LSJL Update 1-3-2017

Here’s the last LSJL update.

Here’s the latest feet images


One effect that clamping my right foot has had is that my right quad is a lot bigger than my left quad now.  I left weights as muscle should help with LSJL as muscle can contract to stimulate bone and generate hydrostatic pressure.  Differences in feet size change weight distribution.  So now I’m going to clamp my left foot and not my right foot to try to get it to catch up.  If I can bridge the gap between the two that’ll be strong proof of LSJL.

Here’s a picture from another angle that shows the size difference better:


The right calcaneus is also bigger so if I get some left foot growth I’ll gain some small but significant amount of height.

I may have gained some arm length but it’s within measurement error.

I don’t think clamping the toes is what’s helping.  I think it’s the clamping of the feet itself.  I am doing hand clamping as well.  I am clamping individual fingers and pretty much the whole hand is growing and not the specific fingers.  I have x-rays showing that my left hand fingers were longer except for the metacarpal.  So if I can’t get my left foot to catch up that’ll be another option to prove LSJL.  If my right hand keeps growing significantly I can get x-rays.

We’ll see how things go with my left foot.  It seemed I was almost ready to go up a shoe size with my right foot but with the muscle imbalance I’ll have to go with my left and get them to equalize.

11 thoughts on “LSJL Update 1-3-2017

  1. Brad

    I can’t see much of a size difference; do I need to book an eye test or are the results supposed to be minimal?


  2. Brad

    In regard to the latest pic comparing the left and right foot: I can definitely see a difference between them, but if that difference were to be converted to leg growth, surely one would not notice a huge difference. But great work nevertheless, I always look forward to your posts (both you and Michael)


    1. Tyler Post author

      Well any small change can be used to present to get more resources to apply to get bigger changes. And remember the difference between 6 feet tall and 5’9″ is only 4%.

  3. Patrik

    Hello Tyler and Michael, I was wondering if you have any bonegrowing knowledge or wisdom regarding how one would be able to grow ones cheekbones in a way to make them more pronounced with LSJL? I have been trying to find others who have experimented with LSJL to achieve this, but the only record of someone doing this is from back in 2013 but other than that it seems like a very esoteric thing, even more so than LSJL for limb lengthening. Though it does seem to me like it could be a worthwhile endeavor for many, since the prominence of one’s cheekbones is considered a beauty trait across almost all cultures, in both males and females. Also, the amount one would need to alter ones cheekbones in order for there to be a noticable difference is also relatively minor, perhaps as little as a millimeter on each side.

    What’s your thoughts on this? Do you think it could be done with bonegrowing techniques such as LSJL, and if so, how?

    Thank you in advance.


  4. Desperate

    Hey there, Tyler. I am not sure if you were also the one who posted about the GT4I free ebook, I have been searching everywhere for it but I couldn’t find it. I do realize that you have taken that ebook down on this site, I was wondering if you still have a copy of the ebook and if you could send it, would you please send it to me. I would appreciate a reply from you. Have a nice day!

  5. Zheng Yi

    Hi Tyler and Michael, so I have been doing lsjl for weeks, and my ankles started to be able to pop by extending my feet ,like people pop their fingers. Now I wonder if that’s a sign of anything? Also, I have another question, is there any chance that lsjl can increase the risks of getting cancer?

  6. James

    Hey have you ever considered stomping your feet to make them bigger? What about doing the leg press barefoot or barefoot running? How about pressing your hands against a wall to make them bigger or smashing them against the floor? What do you think is the best method for bigger hands and feet?

    1. Tyler Post author

      Impact doesn’t drive as much fluid flow as lateral loading does. You’d actually have to create fractures in your hands and feet. Maybe “micro” fractures is enough.

      The best method for hands and feet is deformative loading which is usually lateral such as to drive fluid flow in the bone unless the impact loading is sufficient to induce fracture.


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