Sky EasyHeight 2007 And 2008 Shinbone Routine

This is a very quick post on what Sky’s Shinbone routine was for the updated 2007 and 2008 years. I have previously talked about Sky’s shinbone routine in an old post but I never actually knew what the exact steps were. Now I have managed to go back to the dead site and took a picture of the actual routine that he had prescribed which is at the very bottom of this post. I also decided to take the FAQ section below the screen shot and posted it below.

The routine was found from this link HERE. For instruction on how to sit with ankle weights, click HERE

April 6th, 2007 Shinbone Routine Results:  Encouraging!

Important: Any person following the information on this page does so entirely at his or her own risk. There may be contradicting reports or explanations with respect to the outcomes/methods of the shinbone or lumbar routine as compared to past updates. As a reminder è All explanations, assumptions, guesses, and theories on this website are based PURELY from observations & success stories. Please review the recent findings on this website carefully and use your best judgment. Feel free to disagree with our explanations and do whatever you want. My job as a journalist is done here. Thanks – Sky.

Note: All serious shinbone experimenters are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to review the FAQs below prior to following the shinbone routine.
Responded by:  Sky

Did Vulcrum achieve any growth beyond the 2.5 inches? Wasn’t he supposed to contact you by now?
– Vulcrum reported that he indeed grew about 2.5 inches (from 5 feet 2 inch to 5 feet 4.5 inch) in the legs within the first 5 months of doing the routine daily. He was growing at an incredibly fast rate, a little bit every other week or so. Vulcrum was confident that much of his growth was due to the shinbone routine because prior to beginning the routine, he hasn’t seen much natural growth for the past year. But after the 2.5 inches gain, he continued the routine (sprinting hard, sitting with weights) for more than 4 weeks straight and didn’t see any growth during this time… that’s when he decided to call it quits.. that’s the last time we heard from him.. maybe he should have ramped up the intensity by jogging w/ 8 or 10 lb ankle weights to create more microfractures. Perhaps, he should have increased the amount of iron plates while sitting. There may be a limit to how much one can grow in the legs… maybe 3 inches is the maximum.. but we don’t know for sure.

What’s difference between jogging with ankle weights and jumping with ankle weights?
– There’s really no difference. You can do either of them. But most experimenters prefer jogging with ankle weights due to better range of movement and comfort.

Instead of jogging, should I run with ankle weights?
– It’s not necessary to do so due to risk of injury. But you can try.

Should I jog with ankle weights in the morning? Or sit with iron plates in the evening?
– Correct method: In order to effectively stretch out the microfractures in the legs, you should follow the shinbone routine a few hours before bedtime è jog with ankle weights, then immediately sit or lie down with iron plates to stretch out the microfractures, and then go to sleep immediately to allow the fractures to heal. See sample routine below.

– Wrong method #1:  Jog with weights at 8 AM, and then sit with iron plates at 10 PM before bedtime, then go to sleep. This method is NOT correct and you’re unlikely to grow taller. By jogging in the morning, you may create lots of microfractures; however, these fractures will compress very very fast possibly within an hour of standing. Thus, by sitting with iron plates at 10 PM, the microfractures are no longer there thus any stretching afterward would prove ineffective.

– Wrong method #2:  Jog with weights at 8 PM for 1 hour, and then immediately sit with iron plates at 9 PM for 1 hour + 15 minutes. Finished the routine at 10:15 PM, then walk around the room for 20 minutes. This method is NOT correct. After finished jogging with ankle weights and sitting with iron plates, you should go to sleep immediately. You’re defeating the purpose by walking around because the “stretched” microfractures may quickly compress due to standing/walking.

The explanations above are great.. but just to be clear, can you plz outline a sample routine?

– SAMPLE shinbone routine:
9 pm: Begin jogging with 10 pound ankle weights for 40 minutes to create microfractures.
9:40 pm: Finished jogging. Take a few minutes to rest and immediately get ready to stretch out the microfractures by sitting or lying down with iron plates.
9:45 pm: Begin sitting or lying down with 30 pound iron plates for 1 hour non-stop.
10:45 pm: Finished sitting/lying with iron plates. Take an 8-minute break to restore normal blood circulation from the legs to the body. Do NOT walk or stand.
10:55 pm: Resume sitting or lying down with 30 pound iron plates for 40 minutes non-stop.
11:35 pm: Finished sitting/lying with iron plates. Go to sleep immediately to allow the stretched microfractures to heal and recover. Do NOT stand or walk around because you may compress the shinbone.

