Natural Height Growth Podcast, Episode 10: I Talk About The Research And Science Behind Adult Height Increase Blog

Logo1In this podcast episode I will be speaking alone looking at what is being sold on the blog and seeing how valid the guy is in the research he has been doing. Like so many people in this community including many former and current height increase researchers, he has declined the chance to come on the podcast and have his voice heard.

Since this area of scientific research is so lucrative, it is very hard to find people who would be willing to come on the website to talk about their research and have their voices broadcasted throughout the entire internet space. I understand that we all really care about our privacy and value security and anonymity when we are looking at this issue. Most people reject the opportunity to come on and speak.

He did answer back with all those answers to my questions.

Here is what I can say about the main contributor to the Adult Height Increase blog, Tim.

  • He has been around a very long time, since at least 2007 when he was a contributor to old message boards like the Impartial Height Increase Message Board
  • He has been doing some serious research.
  • He has a few formulas he has made to try to induce height increase even for physically mature adults.
  • No formula that he has developed so far has been consistently successful
  • He has been an active member in many other grow taller forums.

1st, I have to address the fact that I have in a previous post already written about the product sold on the Adult Height Increase blog which is called MONSTER BS FORMULA entitled “Review On MONSTER BS FORMULA Sold By Adult Height Increase Blog”. In that post I was very hesitant to believe that the two part formulation would work.

  • The first part actually does make some sense. To get the bones to theoretically stretch out, you would have to demineralize or remove calcium by stimulating and adding more parathyroid hormone using the PTC-H formula. The thing about the calcitonin I don’t know about since I never did any research on calcitonin.
  • The idea of using a hyperbaric chamber to increase the possible O2 diffusion into the human body for increased cell proliferation would not do any good

These are the emails we have exchanged back and forth…

Hey Tim,

This is Michael from Natural Height Growth. I think you might be on to something and I wanted to pick your brains a little. My research is on going but it seems that you have been at this for at least 3 more years than me. I believe that you are much more knowledgeable on what actually works than me. I want to ask you about your research. would you be interested in explaining your results to the other height increase seekers to listen to my podcast? I don’t view ourselves as competitors since we are both working on the same eventual goal. This thing is too big and complicated for any one person to do. If you are not interested, I understand. Just hoping to hear from you. – Michael

Hello Micheal

I saw your blog and it has quite a lot of information of all presently
available options.  I would be willing to answer your questions here.
I would also be willing to offer you a sample of my formulas for you
to try personally. – Thanks

That is fine.

These are the questions.

  1. Tell me about yourself, age, height, ethnicity, background, education
  2. How long have you been doing the research?
  3. What got you interested in this endeavor?
  4. Have you found a working, consistent formula?
  5. If not, what do you think are the most feasible mixtures or formulations you have created.
  6. What is the active ingredient in PTH-C formula
  7. The study you link to does not show any link between increased O2  and chondrogenesis. How does this step make people taller?
  8. What is the link between NO stimulation and adult height increase?
  9. How does the PTH-C manage to focus on the localized bone area instead of just affecting the entire skeletal structure?

Hello Micheal.

Here are your answers.

Age 37, 185 cm, ethnicity do not want to reveal, knowledge in homeopathy as a special interest due to working with a 60-year-of-experience homeopath doctor as a salesman and co-manufacturer of specialized compounds.

Since 1993.  Began blog in 2005 for international participation. 20 years.

Personal goal to grow taller using a cheaper and easily accessible method.  Never wanted to go for LL surgery.

No. Some brilliant results but mostly failures.  Less than 5% success rate thus far and most trials have indeed failed.

Key to grow taller is to convert bones to a growing state more than anything else, something like LL does creating a cartilaginous space in the hard bones to grow and then stretch it.

Chemically it is plain water but it is powered by substance derived photons such as plants, minerals, salts, etc, which can manipulate the biophotons which is the light emitted by genes when biochemical processes takes place in the nucleus of the cells.  This tampers biophotons to tweak biochemical reactions to attain an effect.

Yes study does not directly show that but I don’t exclusively rely on studies alone but develop and test out new ideas hitherto untested to achieve a breakthrough.  Such brute force methods have produced breakthroughs in the past when a candidate aged 23 grew an inch in just 7 days by overdosing Monster formula.

