Ibutamoren Does Allow You To Grow Taller

It is very rare that something comes from another source or website written in the english language which actually teaches up something because we have always thought we sort of knew 99% of all of the relevant information and studies that are released on the subject of height increase. This is something that we were only made aware just a couple of hours ago.

It seems that a very small blogspot post (http://authenticheightresearch.blogspot.com.co/) has linked to our website, and in that article, the writer mentions a compound which I have not heard before. Ibutamoren. Whoever wrote these 2 posts clearly did their research, and used some of the information that we have discovered and gathered, since they obviously have read our news on Teplyashin’s research and the effects of Relaxin.

In their post on how it might be possible for people with open growth plates to easily grow taller, they basically propose orally ingesting a dozen compounds which all have effects which stimulate the levels of IGF-1 and HGH in the subject’s system. Plus, they cite all of the studies that are backing up the claims.

  • L-Dopa (500 mg) – Increases GH levels by 1000% temporarily
  • GABA (5 grams) – increases GH levels by 525% temporarily
  • GABA (3 grams) – increases GH levels by 400% temporarily
  • Glutamine (2 grams) – increases GH levels by 400% temporarily
  • Arginine (9 grams) – increases GH levels by 220% temporarily
  • Ibutamoren (25 mg) – Taken daily for 2 weeks increases 24-hour Growth Hormone levels by 97%.
  • Ibutamoren (25 mg) – taken daily for 2 months increases IGF-1 levels by 40%
  • Ibutamoren (25 mg) – taken daily for 1 year increases IGF-1 levels by 20% on average
  • Creatine (20 grams ) – increases GH levels by 83% temporarily
  • Casein (36 grams) – taken daily for a week will cause IGF-1 to increase by 15%.
  • Milk (3 glasses a day) – increases IGF-1 levels by 10% and increases milk’s bioavailability.

So how much to take, and for how long?

The poster recommends taking 25 mg of Ibutamoren for 3 months, and this is to gain 1 full inch of height. 

(WARNING: This is all the poster’s research!!) – Supposedly it takes about 126 IU of GH Injections in HGH therapy to help the still growing kid get 1 inch of height. This is over a 3 month time. He/she/the poster then divided that 126 IU by 90 days to say that there is supposedly about 1.4 IU that is used by the patient’s system each day. Apparently, adolescents used around 700 micrograms of GH that is naturally produced in their bodies each day. That 700 micrograms converts to 2.1 IU. You combine the 2.1 IU that is used up by the child and the 1.4 IU that is created by Ibutamoren.

The poster cites this study “Effects of an Oral Ghrelin Mimetic on Body Composition and Clinical Outcomes in Healthy Older Adults: A Randomized, Controlled Trial” as saying that taking Ibutamoren repeated does not decrease its effects.

Our Thoughts: A lot of theses studies that show that taking something like Ibutamoren increasing height and having a noticeable effect on the levels of IGF-1 and GH are always done on lab rats/mice. The person who wrote this post did not read through the articles they cited in their entirety.

We always err on the side of caution and say that this person’s claims on the ability of Ibutamoren should be downplayed, although we can say that it is possible that it could work. When you actually look at the effect of Ibutamoren being taken from the 2 week range, the 2 month range, and the 1 year range, clearly you see that the ability of the chemical compound to keep the IGF-1 levels elevated drops, due the human body’s own tendency to reach some level of homeostasis. You go from 97% elevation, to 40%, to 20% by the time the time range for the experiment is pushed to 1 year.

If you talk to any bodybuilder who has used steroids they would just say “DUH” since any foreign compound will have its effect diminished over time by the body. That is why bodybuilders have this idea of “cycling”. You take the GH level stimulating drugs in a cycle, intermittently.

I haven’t personally done any level of research on Ibutamoren but a quick Wikipedia article on it says that it is a GH secretagogue (analog of GH-releasing peptide (MK-677)). It also promotes the ghrelin receptor. What is sort of surprising for me when reading the Wikipedia article on it is that it can raise by the IGF-1 and the GH levels without also raising the cortisol levels as well.

Here is what we can say for sure. If we can show that the effects of Ibutamoren decreases at a much slower rate than say Glutamine, GABA, and L-Dopa, which all can raise the GH levels in the body to a much greater degree, then we can say that “it’s effects doesn’t decrease with repeated usage”.

We DO NOT recommend trying to use this compound for the kid who is just starting puberty. However, we do recommend using this chemical compound for the 14-16 female girl who has sort of stopped growing taller, as well as the 16-18 year old boy. This type of compound is used as a last resort, when the teenager realizes that their growth plates are just about to close, and they are trying to push that last inch of growth out.

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