Korean Scientists Have Patented An Ultrasonic Vibration Generating Device To Make People Taller

Korean Scientists Have Patented An Ultrasonic Vibration Generating Device To Make People Taller

This post is probably going to make a lot people a little curious. I have found that there are much better places to find unique and stunning research and discoveries and inventions than just PubMed. I just use Google Patents or ClinicalTrails.gov. Here is probably one of the bigger discoveries I found.

I am actually quite surprised why Tyler has never reported it. It is actually a really well known device.

Portable physis-stimulating device for promoting growth with two-phase ultrasonic vibration generators and led elements – (Patent #: US 20110060254 A1)

Abstract Below

Disclosed herein is a growth plate stimulation-type portable growth promotion apparatus including two-phase ultrasonic vibration generators and Light Emitting Diode (LED) devices. The ring-shaped two-phase ultrasonic vibration generators have a center hole. Each of the LED devices is provided in the center hole of the each two-phase ultrasonic vibration generator. The two-phase ultrasonic vibration generators includes a ring-shaped vibration stator configured to have a center hole; a first electrode layer provided under the vibration stator; a second electrode layer provided under the first electrode layer; and a piezoelectric ceramic group layer configured to include a first piezoelectric ceramic group for generating an A phase and a second piezoelectric ceramic group for generating a B phase. Growth plates are stimulated using two-phase ultrasound projected from the two-phase ultrasonic vibration generators and light projected from the LED devices.

Some of the Pictures or Schematics on how the device will be built and the way the components will be aligned next to each other.

Ultrasound Device 3Ultrasound Device 2Ultrasound Device 1My Analysis: From looking at what other types of patents and research the Patent Inventors had been involved with, the device seems to be based on very credible science.

Most people probably would never believe such a device would even be possible, but we realized it was all possible after finding the original patent by Brighton on electrical stimulation. These Korean researchers figured out how to use a type of ultrasonic vibration generator to create the right type of electromagnetic wave to stimulate the epiphyseal cartilage of young children to proliferate in a faster faster rate.

The main inventor Taek Rim Yoon has at least two dozen other patents under his/her name which are related in the bone generation and BMP-2/growth factor areas of study. Their co-inventor Sung Jun Park has dozens of patents related to wireless transmission and communication, which suggest this Sung researcher was involved in the electronics side.

I have not had the time to really dig deep into the patent to learn just how the emitted LED light and the ultrasonic vibration really gets the cartilage stimulated but there have been signs from even other members of the height increase community suggesting that using vibrations and ultrasonic waves would be able to induce certain bones to grow large volumetrically.

Here is what the person called LongLegs on the LSJL said, believing that vibration therapy could induce the irregular vertebral bones to become thicker, thus making the overall body longer.

Long Legs

The argument is reasonable and I personally have been trying to find an high intensity, high frequency, ultrasonic vibration stimulation device to buy for at least a year now, but it was to be used in the research to allow for regeneration of lost teeth, through stem cell implants. You can read up more on lost teeth regeneration and stem cell implants from the PDF “Stem Cells in the Face: Tooth Regeneration and Beyond” (Authors: Jeremy J. Mao1, and Darwin J. Prockop).

Maybe I should look to see how the ultrasonic actually works to stimulate cartilage to grow thicker.

{Tyler’s Notes-A couple things.  Ultrasound can inconsistently stimulate longitudinal bone growth.  Different studies get different results but Ultrasound definitely has potential.  As for Long-legs argument that ultrasound can induce longitudinal bone growth in spinal bones after puberty.  There is no periosteum on the top and bottom of spinal bones as there is articular cartilage there.  Even though the bones of the spine are irregular bones they still develop from growth plates.

However, it is definitely easier to apply Ultrasound on the spinal bones then it is to perform LSJL.  However, it’s unclear whether Ultrasound would perform all the stimuli that LSJL or if it generates enough stimuli to generate “neo-growth plates”}

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  1. Fabien

    Off topic, but is it possible to accelerate dental braces treatment ? As you know much about bones, I ask you.

    After some research I found that viramin D3 and low-calcium diet increase bone remodeling and orthopedic efficiency.


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