Where can I purchase the ankle weights or iron plates?
For ankle weights & iron plates, try Wal-mart (recommended), Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc. Or google for such keywords.

How is jogging with ankle weights more effective than running or sprinting?
In terms of microfractures, it is now believed that jogging w/ ankle weights is generally most effective. Jogging w/ ankle weights will likely be 5 times more effective than kicking. To put things in perspective, based on level of potency in terms of creating microfractures:

1) jogging w/ ankle weights (MOST effective to cause microfractures)
2) sprinting
3) running/jumping
4) jogging
5) kicking
6) biking (LEAST effective to cause microfractures)

Should I do like 2,000 kicks with ankle weights to create microfractures before sitting w/ weights?
– There may be contradicting reports or explanations with respect to the shinbone methods such as kicking. Anyhow, as of now, it is believed that kicking would NOT sufficiently create microfractures due to lack of ground-impact exercise.

Is it possible that I may end up with disproportional legs with the shinbone routine?
– VERY RARE but the shinbone routine may lead to disproportional legs. Evan is making sure that his legs are growing equally in length by comparing his legs daily before bedtime. To effectively prevent disproportional growth, experimenters are advised to always use equal amounts of weights while jogging or while lying down with iron plates.

Where will the growth mostly occur with the shinbone routine?
– The growth will occur in the shinbone (lower legs). You’re unlikely to notice any growth in the thigh bone.

I’m 16 y/o.. is the shinbone routine safe for me? Would the routine accelerate the closure of my growth plates?
– We don’t know. You need to speak to an endocrinologist. Remember, there are always risks associated with all height increase techniques including limb lengthening surgery.

I’m 36 y/o… would I benefit from this routine as well?
– We think so.. but time will tell as more people try it out.

What’s the advantage and downside of sprinting?
– Sprinting would create lots of hgh production; however, it’s very difficult to sprint because this exercise requires an incredible burst of energy. If you’re not used to it, you may likely experience ear popping, fast heart rates, extreme fatigue, etc. Jogging with ankle weights is believed to be well-tolerated and more effective than sprinting with respect to developing microfractures.

Can you give me a rundown regarding Evan’s latest discovery?
– Firstly, Evan is 23 years old and he hasn’t grown anything since age 20. On the other hand, Vulcrum is a 16 year teenager and there’s doubt whether his growth was due to a growth spurt or the routine. Well, Evan basically slaps skeptics in the face by proving that one can grow taller even if plates were or almost closed. Secondly, Evan justified the notion that one can grow taller with only microfractures and stretching w/ weights (NO hgh production needed). Thirdly, he’s smarter than others because he knows the exact secret of the routine, which is:  jog w/ wts to create microfractures first, then lie down to stretch them, and then sleep immediately without standing so the healing process may occur. All 3 steps take place immediately after another and the fight against compression or so-called earth’s gravity may prevail.

Do I need to take any growth hormone products in addition to following the shinbone routine?
– According to Evan, you do NOT need excessive amount of hgh production for height growth after puberty. The two most important ingredients are:  jogging to create microfractures and then sitting with iron plates to stretch them out afterward.

Should I jog 30 or 60 minutes w/ weights daily?
– You probably know your body better than anyone else. Whatever brings you quicker growth then go for it.

Should I jog with ankle weights non-stop for 40 minutes?
– According to Evan, it may not be necessary to wear your body out like that. You may jog w/ weights non-stop for 15 minutes, then take 1 or 2-minute break, and then jog again for another 15 minutes, etc. And then immediately sit or lie down with iron plates to stretch them out.

Why must I sit or lie down with iron plates immediately after intensive jogging?
– It is believed that microfractures heal very very fast possibly within an hour of standing. Thus, you need to stretch them out right away.

