE. His theory on how the technique works is by demineralizing the bone first and then stretching the collagen that is left which is elastic. Tyler says it can work and from the science, I would say it can work as well, but it is just extremely dangerous.

Again, the cost is about $9,500 US for every centimeter, or $28,000 US for 3 cm (at least 5 years ago). 50% discount is available for people under 13 years of age and for some adult patients. The website for the Ginza Kojima clinic is easy to find, just search on Google.

All the information below was taken from using the WayBack Machine and going to the Specific webpage of EasyHeight.Com HERE.

After 6 months of investigation, for the very first time, a height increase clinic without surgery or needles

Jan. 1st, 2008: Kojima’s limb lengthening clinic – no surgery


Name:  Ginza Kojima Height Increase Clinic

Height Increase Website:  http://www.shincho-nobashi.jp

Founder:  Kojima

Contact phone:  0120-89-1570.  Initial consultation can be arranged by phone. However, for some reasons their telephone does not accept incoming calls outside ofJapan. Our easyheight staff tried to call the clinic quite a few times with no success. You can only call them if you’re in Japan.

Procedure Videos & Clips:
● http://www.shincho-nobashi.jp/stretch/stretch1.html  (recommended)
(Video takes 10 seconds to load.. features spinning traction table)

● http://www.shincho-nobashi.jp/monitor/index.html (recommended)
(Scroll down to see video.. features traction tables, interviews)

● http://www.shincho-nobashi.jp/stretch/stretch2.html
(consultation pictures & measurements)

● http://www.shincho-nobashi.jp/stretch/taiken.html
(interviews after achieving results)

● http://www.shincho-nobashi.jp/stretch/kantei.html
(before & after x-rays)

● http://www.shincho-nobashi.jp/stretch/rakuraku.html
(pictures of short-course “easy” procedure – grow 1 cm in 1 to 3 weeks)

● http://www.shincho-nobashi.jp/about/about.html
(History, location, address)


Cost:  about $9,500 US for every centimeter, or $28,000 US for 3 cm.
50% discount is available for people under 13 years of age and for some adult patients. They’re currently offering discounts for patients at Nagoya clinic because it’s the grand opening.

Ginza Kojima Company website:  http://www.ginza-kojima.jp
This main webpage divides in 2 sections, with left section dedicated to height increase, and the right section dedicated to beauty enhancements.

Procedure:  Pain-free, NO needles or surgery involved. The clinic uses some sort of spinning traction table, casts & splints, and possibly some kind of magnetic or bone-stimulating vibrations or massages

Duration:  Normal procedure is once a week for 24 weeks (6 months), average growth expectancy 3-5cm. A new “easy” procedure has been unveiled which one may grow 1 cm within 1 to 3 weeks. Cost is the same for every centimeter.

Specialty:  lengthen lower legs only. This clinic does NOT specialize in spine lengthening.

Other specialty:  Kojima’s clinic also specializes in beauty enhancements in which Kojima staff enhance a woman’s facial appearance & bone structures simply by massaging her cheekbones, forehead, & head.

Location:  Headquartered in Ginza, Tokyo (Japan). Ginza is a district of Tokyo. The clinic also has 3 other branches in Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya (new clinic started in Dec. 2007)

Before/after pictures:  The clinic’s website has lots of before/after pics, videos, and x-rays.


Frequently Asked QuestionsMoney isn’t a problem for me. So I’m interested in doing this procedure inJapan. What are the first steps I should make?

– 1sttry to hire a Japanese interpreter if you can.
– 2nd
try to investigate or get in touch with the clinic somehow and arrange for a consultation, payment, etc. If you’re busy with work & school, find out exactly about the “easy” procedure which you could grow 1 or 3 cm in shortest time like a few weeks or so.
– 3rd
ask your bank & find out how you’d wire your money to a Japanese clinic if you’re physically in Japan. Since the clinic does not accept incoming calls outside ofJapan, it’s difficult in trying to arrange payment.
– 4th: take your digital camera with you, document everything during your time inJapan, and please report back your progress & results to our Easyheight staff.

I don’t speak Japanese.. so what should I do?

