A Real Alternative To Limb Lengthening Surgery – Epiphyseal Growth Plate Regeneration, Regrowth, Implantation, And Transplantation Is Completely Possible (Big Breakthrough!)

[Note: This is one of the most important posts and summarizes the research that has been going on for the last 4 months.]

Me: I think it is time to show to the world just what the last 4 months of research has brought up. Here is my claim from the PubMed studies I’ve found…. “Epiphyseal growth plate regeneration, regrowth, implantation, and transplantation is completely possible!”

We have already shown that we can create chondrocyte mediums who can allow us to grow chondrocytes into cartilage.  We can even buy the chondrocyte mediums with the progenitor cells from the companies I have already listed on this website. Here are the 3 posts I’ve written before that I want to cite.

From the last post, “Epiphyseal Plate Transplantation Through Vascularization (Breakthrough!)” we have seen that growth plates can be transplanted into new subjects and the subject will go through longitudinal growth.

Let me cite previous posts looking at this subject.

  1. Hyaline Cartilage Engineered By Chondrocytes In Pellet Culture Compared To Cartilage Implants (Important)
  2. Injecting Chondrocytes Into The Physis From Physeal Distraction Of The Epiphysis
  3. Increase Height Through Surgical Method By Cartilage Harvesting And Chondrocyte Implantation With Growth Factor Injections

The first post showed that growth plates were being grown from chondrocytes taken from the epiphyseal plates of the host or subject and then

The 2nd post showed that if you inject chondrocytes into the fracture of a distraction where there is already the growth plate it will lead to increased longitudinal growth.

The third post was my own first original idea on how the process of long bone distraction, cartilage harvesting, and then re-implanting of chondrocytes would work.

The 6 steps for the proposed idea were…

  1. Remove progrenitor mesenchymal stem cells or chondrocytes from the subject.
  2. Grow the MSCs & chondrocyctes until they form the rest zone formation of growth plates.
  3. Implant this into a distraction of the long bone. 
  4. If not in-vitro grown epiphyseal plates, transplant it.
  5. Get the host body to accept it. 
  6. Get longitudinal growth to start again 

At this point I can say with complete confidence that every single step in my proposed method to increase height, at least one study or experiment has already been done and been proven by researchers around the world. This is the real thing, and every single step has been proved successful in implementation.

8 thoughts on “A Real Alternative To Limb Lengthening Surgery – Epiphyseal Growth Plate Regeneration, Regrowth, Implantation, And Transplantation Is Completely Possible (Big Breakthrough!)

  1. elvergalarga

    all these steps that you propose,any Dr interested in doing some real?

    only applies to long bones? or also for vertebrae?

    you need to start these hypotheses yours?

    1. admin

      No, it would require probably 5 years of calling and asking before any doctor will be willing to take this idea serious enough to the lab or clinical to try it out. To validate this idea would probably take another 5 years of testing ans studies.

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