If I follow the new shinbone routine for 3 weeks and see no growth.. what should I do?
– If you don’t see at least 1/4 inch (0.63 centimeter) within 3 weeks, then perhaps your routine either lacks intensity or sufficient duration. Instead of jogging with 5 lb ankle weights each leg for 30 minutes and lying down with iron plates for 1 hour, try to jog with 8 lb each leg for 45 minutes and lying down with iron plates for 90 minutes. Also, when jogging w/ weights, make sure that your feet hit the ground strongly to effectively develop microfractures.

What should I do to achieve 1/4 inch (0.63 cm) by the end of the third week?
As discussed above, for quicker growth you should focus on jogging in longer duration and adding more ankle weights, etc.

How can I contact Evan?
– Evan isn’t available for comments. But his pictures may be available on this website if he can grow a 1 or 2 inches taller by fall 2007.

When I sit or lie down with 25 lb iron plates each leg.. should the iron plates touch the ground or suspend in the air?
– If the iron plates touch the ground, then it’s useless. You should allow the iron plates to suspend in the air at all times.

Should I sit with 25 lb iron plate each leg for 2 hours non-stop?
– We do NOT recommend that. You should sit for 1 to 1 hour and a half, then take 5-minute break to restore normal blood circulation to the legs, and then resume sitting for another hour w/ iron plates.

      I’m concerned about my knees b/c the new shinbone routine seems dangerous.. should I consult with my physician first?

– You may choose to speak with your physician. Also keep in mind that due to medical liability, doctors will likely tell you to NOT follow the shinbone routine. It’s really a judgment call. The decision is yours. Our disclaimer is:  Any person following the information on this page does so entirely at his or her own risk. No person is to be held responsible for the use/misuse of this information. Consult your physician or health care professional before performing any new exercise or exercise techniques. Never disregard or ignore professional medical advice because of something you have read on this site!

What’s the best way to prevent knee injury from jogging w/ ankle wts or lying down with heavy iron plates? Will my knees suffer in the long-term, say 10 years down the road?
To prevent unexpected knee injuries, our shinbone experimenters have learned to listen to their body and go one step at a time. For instance, start out jogging with 6 lb each leg in the first week, and then increase to 10 lb each leg probably a few weeks later. In any event, if you’re afraid to start the shinbone routine due to medical reasons, then don’t do it. Any long-term effects? Maybe we’re wrong.. but if you were to follow the shinbone routine for only 6 or 12 months, you’re unlikely to experience any knee problems in the long run. Look at professional sprinters or runners, these guys have been banging their knees on concrete surface for years and years. There are always risks associated with everything that you do. Limb lengthening surgery even has its downsides. Question is, how far are you willing to go beyond what others think is safe and how bad do you want to grow taller?

Practically, what’ the difference between the shinbone routine and limb lengthening surgery?

** Shinbone routine:


  • Routine only requires 2 hours or more nightly
  • Generally well-tolerated and pain-free
  • Costs less than $100 US to purchase equipments
  • Possibly takes 2 to 4 weeks to grow 1/4 inch (0.64 centimeter)
  • Could possibly grow a few inches taller in a year for under $100


  • Generally well-tolerated but may cause some muscle or joint pain in legs
  • INFREQUENT but may cause knee pain in short-term; no research on long-term
  • VERY RARE but may lead to disproportional legs
  • Success rate may not be 100% if lack intensity, commitment, consistency

    ** Limb lengthening surgery:


  • 100% guaranteed to grow


  • Surgical procedure & post-op physical therapy may consume your life for 2 years because you’re unable to walk (must give up your job, girlfriend, etc)
  • Extremely painful (esp. during elongation process) within the first year. Patients described their experience as “an agonizingly painful ordeal” and “pain is like an ocean that sucks her under again and again”.
  • Risks of infection, limb disfiguration (as in China & other cheap clinics), amputation, and additional surgeries
  • Extremely expensive – cost estimates from limb lengthening surgery and 2-year post-op are as follows: 1/4 inch = $15,000 US;  1 inch = $60,000;  2 inches = $120,000 or more. It’s cheaper to have limb lengthening procedure outside of theUS; however, its complication or infection rate is often higher.

