Does Praying Or Wishing To Grow Taller Really Increase Height And Make You Taller?

I remember Sky (from once saying in a post of how his daily schedule goes that he would pray each night to his personal God for the strength and power to make the next day better and I wondered whether the power of prayer or wishing would have any influence on a person’s growth. Did Sky also wish for his body to transform to make himself taller?

I have looked through the updates on the website that is now no longer available and it seems that after 4-5 years of trials and doing bone lengthening stretches and pulling using weights, sprinting, and jumping he never increased at all in height. For all the desiring, wishing, and personal determination, dedication, and persistence, he never increased his height by even 1 inch.

I have thought about the issue of whether a person can use will or desire to make their bodies longer. There are some interesting cases we have found where the mental powers seemed to have some effect but the majority of people who express a desire, or even a strong obsession sees nothing results.

I would say that maybe when we still have our growth plates’ cartilage, we might be able to change our state or emotions to become slightly more positive and better to optimize the natural growth rate our genetic pre-programmed. There is already some studies which show that having a negative outlook on life will affect the immunity and health of a person who is still growing and possibly lead to more incidents of illness, which results in stunted growth and increased bone mineral density.

If we can use wishful thinking and praying, we might be able to increase our immune system, and nervous system to relax more, decrease stress, decrease illness, and optimize the natural growth rate. However, I don’t think it is possibly after the cartilage in our growth plates are gone to be able to use just our minds in terms of praying and wishing to increase our height.

There has been no documented cases which showed that through mental exertion or mental manipulation alone can the individual change or remodel the bones in their body, even in terms of increasing the bone mineral density. A female in her 50s can not wish to decrease her chances towards osteoporosis and bone fractures, but needs to implement some type of exercise program and eat more vitamin D based foods to strengthen and remodel her bones internally to be healthier.

There is a case to be said for the strange fact that Dr. Milton Erickson famously had a patient which supposedly increased their height by 12 inches in one year after therapy sessions with him. I wrote about this case in one of the earliest posts entitled Milton Erickson’s Legend of 12 Inch Height Increase”.

It involved Dr. Erickson making the guy change his perception on how he viewed the world. However this case is well documented and has been going around the internet space and NLP community for the last 5 decades ever since the case was documented in one of his written books. At this point, I would guess instead that the person who was said to be 20 years ld when Dr. Erickson treated him still had the cartilage in his bones and through some relaxation method, he experience a rare case of “catch-up growth” which I wrote about in the post
Catch Up Growth Explained, Can We Use It To Increase In Height And Grow Taller?”

So it might be possible with a very good hypnotherapist or NLP expert to get a person to change their state or perception of the world to help increase the growth rate of a person who still have their growth plates, but there powers to change the mind would not work on a person who doesn’t have their growth plates.

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