Finger/Toe Clamping Update

Here is the last toe/finger clamping progress post.  Essentially, I’m using finger and toe clamping as a proof of concept with LSJL without being limited by force.  I’m still doing LSJL on ankles, knees, wrist, and elbows but also on these smaller joints as well.  Last time someone mentioned hiking as increasing shoe size by two.  Pregnancy also tends to increase shoe size and that could be linked to hydrostatic pressure so that’s why I’m attempting toe clamping.

toe before

Here’s the before pic.  It’s not optimal but it’s something.  I’ve been hand clamping my right toe at least 5 minutes a day.  I took this picture on May 14th.  So now it’s been about a month.

June foot comparison

I realized that keeping my heel on the floor would make things more level but if I get more significant results I can always go back to the first image.  The right toe looks bigger in the after picture but it also looks bigger than the left in the before picture too.  I’ll have to keep clamping and see if there are further developments.  One thing to note is that shoes feel tighter around my right foot so that’s a positive indication.  Hopefully I’ll keep clamping and will eventually outgrow a shoe.

Here’s the finger clamping progress:

thumb compare

Yeah I know it’s slanted but so was the eariler thumb pic shown in the link above.  It used to be that the left thumb was longer than the right but now they appear more equal in length.  Not much right now but enough for me to try to clamp harder to try to squeeze out more results.

finger compare

The most promising clamping.  I could always get an xray to validate but with all the other stuff I’m clamping I haven’t been clamping as intently as I could be.

So basically I don’t have enough yet but I have enough indications that I’m starting to get some results so I should try clamping harder/more intently until I have something more concrete.

For fingers I always have the hand xrays I got before so I can get new x-rays and compare.  For toes I don’t have x-rays however if I no longer fit into the same shoe that’s a strong result.


3 thoughts on “Finger/Toe Clamping Update

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  2. Chino

    Hey Tyler,

    Just wanted to say I’ve been following your post for years. Keep up the good work. There’s still lots of interest in this research.


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