Grow Taller and Increase Height using Intermittent Parathyroid Hormone Therapy to Increase Bone Formation

Something that I have wondered ever since I wrote the post about how I thought Parathyroid Hormone related Protein aka PTHrP was the thing that we were looking for, I have wondered how something like it should be administered.

The original post was “The Connection Between Regenerating Deer Antlers and The PTHrP, PTH And IHH pathway for Cartilage Regulation, PTHrP Seems To Be The Answer (Big Breakthrough!)”

Looking over the multiple studies on how much effect mechanical loading is towards actual bone remodeling and effects, I would say that anything that would be just a continuous steady state of injected compound would not work. Even increasing growth factor injection at a linear constant rate would not work. I am proposing that the way to make any technique or method work is to apply the stimuli in a non-constant, intermittent way where for only a short period of time each day or week do we try out a stimuli. This behavior of stimuli is going to work the best.

Two previous post link the idea of doing something intermittently as well.

The thing about the human body, like most biological bodies which have homeostasis, is that it is always pushing the body to a state of equilibrium. The elements in the body, which include the tissues, will develop often a resistance to any type of increased concentration, density, or flow of any type of foreign or outside stimuli.

A good example of this is what the neurotransmitter receptors in the axons of the neuron do when a person starts to take either a stimulant or relaxant and the receptor numbers eventually change in quantity and the overall neuron losses its sensitivity to the “drug”.

A 2nd example is how bodybuilders are trying to cycle through any type of supplement, peptide, or steroid use. The body just looses the sensitivity so the person can either try to increase the dosage risking side effects, or they drop the dosage waiting for the body to recover again, and go back to a state where it can be easily effected by ingested supplements again.

If we just applied 100 Nextons of force on a bone surface to make it grow harders, stronger, and thicken, at some point the bone will remodel itself to be able to withstand the force. If the bone can’t withstand the bone loading, it will just fracture and break apart. However, if the concentration or amount is not too high, the bones will eventually get harder and stronger.

So we can’t just increase bone loads or use growth factors in a continuous way. We have to choose very carefully a certain amount to be used. The therapy will consist of a rather high dose of PTHrP injected with a needle into the bone area close to the ends of our long bones.

The exact formation is to do 4 injects around the top area (epiphysis) of out lower leg, right below the knee protrusion region. The dosage I would say is around 100 micrograms/mL for each needle. Since there is 4 needles, each going into all 4 directions into the leg, there will be a total of 400 migrograms/mL beign injected. The rate of use will be 2 times a week.

The exact location I am proposing is the cortical bone layer just beneath the periosteum. It has to be subcutaneously, but also subperiosteal. The PTHrP has the ability to turn the cambium layer of progenitor bone cells possibly into chondrocytes and thus cartilage tissue. The result is that the hard material of the cortical bone might decrease leaving the area flexible enough to be pushed apart by the newly formed cartilage tissue.

The only problem with this idea is that we still would need a step or injected compound that can cause the hard cortical bone to weaken, de-ossify, decalcify for anything to work.

I guess the main thing to take away from this post is that any type of therapy used should be done in an intermittent fashion.

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