Short And Male, Leg Lengthening

I have been scouring through the old forums on the other sites and decided that I should repost some very unique articles and post in a more organized, available format. Some of the links may be old or dead.

What these posts will offer is a way to see that even though there might not be a natural way to grow taller, if one has the strong enough will and desire they still can using none natural ways. I have always had the attitude that one should have all of the options available. If one has what I would call an obsessive passion, then one is willing to do anything, even illegal and immoral, to be able to get what one wants. The individual drive and desire to get what one truly goes crazy over is strong enough to do near anything.

However, What one will notice as one gets older is that the dreams and desires of one’s younger self disappeared to be replaced with less intensive desires. The rough edges are smoothed over the fire that might have once burned greatly inside oneself is replaced with general acceptance. So if you decide to wait too long in life to get this area of your life changed, you probably won’t if enough time passes. Life moves fast and you are expected by everyone to move on and push forward.

In this short video I found, a young man named Akash Shukla goes under the knife to do Limb Lengthening Surgery at the Institute For Limb Lengthening And Complex Reconstruction at Weill Cornell Medical College located at New York City. If you wanted to learn more about him, his surgery, his story, and maybe also help him by buying his book , go to his website by clicking HERE.

Note: I do not know Akash personally in any way or have ever contacted him. I just happened to find his video on youtube while doing limb lengthening research and was moved at his story. I do not get any money or incentives for endorsing or promoting his book or any other material. Again, this is out of my heart. 

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