– You may need to hire an interpreter or translator. It’s unclear whether the Japanese staff speaks English. Unless you have a friend in Japan who speaks English. Also, chat online more often and make friends with Japanese who are living in Tokyo – you might need them later.

Okay.. I live in United States.. and if payment is expected before the actual procedure and they don’t even accept incoming calls outside of Japan, how am I supposed to pay them?
That’s a huge problem! Consultation is required prior to beginning the procedure and must be made a few weeks in advance. We don’t know how to get in touch with them. But they accept money wiring & other methods. I’d think you have to physically show up the clinic for the consultation, and must convince them to give you the earliest appointment since you’re visiting Japan and are on a time crunch.

Ginza Kojima has 4 clinics locating in Ginza, Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya. Where should I go for best results & deep discounts?

– We don’t know which location is better than the other. According to Ryo, “The first time you have to take it in Ginza (Tokyo). Ginza is a district of Tokyo. This is because x-rays and bone density can only be measured there. After the first time you can apply to other chain clinics.” As of December 2007, they’re offering discounts to new patients at Nagoya clinic because of grand opening.

What is 1 inch equivalent to?

– 1 inch is equivalent to 2.54 centimeter.


I heard that Japan is pretty expensive.. approximately how much would I spend during my stay at Japan?
– Japan is very expensive, so during your time in Japan do not spend lavishly and always save money. Round-trip flight tickets from the United States to Ginza (Tokyo) range from $850 to $1,400 US. A 3-week stay at Japan may cost about $300 to $500 including foods , public transportation, etc. It’d be great if you could find someone who speaks English, if not, it’d cost anywhere between $200 to $800 for a Japanese interpreter/translator. The clinic offers free shelter so grab that opportunity. The limb procedure itself costs about $18,000 for 2 cm. All in all, to grow 2 cm, the entire trip may cost about $20,500 to $23,000 US.


How can I visit their website and absorb the information?
– For further info about the clinic, try online translation services by visiting:

It’s not 100% accurate but at least you have something to play around with.

Shincho-nobashi website translation by Ryo


Below are the emails that Ryo and I have communicated in the past 6 months. Thanks Ryo for translating the clinic’s website updates.

From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>
To: webmaster@easyheight.com
Subject: Sky, I found a new method of increasing height
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 23:17:28 -0400

I was googling height increase surgery in Japanese and found a clinic that offered “height increase without pain! no cutting, no needles!” link:

(You can google translate to get a rough idea..) , its the third option.

The clinic charges roughly $8,500 for 1cm of permanent growth, and claims

~2cm of growth per session is possible. They also have dozens of experimenters who underwent the process on their site, with before and after photos as well as videos of them explaining their post-thoughts in regards to the procedure. They also claim that a maximum of 7cm of growth is possible, and they only do the legs.


I watched the videos explaining the procedure and got this much out of it: -They used some sort of green light which they used to thoroughly “warm up,” the legs. The clinic claims the “green light,” is what triggers a tremendous amount of GH to be secreted into the legs. -Next they had the patient’s legs wrapped and secured around some sort of device, which looks like a rotating bed.

-The patient’s legs are pulled while the patient is sitting down, with his/her legs elevated and parallel to his body.

The “bed,” rotates, and the clinic suggests that rotation increases blood flow. The procedure is done for a minimum of 30 minutes until the patient calls it quits. They supposedly only feel a “general numbness.” Sure enough, the before and after x-ray photos of their legs reveal that their bones are somewhat longer and look sturdier. I’ve personally never heard of it before and doubted it was possible,  but the thorough detail the clinic offers into their new height-increasing method has gotten me pretty convinced, and I was curious to hear your two cents on it.

-Best Regards,

Ryo T.

From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: brittany19@easyheight.com

Subject: Re: Sky, I found a new method of increasing height

Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 18:37:04 -0400

From the information from the site:

-It takes one session (1 day, 4 hours, two 2hr reps with 30 minute break) to grow 2cm. -There are no requirements to be a candidate, the clinic owner himself underwent his own procedure and grew 3cm at the age of 65 (from 165cm -> 168cm).

