Hexarelin and CJC-1295 (No Dac) Are Better Than Ibutamoren For Growing Taller

In the most recent post I wrote about Ibutamoren, someone did post and say that I don’t seem to know much about growth plates or my chemical compounds.

This person, who calls himself Steve, stated that instead of taking Ibutamoren Mesylate, which is also known as MK-677, it would be better to take CJC No Dac 1295 and Hexarelin. He states that there are multiple studies that have been published that show that the chemicals definitely work on children who are still growing to get taller.

Hexarelin CJC-1295

There is one anecdotal story he mentions where a guy stated on a Reddit thread that he grew taller by a full 1.5 Inches in just 4 weeks from taking a certain peptide combination (which I am going to assume he is referring to CJC No Dac 1295 and Hexarelin) from 6’ 3” to 6’ 4.5”.

Other information he states are the following….

Long Bone Growth Plates – 18-22 years old
Vertebral Growth Plates – 21-25 years old
Clavicle – 21-25 years old.

What he has said from a quick glance is completely accurate.

I have known since 2013 that the vertebral cartilage don’t ossify until after the long bones do. The clavicle is indeed that last bone to fully ossify. The pediatricians and GPs (Family doctors who probably specialized in Internal Medicine) would tell the average teenager that he would stop growing around the age of 16-19, but that is not actually true. I had sort of realized just a few days ago from noticing the difference in height from incoming university freshman males, who are usually 17-18, and young male adults who are in the work force, usually around 23-25, that there is a definite difference in height averages between the two groups. That means that the conservative age that the regular doctor will tell their teenage patient is off by probably a few years years. Usually guys don’t stop growing until they are 21-23. The old number of 17-20 are a little off.

My Thoughts

On many of the online forums and discussion boards on the internet that is related to bodybuilding, and weight lifting, you can see that the posters always refer to studies and cite the PubMed database almost every time.

There is no doubt that there have probably been thousands of guys who have come before me and after me, who also are avid readers and searchers on PubMed. I seem to remember from a podcast episode where this guy who was selling Juicers and promoting the benefits of juicing stated that he spent his free time just searching for interesting studies off of PubMed, which he thought made him unique and special. I hate to break the news to him, but there are thousands of guys out there who do the same thing he does, so his “hobby” is actually quote common.

The young people today want to stay in formed, and are always willing to consume more information, especially the type that helps them learn more about how to take care of their body and stay in good shape.

Clearly the young people and the internet savy users in the year 2016 are very well informed, and can detect BS very easily, and will call people out on their inaccurate information and insufficient knowledge. You got an entire generation of young guys who grew up getting into the weight room really early, and having the access of the internet in their hands. The result is that they did their own amateur independent research on steroids, by reading PubMed a lot. Which is fine.

I admit that when it comes to steroids, the whole process of cycling, and other growth hormone secretagogues and analogues, I have very limited knowledge. I just never got deep into learning about all of the types of steroids, and synthetic growth hormones being sold today. What I do know is that the term ‘Steroids” actually refers to synthetic testosterone, which is the male androgen, produced not just in the testes but also in the adrenal glands. The naturally occurring testosterone in all adult males is actually called “Anabolic Steroids”.

Growth hormone, aka Somatotropin or Somatropin, produced mainly in pituitary gland in the center of the brain. This is completely different from testosterone, although they can both be places under the umbrella term “steroids” since they are both used often by guys in bodybuilding to increase muscle mass, reduce fat percentage, gain more energy, increase sexual stamina, etc.

There is probably hundreds of guys who was searching on PubMed years before I came along trying to look at all of the possible types of chemicals that can get them to grow taller. There are some obsessed bodybuilders who really, REALLY know their steroids, and have probably read hundreds of studies and know all the ways the synthetic chemicals interact with the body’s function and the neurotransmitter pathways very well. Nearly every single guy at some point in their life probably have thought and desired to be taller and it makes sense that they would score the internet looking for maybe some secret clue or trick to do it.

I know since the amount of traffic that comes to this website every day where young guys looking for secret pills to take to grow taller is extremely large. I get thousands of emails from guys asking for help to give them height.

What I do know is that the people who posted on the old GrowTaller.com forum who was active in the mid 2000s, they already had suggested these chemicals because they had already exhausted the PubMed studies and hit their wall of dedication. There is no chemical that can lengthen the bones after the bones have no cartilage inside them (Although there are tricks to get around this technical problem which have been suggested and theoretically can work).

Here are just a small list of the things that people back in 2005-2010 had found and suggested, which all make sense and can work for young kids with growth plate cartilage.