Note that hyperbaric therapy is done for just short durations of 60-90 minute sessions only and these studies are based on those but what if your body is under hyper-oxygenation effect for 24 hours in a broken bone state, won’t the body be forced to stimulate cartilage cells to repair, remember body is dynamic. See this study of a short duration hyperbaric therapy on the longitudinal bones of rabbits –  Please read attached PDF.

PTH-C is a problem area, making formula too strong leads to weakening of the skeleton and REDUCTION of height. I tested this by taking standalone.  So it has to be made just right to enable gentle calcium and mineral depletion and making Muscle builder formula very strong to get a powerful and safe effect.   So after many tweaks I arrived at a safer PTH-C formula.  First created was a plain PTH formula later added a calcitonin suppressant. So the idea is making bones “soft”and creating growth using the Muscle builder formula.

Please read more about the Muscle builder formula below – Bone marrow contains mesenchymal stem cells that can build cartilage cells which grow into bones.  One way to stimulate them is to load the blood with very high oxygen content and force feed body tissues with that under  a pressurized oxygen chamber.  This has shown to increase of stem cells by 800% in 40-60 hours of treatment seen in the hyperbaric oxygen treatment which is done for short duration only due to risk of hyperoxemia.

The muscle builder formula accomplishes the same by the oral dose without the use of pressure chambers by alternative mechanism but similar and even more powerful effects.

When I built this formula called Muscle builder, the focus was to create something that increases lung inspiration capacity to enable deeper breaths even when sitting, sleeping, and of course when doing even some mild physical activity, lungs would expand and contract like a motor, rapidfire speed.  Like if you pour very cold water suddenly, you’d feel lungs expanding and contracting like a dynamo. I didn’t even knew about hyperbaric therapy  BUT what I noted and those who have used it said 1. It improved their vision 2.  Better skin and younger looking face.  3. Muscle tone improvement and no fatigue on repeated movements.  4. Better urinary flow down to the last drop with high pressure like some piston inside. 5. Heart beating stronger. 6. Mind feeling enlightened.

Muscle growth formula works by sucking in oxygen by increasing lung expansion and contractions and efficient blood flow to tissues immediately as soon as they are absorbed and rapid speed circulation leading to fatigue free state 24/7 and a very healthy feeling.  All this is due to stem cell stimulation induced by efficient tweaking of the oxygen management.  Everyone breaths the same air, but you will use oxygen more than others.

Muscle builder is the only formula that always worked 100% in every person who ever used it. No other formula is as consistent and stable and always works only on a limited number of people. I have supplied Muscle builder to ladies as old as 73, 54, 59, and men aged 55 and up and all report same effect without fail.

Safety – In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, patients are placed in a hyperbaric chamber with higher air pressure than atmosphere for up to 90 minutes in a session to enable hyperoxygenation to the tissues breathing of pure oxygen.

Here in the Muscle builder we aren’t placing our bodies in any chamber but attaining same effect by encouraging higher lung inspiration capacity and rapidfire transfer of oxygen to all tissues 24 hours a day from a single ORAL dose.

So risk of pressurized chamber does not arise in this !

See risks of HBOT

See this video about what Muscle builder can do with same effect as hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He also talks about bone forming cells stimulated by the therapy.


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  • Length of time: 30 mins
  • Beginning of actual interview: 1:15

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5 thoughts on “Natural Height Growth Podcast, Episode 10: I Talk About The Research And Science Behind Adult Height Increase Blog

  1. TheOtherAdam

    I could see how it could possibly make bones more supceptable to mechanical loading, due to the softening, but I don’t see why it would affect the growth plate in any manner, whether it’s regeneration, or enhancement of current growthplate height–without this, I can’t see why one would grow. Because of the Nitric Oxide, it may even be harmful to people with open plates. The Science isn’t 100% behind it, but If he offered you some, it is worth a try–it could be something that works.

  2. Jonibatum

    Guys right. Why haven’t you tried it. Clearly by your HI updates nothing is working right now. If the blog’s goal is to help people, than trying that sample is the right thing to do.

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