I guess the only real “requirement,” is the monetary figure.  $8000 /cm is a lot more than most people can dish out. The site says the minimum starts at 3cm.
-As for the video:


Wait for the flash video to load. Since the server is in Japan it usually

takes about 10 minutes for the video to load entirely.


From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: RE: response

Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 20:08:07 -0400

Sky, When I return to Japan I plan on having this done. Not this summer

since I’d lack funds, but I plan to have the procedure done summer of 2008. Also,

the clinic does 1cm for half the price if you agree to be an experimenter

(i.e. having yourself photographed and taped while you unergo the procedure,

along with consent of having it published online). I don’t know why the clinic does not have overseas recognition, but the clinic has since expanded to having 3 clinics open inJapan (one in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka if I recall correctly), and they claim they have recieved over 100,000 calls from “people interested.”

Looking at the site, most people choose to grow 3cm and then stop. So I don’t think there are any experimenters who report 7cm of growth, but in his videos the clinic owner Kojima clearly states that 5cm in the lower leg and 2cm in the upper leg for a total of 7cm is possible.

The clinic offers the same 1/2 price for kids under 13 years old. Their reasoning is supposedly because “its easier for kids to grow with our procedure,” hinting that their bodies react more to their “GH-secreting mechanism.”

As for the language barrier, one of the experimenters (the site uses the word “monitor,”) is Chinese. I believe their clinic tolerates foreign patients and tries to encourage international patients given the report from that one experimenter. (She ended up growing 1cm after 1 session).
The hardest question you threw at me was how the procedure works. They explain the procedure very vaguely, perhaps to prevent imitators, but I believe the light they use must have some sort of very strong piercing power to target the bone cartilage to “soften,” and then the stretching procedure will elongate the cartilage. Again, this is a personal hypothesis, but this would explain the rapid results within a few hours. The only thing that remains baffling is that the before-and-after pictures reveal that the bones actually appear as though they are thicker and grew. Medically, I don’t know how that is possible either, but the clinic claims that the light followed by the constant pulling stress encourages large amounts of GH to be secreted and effectively grow out the bones.

Most experimenters, in their videos, claim, “this is unbelievable.. I haven’t grown in x years,” or things like “at first I doubted I would see any results, but I was surprised after I saw real gains,” etc. They look absolutely stunned after seeing their results as well.

I’m only 16, so perhaps there’s some growth left in me, but I’ve been on a rigorous height-increasing plan for nearly a year now. When I began I was 168cm, now I am 170.2cm. I actually live in Westchester, NY so we’re pretty close. If you don’t mind, can you tell me how tall you were when you first started your routines and how tall you are now? To get back on subject (about the Japanese clinic)- the experimenters have to be at least 25 years old- so I won’t be a candidate when I have it done.. I guess they want to prove that adults who have passed puberty can still grow taller. I will certainly bring records from my doctors showing my plates have fused,  etc., and try to bargain with them, but I don’t know how successful I will be. I plan on spending $35,000 for myself there. If I’m approved the 1/2 discount I can shoot for the 7cm, but otherwise I will be doing 3cm due to financial restrictions. When I have it done I will BE SURE to give you my results, along with the x-ray photographs, etc.



From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: RE: response

Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 22:16:14 -0400

About the clinic… and responses to your questions:

1) Yes. They say that the minimum is 3cm to apply, and if your bones don’t grow you can keep on going to the clinic until you reach the amount you payed for or be reimbursed for the amount you did not grow. But please NOTE that they also say that they determine your growth by x-ray, but by your height. Thus they will measure the actual bone growth gains and not your height gains due to change in height to posture.

2) I feel the same way Sky. I’m 16 and I do not want to wait until 25 to get my 50% discount by being an experimenter. I plan on going to the clinic and just putting myself at their feet. I will do anything I can do try and get that discount because money is not something I can lavishly spend, especially at my age.

3) My # is (914) 409-XXXX. Feel free to call me at any time =)



From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: RE: Ryo – links here

Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 18:41:19 -0400


Sky, here are the translations for the first link! I’ll work on the

rest and

send them to you as I finish them.