CJC No Dac 1295
Oxandrolone (aka Anavar)
Estrogen Inhibitors

All 4 of the 5 are chemicals that either assist growth hormone production, increase growth hormone production, or is basically a synthetic type of growth hormone.

If you read what the this site (http://www.anabolicsteroids.net/cjc-1295.php) said about the side effects of using CJC-1295….

“…Another side effect of the CJC-1295 is acromegaly, since it helps in increasing the levels of the growth hormone. Acromegaly is a condition where extra growth hormone is released even after the internal organs and the skeleton have finished growing. This causes thickening of the skin, deepening of voice, enlargement of jaws, and slurring of speech. Another effect of acromegaly is the swelling of the soft tissue in the internal organs. This could result in the weakening of the muscles of the internal organs, like the heart. This was tested during the phase 2 testing of CJC-1295.”

Notice that the the writers note that a person can develop acromegaly if they took the CJC-1295 after their bones have fully ossified. The cartilage areas in their bodies that are still left will start to go through some type of hypertrophy process. The elbows, knuckles, wrists, ankles will all swell a little.

A recent post I wrote a few months ago had said that there is a chance that taking some growth hormone after the bones have fully ossified can for some individuals give them maybe 1 last inch in extra height. It seems that the HGH-agonists and HGH-stimulating hormones can cause the articular cartilage in the knees and as well as the very, VERY thin last layer of fibrocartilage in the edges of each vertebrate bone to thicken slightly. When you combine all of the vertebrate bones, the slight expansion of the articular bones, and the irregular bones in the ankles going through periosteal bone growth (bones just get bigger in width), they can all add up to give a noticeable last burst of a mini-growth spurt. Of course, I am assuming the user is around 22-24, just after their bones have all fused, but have not gotten thicker due to the process called “filling out” aka “getting wider”.


Maybe Ibutamoren may not be the best chemical for a height growth (for that teenage male who has a little bit of growth plate left), and maybe Hexarelin and CJC-1295 (No Dac) will be more effective, do a much better job, and the chemical’s effect would not wear off so quickly. I was not informed of the full information of the chemicals but I do make corrections when a reader of this website chimes in, writes a comment, and corrects my reported science based facts which are not 100% accurate. For that, I thank the commenter for their input to make this website better.

28 thoughts on “Hexarelin and CJC-1295 (No Dac) Are Better Than Ibutamoren For Growing Taller

  1. rumb

    Interesting,but where should this be injected,i found hexarelin and CJC 1295 online,but expensive.Hope you write more articles about this,elaborate the procedure

  2. Steve

    Hey admin… I meant absolutely no disrespect to you I respect your work here a lot but I like to correct people when they are wrong buddy lol back to the compounds…hexarelin when combined with cjc 1295 dac is an EXTREMELY powerful combination 100mcg of each is equivalent to a very high dose of HGH however the problem here is this will provide a 2-3 hour GH pulse it will require the user injecting 3 times daily to mimick a high HGH dose another thing is desensitization to hexarelin occurs quickly so my suggestion is this

    First month

    Cjc 1295(no dac) 100MCG 3x daily
    Hexarelin 100MCG 3x daily

    Second month

    Cjc 1295(no dac) 100mcg 3x daily
    GHRP-2 100MCG 3X daily

    Follow this protocol for 6-12 months and take 1 month off the hexarelin and use ghrp-2 instead and repeat over again with hexarelin

    Remember age 22 is probably the last age that these compounds will be useful in growing taller So under age 23 for males (for females 20 will be it so under 21 for them)

    There are guys who grow until 25 however that is uncommon if you use this from 23-25 you may grow an inch maybe 1.5 inches but that is just from the articular cartilage and fibrocartilage like the admin mentioned,but even for those males under 23 do not expect to grow a foot taller with this 1-3 inches will be lt…3 inches is the absolute max one will grow using these compounds

    And remember always inject on an empty stomach 3 hours after a meal and at the very least 30 minutes before a meal


    1. Daniel

      I highly doubt that they are that effective… would be nice if you provided any proof. I can imagine that they can put you in the range of 170 IGF levels, but no 450+ like a high dose of HGH would.

      1. Steve

        FYI the average 18-22 year old already has igf-1 levels from 200-500 ng/ml go read labcorps igf-1 reference range and hexarelin and mod grf 129 will cause a temporary spike in gh to 120ng/ml that is equivalent to a 20iu high dose!!! The BIG difference is hgh will elevate GH for 8 hours while hexarelin and mod grf-129 will only last 2 hours so you must inject at least 2-3 times a day and these peptides will only work if you are not deficient in GH

    2. Michael

      @Steve are you saying that only guys who aged 22-25 should expect some kind of growth from this?

