LSJL Update 12-7-2016

Here’s the last LSJL update.

The growth seems pretty solid from last update:



1 month earlier:


So increasing the intensity and duration of clamping on the right foot seems to have worked.  I’ll keep trying to see if can get more growth.  I may have some growth in my right hand from clamping there but I’ll wait to see if the growth is more significant as I can always get x-rays there.

I’ll also try to get growth in the longer limbs but once I can prove growth in smaller limbs I can get more resources to use for the longer ones.  It does seem like the foot itself is growing more than the toes so maybe it’s easier to grow those bone shapes even though there’s a lot of the same obstacles for longitudinal bone growth for “short” bones there could be differences we don’t know about.  these bones are also surrounded by different tissues than long bones which could make a difference.

So I’ll try the same intensity/density of clamping on the foot and see if I can grow on the hands and other limbs and increase clamping intensity on those areas.

18 thoughts on “LSJL Update 12-7-2016

  1. replypls

    Correct me if I’m wrong Tyler, but wouldn’t it make sense to do lsjl at night so when you sleep hgh is pumped to the artificial growth plates you make with lsjl?


  2. David


    Steve what your contact? I wanna have a chat with you about oral peptides. Do you have a Reddit username or an email I can message you at?

      1. Steve

        For the third time bro, how much did you exactly grow in height with lsjl?, I have heard you say 1.5 inches but I want to know exactly? Also do you think Injecting igf-2 peptide subcutaneously will work? I can easily buy legit igf-2 peptide online.


        1. Tyler Post author

          I wanna see how much I can grow with the new clamp I bought before answering.

          I can never see whether injecting something will work for sure. Also, I can’t vouch for whether it’s safe or not or whether it’ll be accepted by the body. And I’d try to match this study as much as possible “Lengthening of mouse hind limbs with local administration of insulin-like growth factor 2.”

          1. Steve

            I wish you the best of luck,

            Well the IGF-2 protein i’m looking at is made using Recombinant DNA,so it is definitely biologically active,and local administration near the long bones can be achieved.

          2. Tyler Post author

            If you decide to test local administration of IGF-2, you may want to try CNP as well as it is also a promising supplement. Again though there’s way to guarantee safety!

  3. thankssoooooomuch

    Thanks for the reply Tyler, but it would be heartbreaking if one were to spend a year actively doing LSJL then took a break for a month and lost all his gains. From your experience has it been permanent?

    thanks for replying mate.

  4. Steve

    Tyler,the thing is CNP peptide cannot be purchased easily,while Recombinant IGF-2 can easily be bought online and it is not that expensive.

      1. Steve

        If I do decide to try igf-2 I will document this,however I don’t think I will run igf-2 in the near future,i might do an igf-1 cycle soon though.

        A 20 day vial of igf-2 can be bought from a dynamic biotechnology company called “” for $69.99 Canadian dollars,i have tried other products from them and can say they were very legit.

        Please note I’m not promoting this company nor am I affiliated with them in anyway,just recommending them.

      2. Steve

        Tyler man you should take one for the team and run igf-2 for a couple months,since after all you are one of the site admins and have much more knowledge than I do in this field,and since you have had success with lsjl I think this will be taking things to the next level.

        There are absolutely no guarantees this could work but it’s worth a shot.

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