What Is The Most Height Gain One Can Achieve Through Exercises And Stretching After Puberty And Growth Plate Closure?

So I am going to take some time today to answer this question so that it will go in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

What I am finding is that even though I have created a FAQs Section to the website, I still get around half a dozen emails everyday asking me the same questions.

The two most common variations of questions are (and I have already wrote about it 3 times already).

  • Hi. I am 16-30 years old (in some age in that range). I am this tall. Can I still grow taller?
  • I want to be 4-7 inches Taller. I am 5′ 1″-5’5″ male and I want to be 5′ 10″-6′ 2″. What supplements/ pills can I take to grow taller?

In each of these questions, you realize that both of them are loaded questions.

In the first question, they just are hoping that I will say yes to this question. The truth is that the chances are low and that they probably won’t gain even half a centimeter of height increase if they don’t start taking some form of action immediately, in the form of exercising and stretching.

In the second question, they are hoping that I will tell them some secret, unknown chemical compound supplement which no one has heard before yet which will be essentially a “Magic Pill” which I have already talked about. The truth is that the real answer to this question is that there is no single pill that will no everything.

A common variation to the supplement/pill question is to ask is there a type of pill that the person can take which will have all of the essential, suggested active ingredients. And my answer is a quick no. Again what the question is looking for is a “Magic Pill“, that has all of the height increase benefits, at least one which really does work. Throughout the internet space there are few website which do claim that they have all of the essential ingredients needed to stimulate increased height growth rate in them, but all of them are fake, at least all of the supplements I have looked at. Not one of them have been able to give a theory on why the pills they are selling could possibly work and resolve the issues dealing with the chondrogenesis process and how to get over the hard, strong cortical bone extracellular matrix.

I am going to be completely honest with the questioner right now. Everything I know I have already revealed to the reader at some point in the website. What you know from reading the website is what I know, and that is the limit and extend of my knowledge.

So if the answers to the two most common asked questions to the email are…

Answer to question #1: “Probably not, but you can try by ¬†reading the Exercise Guide Section and buy the supplements in the Supplement Guide Section

Answer to question #2: “There is no pills that will guarantee height increase but you can try out the supplements I suggested in the Supplement Guide Section.”

Since these two most commonly asked question are finally completely and fully answered, I will answer what I think is a third and maybe the real question many questioners are really asking to me, but don’t realize is their real intention…

“What Is The Most Height Gain One Can Achieve Through Exercises And Stretching After Puberty And Growth Plate Closure?”

This question is assuming that the supplements i suggested the questioner and reader try to buy and take is either not used or is being used and having no noticeable effects. The answer is that for most people, the maximum height increase they can get, both temporary and permanent would be around the 1.5″ or 4 cm range. That is what in my professional research opinion is possible for height increase for 99.99% of all people in a large group. 4 cm or 1.5 inches is both lage enough to be noticeable and small enough to not be that dramatic. For most people, they will never go beyond 2 cm of potential height increase due to their posture and vertebrate curvature already inherent in their skeletal structure.

However,we must not remember that extremely tall people can have an even greater amount of height increase, by upwards of 5 cms. A person like Paul Gasol who has been measured at a little over 7 feet tall can have his height show a variation as large as 1.50-2 inches of height difference between the time of him first getting out of bed and right before he goes to bed to decompress his vertebrate. We see from Tyson Chandler’s predraft measurements that he was actually 6′ 11.50″ in height without shoes, 7′ 0.5″ with shoes on, a 7′ 3″ length in wingspan, and a 9′ 2″ reach. ¬†(source) However, we know that he is listed as 7′ 1″ on most of the basketball and NBA website directories. This could also be right which would suggest that a human male that is over 5 standard deviations away from the average height can have a high variation in his height, and at some points of the day really be 7′ 1″ and at other times 1.5″ less. For these super tall humans, the amount of height increase they can get through exercises and stretching can be up to 5 cm in height increase, but however by the time there are already around 7 feet tall, it would really make little sense for them to desire to be any taller for any good practical reasons.

So if you are going to go through with some form of exercise routine or stretching program, the most that almost everyone should expect is about 1.5 inches of height increase.

As a sort of example, let me show my own process. As for myself, I focused on swimming at least 2 hours a day, sleeping without a pillow, doing decompressive stretching while lying after waking up which involved lunges. I also bought an inversion table and used that with twisting of the torso for maybe 10 minutes everyday until my head got dizzy from the blood flow down to my head. I also used yoga posed that focused on bending and stretching my back. I was very consistent in when I would measure my height and even shaved my head to make sure my hair would not cause any height measurement eror. This went on for about 4 months. In the end I gained 0.25 of an inch.

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  1. Eric Hayens

    I me 17. Yearsl old and only measure up to 5’3 in height I wonder if I still have time to reach to 5’11 and what measure can I take to get there please don’t post my comment on year websit and send me a reply on my email


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