      I’m 22 years old, 23 next year – my growth plates are fully closed. Is the substance mentioned in this article something that may help with my growth ?

  3. Steve

    yes possibly you may grow an inch or two if you run this long enough,first of all most endocrinologists only take xrays of your wrists not even xrays of your long bones(the growth plates of the wrists are the first to fuse by the way) and even if your long bones are fused you still have the vertebral growth plates which dont fuse until 21-25 again there are no guarantees but you still can probably grow an 1-2 inches remeber dont expect overnight results you should run this for 6-12 months eat right,get atleast 9 hours of sleep evernight,exercise and make sure you get you get enough zinc,vitamin d and magnesium and drink a lot of milk

  4. Hitmaker

    What about lbutamoren ? It’s easier to take (oral) and much cheaper ! I am 21 plus 4 months and i want to grow 2 inches is it possible? Thanks

    1. Steve

      Ibutamoren alone is useless for growing taller however you can combine this with cjc 1295 with dac at 1mg twice a week as that would be more effective but I strongly suggest using hexarelin as hexarelin is extremely potent

      1. Cipriani

        Hi Steve,

        You claim that Ibutamoren alone is not that good in increasing height but how would be stacking Ibutamoren along with L-Dopa at 600mg therefore it can increase hgh temporary similar like Hexarelin for 1000%(i have read somewhere that it can increase Hgh even up to 1400%) that makes 14iu of Hgh at 1000% and at 1400% it would be 20iu of Hgh increase lasting for approximately 90min and declined after,any thoughts about it?

        I plan to use them that way each one before bed

        Vitamin D
        Green Tea extract

        1. Cipriani

          Oh,and i forgot to mention that i want to add transdermal DHEA at 50mg to the stack too as it can increase igf1 at 20% in males.

          I want run this for 3months or 6month straight.

          Im a 24 year old male that hit puberty pretty late at 16years and had my growth spurt then from 163cm to 171cm since then i grew 2,5cm till now im 173,5cm at 24year old.

          How much height growth can i expect at a 24 year old male in 3 or 6month of straight use of this substances?

          I want to grow 7cm in height,would it be possible?

          1. Steve

            Honestly at 24 maybe you can maybe get 1-1.5 inches MAX… and stay away from DHEA,Green tea extract and glucosamine as they are all counterproductive to your height seeking goals follow this stack for a minimum of 6-12 months but there are no guarantees.

            Mk-677 (Ibutamoren) 25mg taken orally
            Cjc 1295 dac (injected in the abdomen twice a week)
            Huperzine A 100MCG 3 times Daily taken orally

            You don’t have to use the Cjc dac if you are scared of needles but it will increase the chance of success.

  5. clix

    Hello steve do you have any email or skype sot that we could talk ? I am 19 and i think i am going to do there routine you advised, but before deciding this i d really like talking with you

  6. Sanyam

    I am 16 year old my hieght has stop growing i want to be taller for that i can do anything please help and tell me proper cycle and doses of each of them please

  7. Cipriani

    Thanks for your feedback Steve!…but what do you think about L-Dopa?
    Its seems to be a very potent hgh producer depending on scientifically researches as it can raise hgh up to 1400% and the growth hormone release lasts 90min. and declines afer this timeframe.
    I personally did a 3month cycle with L-Dopa in the past and took 600mg before bed and experianced very deep sleep,feeling of numbness in hands,newborn like feeling after waking up and so on…all the effects of raised hgh in the system…how would you compare its effects to other gh secretagogues?
    Is it even better or stronger than some of the other gh secretagogues like Ibutamoren or weaker?

    1. Steve

      Hey man these so called “GH releasing supplements” are pretty much useless for growing taller In most cases just follow the protocol I mentioned (ibutamoren,cjc dac and huperzine A) and you can add in 2000iu of vitamin d and 25mg of zinc also drink a litre of 1% semi skimmed milk daily eat enough food including 150 grams of protein and throw In some exercise there are no guarantees but maybe you can grow 1-1.5 inches.
      Follow this for at least 6 months to a year.

      Best of luck


  8. Cipriani

    Hi Steve,

    Im here again with a question…

    Should i do add Hexarelin and some extra supps to potentiate the strength of the stack,i will buy 4mg of Hexarelin and MOD GRF 1-29 (cjc 1295 without Dac) 4mg and test them at a 40 day run along with Ibutamoren.

