Proposed Height Increase Method Legitimized For Efficacy And Safety Through Animals Studies And Testing

This is just my own personal opinion but if we should ever come up with a real method and technique to possibly increase long bone length we should have it be first tested on animals. This is always assuming that the method is invasive in any way. If it was non invasive we can all try out ideas in our own homes with store bought products.

I propose that at some point we should get into contact certain groups of medical researchers and scientists to perform our proposed method and get it written up in a real scientific journal and paper so that our cause and endeavor is taken seriously by the scientific and medical community. There is no way for us to make our cause to be heard unless we go through some red tape and beaurocracy. If we can raise a certain amount of funding, help pay for at least 1 round of researching, and get a team of university professors to test out our hypothesis, and validate it beyond statistical testing error then I believe it would be possible to really get recognition for what we are doing.

Professors throughout the world spend more than 10% of their professional lives writing up proposals for grants to get money and funding from government and corporate organizations for their interests and research. I should know since I have worked with graduate student and have done biotech and biomedical research before. The major corporations and companies like Genentech and Biogen have the equipment and resources and they also are trying to push the edge of biological science but they won’t be wiling to put their resources for a cause which is more likely to be a failure and a bad investment into this.



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