If you must insist my paypal is ryosPRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com =)


Translation for all the questions on:


1. How much does it cost?

105000 yen per 1 cm, so if you desire 3 cm of growth it will be 315000 yen.

People under 13 can get half price for the first 2 cm, at a cost of 52500 yen. After 3cm people <13 will have to pay standard fees, thus 210000yen for 3cm, 420000yen for 5cm.

For payment, you will have to pay us at consultation and you can undergo the Procedure until you have grown to your target. there are no additional fees no matter how many times you undergo the process as long as you still have not reached your target growth. Also, all fees are included in the cost, so there are no additional fees.

2.         Where can I undergo the procedure?

The first time you have to take it in Ginza, Tokyo. This is because x-rays and bone density can only be measured there. After the first time you can apply to other chain clinics.

3.         How much does one session (procedure) take?

This is the schedule:

1st time: 10am – 12pm (with a 30 minute break)

2nd time: 12:30pm – 2pm

3rd time: 2:30pm – 4pm

As listed above there are three reps per session (which is one day).  After the first time we are open to your schedule but this is the standard routine.


4.         Can I resume a normal lifestyle right after the procedure?

You can resume your normal lifestyle, but REFRAIN FROM HEAVY EXERCISE AND CARRYING HEAVY THINGS. Also, you cannot undergo the procedure if you are menstruating, have a lack of sleep, or have hip/back pain.

5.         how long does the procedure take?

There are a variety of results per person. We usually like to see patients once a week for 24 times (total of 6 months). However, if you are from afar we do offer a “one week concentrated course” for maximum gains during a short time period.

6.         Can I have the procedure done at any age?

We basically would like our patients at a maximum of 60 years of age, but if you are healthy then there is no age limitation. We also have many patients in their 40s and 50s.

-Will have more done for you shortly



From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: second link translation!

Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 18:49:14 -0400


Sky, I made a mistake in the first translation in yen cost. There should be one more zero. For $ amount u can knock off two zeroes, then do the currency conversion (x.87 or so)

Translation for



Standard price: 1cm is 1,050,000yen

13 years or younger 1cm is 525,000 (up to 2cm, from 3cm it is standard cost)

Short duration course (1 week – 3cm~) is possible. Contact us for more details. You will need to undergo testing.



You must do direct bank wire. We do not accept loans/credit. You must pay prior to the procedure. If you do not reach your desired target, we will refund you the difference.

Bank info: (bank info such as name and bank account # etc.) A procedure with guaranteed satisfaction: You can undergo the procedure as many times as you’d like without any price change. We take preliminary medical screenings to adjust our procedure to suit you.


From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: Re: second link translation!

Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 21:11:20 -0400


Translation for the third link:


Counseling procedure:

A persons bone frame is open to variation. We always need you to come to preliminary counseling first, and Dr.Kojima, the owner of the clinic himself will do the counseling.These are the motives:

-Check upon the health of the client.

-Explanation of the procedure.

-Give you details on the time frame and cost.

-Check the willingness of the client to undergo the procedure.

-Have the client decide whether or not he/she wants it done.


First comes counseling: Counseling is the first step. We will do our best to give the best

method for each person and create a procedure that is not too strainful for

the clients body.


Counseling needs reservations

We only accept people interested in the procedure. Please read the site details carefully and make reserevations after you have a firm grasp of the general details. We will call you before the counseling.. We will give you a call the day before the day of your reservation. Come to counseling on day of reservation Dr.Kojima will perform the counseling.


Examine the results of the counseling. We will look at the results of the counseling to determine the effect, time frame, cost, and other details.



From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: RE: quick notes

Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 18:32:20 -0400


Yes, 2008 is preferable for me too, since I will be living in Japan starting late summer of 2008. I would wait until I’m living there Sky– you’re underestimating how expensive Japanis. You’re bound to blow off thousands of dollars extra  if you don’t have a place to stay and someone to show you around the cheaper ways of getting around.



From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: RE: hi ryo

Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 21:41:49 -0400



I called the clinic three times, and all three times an operator’s automatic “this phone number is currently not in use,” plays.

