How To Become Smarter By Using Provigil And Piracetam

Note: Only choose to read this article if you have any desire to become smarter. This article will not have any information on how you can become taller.

So I wanted to first come out and say that I am sick, very sick. I have noticed that my glands on the side of my neck was swollen and even in pain for the last 4 days and I knew before even the sickness hit that my immune system was down for a long time.  My symptoms include runny nose, dry coughing, dizziness, strange aches in parts of my body, every other classical symptom of illness there is.

So I will only write 1 blog post today.

I also plan to go take a break for tomorrow because usually this type of illness I have (pneumonia) lasts quite a few days. I know I am not invincible and I have to protect this body of mine from shutting down. I feel that I still have so much more to give to this world before this body collapses.

So what is the topic for today??

Well to do something rather completely different than just talking about height, I wanted to talk about intelligence today. My mother once told that a man is measured in only two primary ways

1. How tall he is

2. How intelligent he is

I think her message has really stuck within me for my entire life. All of my younger life all I ever wanted to be was smarter and more intelligent all of my friends and classmates. When that didn’t work out so well and I had to go to a state school to get my engineering degree, I kind of gave up on that idea. So I decided to switch and see if I could be the tallest among my peers and friends. I know, I only judge myself in two 2 ways, by my intelligence and my height. It does feel like my entire sense of confidence, self, and identity is directly connected to these two qualities.

When I was back in school, I also did an INSANE amount of research on how to become smarter, not just hot to become taller. So far, I have found a few tricks and hack one can do to increase one’s brain to operate at its optimum state.

So this article is basically for all of you out there who is interested also in making yourselves smarter. And you know what? There is apparently a “magic bullet” for this. In one of my most recent posts, I have stated that there is no magic bullet to make you taller. And that is apparently true, at least for quite a while.

However, to become smarter there is a magic bullet, at least as good it gets. I am talking about cognitive enhancement pills. The two pills I want to focus on is Provigil and Piracetam.

1. Provigil

Provigil is the advertised name of modafinil which is FDA approved. It is mainly prescribed for the conditions of narcolepsy, sleep disorders, ADHD, and sleep apnea however the biohackers out there have figured out that the supplement is a very good cognitive enhancement. The effects of the drug is that it makes your brain remove the fog and your thinking becomes far clearer. It is supposed to be able to increase your IQ by 15 points (almost an entire standard deviation) Apparently the side effects have not been found or noticed yet. It seems to be perfectly safe.

To obtain Provigil, you have to get a prescription from your doctor claiming (I don’t endorse the idea that you should lie to your doctor just to become smarter) that you suffer from Sleep Problems. Then you go to your local pharmacy. For more information about how to obtain Provigil, click HERE.

This is the wikipedia article about modafinil/provigil HERE

1. Piracetam

Piracetam is another “smart drug” which will help you think clearer and better. It works similar to Provigil.  If you ever saw the movie “Limitless” here the main character becomes like 100 times smarter after taking this fictional drug NZT. Well, Piracetam and Provigil is basically the real life version of NZT, only without the extreme exaggeration that Hollywood movies place on it. 

Apparently Piracetam is obtainable without a prescription. You can even go to Amazon and order it. The link available is HERE. So you pay $20 for a bottle of 60 tablets of 800 mg of piracetam. Or you can go to I don’t do affiliate marketing (yet) so I am not getting paid for endorsing these products.

This is the wikipedia article about piracetam HERE


On a related note, I recently contacted Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Executive through his twitter account and asked whether I could interview him and he said yes. I saw him on an ABC special on the use of “smart pills” . For his CNN interview about his Provigil Usage click HERE. For his ABC appearance , click HERE.

Apparently Dave has no idea who the hell I am (yet) and doesn’t know what the projects I am working on are. Apparently his hobbies and projects are very similar to mine. His Bulletproof Executive blog/website is to help the reader learn how to hack his body and mind to reach it’s optimum performance. It is sort of like Tim Ferris’s Book the 4 Hour Body (which I bought and read)

If you go to Asprey’s website and watch his video, you would see that he has done some of the same stuff that I intend to do. His experiences with Ayahuasca is on my bucket list. I first found out about Ayahuasca (and Chacruna) about 3 years ago from a seminar. He has done meditation with monks in Tibet which I have wanted to do.

If I ever do manage to interview him, I would like to record the interview in mp3 format and post it on this blog here. It is really worth listening to. I mean, our body is more than just our height. I want to hack my body in more ways than just making it be taller.

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