I Have Already Found My Solution To Height Increase

Let me state another confession. For me, I have already achieved what I wanted out of this website. I have found an answer to my questions, a solution to my problems. When I started out working on this website all I wanted to really find was to see whether it was possible to create or develop some type of device or method to increase the height of people without using the limb lengthening surgical tehcniques that we are all already very familiar with.

I have seen enough limb lenghtening videos and read many personal diaries to know that the process of limb lenghtening is very painful, very time intensive, very expensive, and can lead to a large list of medical complicaitons. I wanted to find a way for adults with closed growth plates and children with open growth plates to increase their height, using a less invasive, cheaper, less painful way.

In my searching, I have already found at least half a dozen really effective ways for children with open growth plates to legitimately increase their height and growth rate. For adults with closed growth plates, I have found also around 3-4 major ideas that will work.

So far I can claim at this point that I truly believe that from my knowledge at what types of research is going on and what inventions have already been developed which most of the public is not aware of, the technology and science is already here to give humans across the world a fulfillment of their dreams to increase their height. I have found the pieces and have connected them all together in a near complete picture and say that a less invasive height increase procedure is already possible.

So, we already have almost all of the major pieces of the puzzle and we already understand and have invented all the main pieces to make height increase completely possible. The technical side have mostly been achieved. This is for a less invasive surgical process. 

I can promise the people reading this that if the US government put about $50-100 million into the funding of a few dozen Ph. Ds to develop the entire process and precedure out in 10-20 years, everything can be done and they will succeed. One of the major problems these days is that humans can not really perform experiments and testing on other humans but I have met and known enough people who are willing to be test subjects in these experiments for height increase since they want it so badly. There are people who are willing to be a part in this project to make the human species a bigger race.

It is absolutely possible from a technical perspective to say that one day within 20 years you will be able to increase your height rather easily if the funding can be found for the right scientists to combine the knowledge that they already have. By then, I will be almost 50 and I probably won’t find that type of news or science interesting anymore when I become completely comfortable and accepting of my height and size, but for the younger generation, for the people who will want that ability and chance to be taler, they will be lucky to have it. I hope one day the people who get that height increase treatment will be able to appreciate the kind of research and work the past generation of scientists had to do to create and develop the medical technology they will have at that time.

2 thoughts on “I Have Already Found My Solution To Height Increase

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  2. heightseeker

    Unfortunately 20 years is still a very long time, people who want this the most are probably in their twenties and have recently stopped growing, waiting 20 years means that you lose a vital period of your youth where the height increase would likely be most important and give most benefits, by the time you are 40 you are likely settled down with a family and have other things to worry about.

    But like you say the knowledge is already there so maybe you could make it happen sooner by participating as a guiny pig. Hopefully a a method will be available for consumers much earlier than 20 years though..


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