Their number they offer on their site is: 0120 89 1570

To call Japan the number is 011 – country code + 81 – japan

The exact message I get is: “This is the KDDI telephone company. The number you have called is currently not in use” (japanese).

I’m frustrated over this myself because there are questions I wanted to ask them as well. I’m hoping its a temporary issue. Best regards, Ryo


From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: RE: hi ryo

Date: Mon, 28 May 2007 02:06:34 -0400

Sky, I was doing (telephone card) option 1 to begin with, and I worked out all of option 2

but none of them worked. For option 2 calls, I got an english operator with: “Your international call could not be placed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again.”


From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: RE: arginine

Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 18:29:47 -0400


Yeah I replied to that e-mail and told you that none of the videos explain the February incident, and while I am uncertain about whether or not the February incident is related to this, I have had no success whatsoever in establishing contact with the clinic via telephone and they offer no e-mail requiry address.

As far as the videos go: First video talks about Lizarov procedure, he says unlike Lizarov, his is painless, does not require a patient to be hospitalized, and most importantly, safe.

Video 4: Procedure details… 90 minute session x3 with break = 1 day’s worth.

1x a week x24 weeks = 6 months: average growth expectancy 3-5cm


Questions during video:

“Why does it take so long?”

Answer: “Our clinic is actually capable of making the bone grow at incredible speeds. The problem is that the muscles of the body do not keep up with our rate of growing out the bones, so we advise patients to take our once a week for 6 months course to prevent any pain.”


Video 5: Can a client grow even if he/she is old?

Yes, they can grow, I am 60 years old and have grown 6cm in my bones, which resulted in +3cm to my height.


What kind of people come to the clinic?

A. People who are concerned with their height.. people in their 20’s, 30’s, even 40’s. Most of them seem to have been born genetically short.

The rest of the videos seem old. But if you want them let me know. That’s unfortunate about the arginine. I wish they had more conclusive data.


From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: Sky, here’s the video details and some more height debates

Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 21:00:57 -0400


I will be going to Japan starting tomorrow. Feel free to call me if you’d like, but unfortunately I dont think I will be able to visit the clinic because I will be in a different part of Japan. What I can do is try to call them from Japan, it might just be that they don’t accept international calls.



1) Is there proof of bone growth?

A. Yes, this is the x-ray of the bones, and we can see before and after bone

density and bone growth. People often ask if an x-ray is sufficient.. or whether or not we digitally edit the x-rays.. but this is not true.  X-rays cannot be digitally re-mastered so they are actual proof of growth.

2) what is the procedure?

You need to have some form of identification (with photo). We will take your height measurement. Also, we will move to another clinic to take x-rays for your bone and take blood samples to measure your growth hormone levels. You can also come to our clinic anytime to observe the procedure, but you will need to make a reservation. Feel free to talk to the people undergoing the procedure.

3) What inspired you to create the clinic?

My brothers were 175cm, 172cm, and I was only 162cm. Whatever I did, such as hanging and taking GH injections, nothing worked. I really wanted to grow taller and my hobby became making height-increasing devices. I even bought this height increasing bar from a television ad for 300 dollars back in the day, and needless to say, it didn’t work. Because of my devices I have gone from 162cm to 168.7cm. Whats good about my devices is that its painless, fast, and works! I am currently trying to attain 170cm. Many people must have heard rumors about me and I’m sure some of you are still suspicious,

but if you really have the desire to grow tall please come! I will be glad to do counseling with you, because I am confident that you will understand that my treatment works.




From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: RE: japanese clinic has updates

Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2007 21:49:42 -0400


(I just landed in Japan now) I will when I get the chance, I can call (the clinic by phone) and it reaches them fine, do you want me to ask them anything?

From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: RE: ryo…

Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 18:02:57 -0400



I just got back in the United States today (literally a few hours ago). I called the clinic and tried to ask the guy the questions you gave me but he said he couldn’t answer them on the phone and that I needed to schedule a “counseling appointment” in which my questions would be answered by more “qualified staff.” Since I wasn’t in Tokyo I didn’t make an appointment so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a response.