    It would be like this:

    Hexarelin 100mcg 2x50mcg (upon waking and before bed or afternoon)
    MOD GRF 1-29 (cjc 1295 without Dac) 100mcg (upon waking and before bed or afternoon)
    Ibutamoren (mk-677) 10mg(upon waking)
    Huperzine A 200mg (2x100mg along with gh releasers)
    SAM-e 200mg (for DNA methylation to reopen the growth plates)
    MSM 3-6g (DNA methylation)
    Vitamin D

    I would run this stack and look if i get a noticeable bit of height gain spurt from it like 1cm-3cm at the 40 day timeframe,
    If this would be successfull i would do another 40day run till i do a full 3 or 6 month cycle of this stack.

    But if i did not get atleased 1-2cm at the 40day timeframe from the use of them i will stop the other peptides and continue to use Ibutamoren along with prohormones for strength gain and muscle growth instead,because i waited till now not to use AAS Steroids to avoid the stunting height growth effect of them only for a hope of getting extra height gain till my 25years.

    Is it better so,what should i do to get the best results?

  9. Cipriani

    One last question Steve 🙂

    I read somewhere that training with heavy weights like powerlifting training can stunt the height growth and must be done if ones really must to train only 1-2 times per week max. to ensure that the igf1 can work to increase height growth instead of repearing and adding new muscle fibers…is this claim right or not?

    Can i train hard with heavy weights that i normally do for 4x or 5x times per week along with my cycle of gh peptides or should i really train only 1x or 2× times per week to ensure height growth???

    Many thanks

  10. Cipriani

    Thank you very much for your kind help Steve,i appreciate it!

    But i recently read somewhere in a forum about the possible side effects that one can gets from using them and i get a bit worried of it and wonder when i run this cycle what sides can i expect?

    I’ve read that it can cause organ growth or acromegaly or even cancer came in speech and it must be very carefull if someone use them…

    Is it safe for me or for a person at the age of 24 to use them?

    Much thanks

    1. Steve

      Yes these chemicals are safe and will not cause acromegaly or organ growth as acromegaly is usually caused by a GH secreting tumour at the pituitary gland,you have nothing to worry about.

  11. Steve

    Side effects are virtually non existent,maybe some increased appetite,numb hands or feet and slight water retention,you will be fine.

  12. Cipriani

    Hi Steve,

    i plan to add ghrp-2 to my gh stack at 150mcg per day divided in 3 doses through the day along the other gh releasing peptides…

    Would it be overkill or can it be beneficial in terms of height gains if its stacked along with the other gh secretagogues that i later mentioned before?

    And i read that mk677 aka Ibutamoren is a GHRH…what are your thoughts about it?

    Kind Regards

    1. Reilly

      Hey Steve,

      I’m 17 years old and am considering to start using CJC-1295 (No DAC) + Hexarelin stack. Specifically, the old HUSS method I believe. I copied it below just in case you didn’t know as to what I was referring to. I was just wondering if you thought that I would see any results from using this stack?


      Hexarelin 50mcg x morning (potent pi3k activator = bone growth after epiphyseal have become inactive, if theyre inactive use the SAM-e, MSM and Chon, to re-activate them via DNA Methylation, if your growth plates are still active then you will grow VERY tall with HEX)

      GHRP-2 50mcg x3 morning, noon and pre-bed

      CJC 1295 (w/o DAC) 100mcg x3 morning, noon and pre-bed

      SAM-e (For the DNA methylation and cell proliferation on the ephisyeal plates)

      MSM & chondroitin (DNA methylation again ^^)

      Huperzine A (somatostatin inhibitor)

      Generate and IGH1 – LG Sciences (mild pi3k activator only use 1 bottle of each they max out after 1 bottle you wont gain anything after 1 bottle of each)

      Niacin 500mg – pre bed

      Melatonin 3mg – pre bed

    2. Steve

      no no…mk-677 is a GHRP bro not a ghrh,ghrp-2 would be a waste if your already using mk-677…just use huperzine a and mk-677 and add cjc 1295 with dac if you want instead…

  13. Takura


    I recently purchased MK 677. I regularly go to the gym and and have always struggle in gaining weight. I know MK 677 can help me with that .. but the reason I bought it is to increase height. So my question is that can I still go to the gym 7 times per week and expect the height increase or does the extra gh get spent on increasing muscle. I want to gain height instead of muscle so….I don’t mind doing cardio every day instead if it would help the mk 677 grow taller.

    Mk677 has been used on growth deficient children and it has been seen as applicable short term. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11452249

    Help please. Would 8 weeks be enough or would I have to get in long term? Also I have seen mixed details about its effectiveness over prolonged use … like some say the 24h level IGF decreases, while some say it remains the same as you first started it.

    Would appreciate your answer on this,


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