Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping And The Growth Process, Possible Height Increase Method?

This will be a very strange post linking a not well known practice with growth. There is a small subsect of psychology or therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping. The Idea is that by tapping at certain areas and part of the body, a person can develop better thinking patterns, have better emotions, and get into better states. Tapping turns into a way of linking body physical sensations with certain thoughts, emotions, and states. It basically causes behavior modification. The study of Emotional Fredom Technique is foten talked about in the same breath as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP.

I can not claim that there is any real connection with Tapping and possible height increase because there is absolutely nothing on the internert linking the two areas of study. If one was to really stretch the mind to look at the possiblities we can link the Tapping with having better emotional states, and possibly relieving stress. We know that having negative mental states and thoughts when one is young does seem to have a way of stunting growth and height, just as studie shave showns that depressed mothers give birth to smaller and shorter babies. This could mean that we can possibly use the techniques of tapping to indrectly stimulate at least the prevention of possible stunted growth, but I would not claim that the technique can be indirectly used to increase the growth potential or height. Remember that there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways a person can develop stunted growth, but only a few disorders or physiological changes which can causes accelerated growth.

The claim by the only source I have found says that tapping can actually cause stunted growth since it cause the growth plates to fuse faster than usual.

I did find only one link and source linking the two subjects from a very old Giant Scientific post. From this Source Link

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I read this:ShortG
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——————————————————————————–Hey Orionz, Soda (the creator of the tapping method) doesn’t recommend anyone who’s under 21 years old to do the tapping. The reason for that is your bones may be still unfused and tapping it will cause it to fuse quicker. So you might want to hold off on the tapping and try to squeeze out as much natural height as you can from other means such as–cycling. After you think you’re done growing you can go do stretches and tapping.

What is that tapping? Im 18 so I should not do stretching?


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