The good news is, he did tell me they still do the height lengthening procedure, but if I wanted more information I would have to have made an appointment.


From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: Sky, Updates from the clinic are in -Ryo

Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 17:37:00 -0400

Updates from the site are in! They talk about exactly what you wanted to hear short-term courses! Apparently you can stay at the clinic free of charge. No food service though, so that’s on you.

Also they added a new course, the rakuraku or basically “easy” course, with less strain on your legs but the downside is you have to endure the stretch for 5-6 hours.


Unfortunately no discounts and no reduced prices 🙁

But they did create a new video, and I think the fact that they keep constantly re-vamping their website is a sign that they are gaining popularity!


New Video link:



From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: Re: Sky, Updates from the clinic are in -Ryo

Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 21:05:22 -0400



Here’s the translation for the new info. Translation:

We have concluded the end of our 1cm trial registration for June. Registrants were able to experience the procedure by paying for 50% of the cost of 1cm, or 525,000yen rather than the full 105,000yen. Registrants who wish to continue their procedure will have to pay the full price starting from their second centimeter.




From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: Re: updates

Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2007 22:51:15 -0400



Here’s the translation:

Kojima clinic is now offering short-term courses in which the client stays at the clinic overnight (no overnight charges) for faster results. Usual procedure is 6 hours for one day, once a week (once a week x 24 times) for a total of approx. 6 months, but we can do short-term concentrated  courses from 3 days – 3 months (or 1 cm in 1 week).

Bottom paragraph:

staying at our clinic is free. food and hygeine related materials (toothbrush, towels, etc.) must be brought and will not be provided. The maximum growth attainable through our short-term procedure is 10 centimeters. Personal results may vary. Please call us for details. Also, the price will be based upon your desired growth.


Any more translation requests please let me know! I will be in japan PERMANENTLY from summer of 2008.



From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: Re: updates

Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 15:02:46 -0400


Sky, sure, anytime man, as 2 people sharing a common goal, let’s help each  other out :).

Translation: New! Easy Growth Procedure!

– Kojima clinic has introduced the Easy Growth Procedure in which two devices which use the same pulling technique as the Rolling Height Stretcher are utilized, but allow the wearer more comfort and mobility. The minimum amount of time that it must be worn for effect is 5~6 hours.

What is Easy Growth Procedure? – the easy growth procedure causes less pulling force than the Rolling Height Stretcher. A small amount of force is applied for a long duration (5-6 hours). The upside is that the patient can sit comfortably, such as on a sofa.

Merits of the Easy Growth Procedure?

– Unlike the Rolling Height Stretcher, you can move around. We can place patients on wheel chairs so they may go to the bathroom, etc. , unlike the Rolling Height Stretcher in which 2-3 hours of stretching without moving is required.

Hope that helps!



From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: Re: .. ryo.. updates

Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2007 10:00:18 -0400


Basically just a price change. Prices increased, unfortunately. The number before the chinese character denotes how many “hundreds” you have to pay, so   262****** means its $26,250 (tax included) for 2cm (without currency conversion, with currency conversion this is probably ~$21,000).

From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: Re: .. ryo.. updates

Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 18:18:32 -0400



About the clinic: People under 13 get a 50% discount because they’re adolescents. Many places give a discount to young people so it’s not unnatural. Also, I’m sure this is to encourage young people to the clinic since people under 13 would probably not seek height increasing treatment since they most likely have not finished puberty.

For the 3cm, it says “for more than 3cm, please contact us.” It does not

specify the timeframe necessary or the procedure.


Sky, I found a middle-aged woman who actually went to the clinic. She said

she grew 3cm, but she had to go once a week for 6 months.



From: “Ryo ” <PRIVACYXXX@hotmail.com>

To: webmaster@easyheight.com

Subject: sky, its ryo about the clinic

Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 22:08:07 -0500


The clinic’s offering half price for 2cm, to experimenters, limited time only.


==== until we hear more from Ryo or the clinic- TO BE CONTINUED!! ====


Any individuals out there who are serious about undergoing this procedure, please report back your progress & results during your stay in Japan!

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