Hey there.. I’ve been jogging with 10 lb each leg for the past week and sitting with 35 lb each leg… my knees hurt a little bit.. is it normal?
Due to medical liability, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tell you what’s normal or abnormal. I’m not a doctor. In any event, if the knees hurt a bit, then stop the routine for a day or two and see what happens. Just be very patient and listen to your body. You may choose to resume once the pain subsides. If severe pain develops and persists, then stop the routine. Shinbone experimenters may choose to take 1500mg glucosamine sulfate tablets (available over the counter) daily or every other day to provide anti-pressure cushion for the knees.

Is there a limit to how much one can grow in the legs with this routine?
– We really have no idea. It is believed that one may grow up to 3 inches in the lower legs. I’m hopeful that someone will someday prove us wrong.

Is it possible to lengthen the thigh bone?
– It’s not impossible but for the past 3 years, we haven’t found out a way yet. With ground impact exercises like running or jogging w/ weights, reports from past experimenters suggest that the shinbone has the greatest potential of developing microfractures, then the thigh bone, and lastly the spine (LEAST likely to benefit from any microfractures thus explain our failure in spinal growth). The shinbone is capable of growth due to its close contact to the ground which leads to the development of microfractures.

After creating so much microfractures by jogging w/ weights, I tend to experience some “stretching” sensations in my lower legs after sitting with 30 pound iron plates each leg for 1 hour.. I even experience such sensations during sleep too.. it feels great actually because my legs are relaxed.. did any of your experimenters report this?
– Yes, people reported this. It may be a sign of growth.

I have bad knees.. I don’t think I would tolerate sitting with 25 pounds each leg.. what must I do?
We really have no idea. Doctors would normally advise you to not follow our routine. Again, it’s a judgment call. Listen to your body and go slow if you were to follow the routine.

I’d like to try out the newly modified shinbone routine.. if so, how should I eat? What to avoid?
– Experimenters should cut down on junk foods, avoid sugar foods at all costs, drink lots of milk daily, and eat high protein foods.

Is it okay to masturbate?
– Yes, it’s o.k. Masturbation will not affect the development of microfractures or growth.

According to latest modified shinbone routine, I notice that you guys didn’t include hard-core biking as part of the routine. Isn’t biking-induced HGH production vital for height growth?
– This is a very complicated problem. For the past years, we’ve been struggling to understand the relationship between HGH production, microfractures, and height growth. It’s unknown whether adults whose growth plates have closed should need all 3 ingredients as above for height growth. As of now for the shinbone routine, we only recommend jogging with ankle weights and sitting with iron plates. Biking is optional at this time because it does not generate microfractures. Use your own judgment and do whatever you want. If you have a better rationale, plz email us.

Where can I find Vulcrum and Evan’s success story?
– Evan’s story is listed at the bottom of this page.. just scroll down.
– For complete details about Vulcrum’s success story, Click here!

Should I bike vigorously with a high saddle seat to lengthen my legs?
– There may be some success stories regarding this method; however, thus far we haven’t received any credible sources or documentations. Biking may help to stimulate lots of HGH production; however, it’s highly unlikely to cause microfractures due to lack of ground-impact forces. Biking vigorously may help to make your bones tired, which is a good thing but again microfractures cannot be stimulated by this. Thus, as for the shinbone routine, it is optional. As of now, we only recommend jogging with ankle weights.

How and when should I jog with ankle weights?
– You should jog with ankle weights before bedtime. You can jog, in place, in your home. Or, you may jog outside on the street – be sure to wear a long sweatpants to “hide” the ankle weights on the shinbone – or else, people will stare at your ankle wts. Most of our experimenters prefer to jog w/ ankle wts, in place, or even jog around their home. It’s just convenient that way.

When should I sit or lie down with iron plates?
– You should sit or lie down with iron plates before bedtime and then go to sleep immediately. Do NOT stand or walk around because you may compress the microfractures.

Should I sleep with ankle weights at night? Would I grow faster that way?
– We do NOT recommend sleeping with ankle weights. More than 95% of experimenters reported that this method is very uncomfortable. You may often lose sleep and wake up in the middle of the night because it is very uncomfortable. Sitting or lying down with iron plates before bedtime seemingly appears more effective because you’re able to use more weights.

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