What Will You Do Once You Achieve Your Dream Height?

After that last post, I felt it was appropriate to ask you the reader one important question which will help keep everything in perspective for you.

Question: What will you do once you achieve your dream height?

I know there is no magic bullet right now, but let’s say there was. I had written in a previous post about the possible scenario where you did find that “magic bullet”. If you want to remind yourself or have not read it, click HERE so you will understand what I will talk about next.

So let’s say that you took the pill, and you grew that 6 or 8 inches you wanted. You (Assuming hypothetically you are a girl) went from your old height of 5’0″ to 5′ 8″. That was your dream height and you reached it in 2 months. You are finally content with your body and size. You can finally look at yourself naked in the mirror before you shower and smile and feel content in your heart and mind that you have achieved what you have wanted for so long. You are now even considered “tall”. You have a whole new wardrobe full of new pants and shirts, and all of your friends are in awe at your transformation. You are getting a lot more attention not just from your friends, but also the opposite sex who have suddenly become more interested in your as a romantic prospect when they had previously ignored you or only considered you as a friend without ever taking you seriously. Now you are a true contender, a full grown woman who they even dream about, and imagine have a serious long term relationship with.

So you have now the mental, emotional, and social validation that you really wanted from your size increase. You got want you wanted, completely and thoroughly, 100%. So the real question then becomes:

What will you do now? Will you finally be able to move on with your life and do something else Maybe go to school and get a higher degree? Choose another profession in another career and start completely anew?

My suggestion is this. Make that plan and goals today. Write down all of your long term goals right now and focus on those instead of looking for a solution to this problem. It won’t appear tomorrow, or the next week.

Be ready to move on with your life. Do something else with your life, like getting married, and starting a family. Having children is often the most life changing event we can go through as humans. Being a parents is a projects that will last throughout the rest of our lives. We never stop being parents, unless tragedy removes our children from this earth.

Other projects can be only small ones, like College which can last 4-5 years. Graduate school usually even up to Ph. D can only last 5-6 years. Even the route to being a brain surgeon is only about 16 years, 4 years of college, 4 years of medical schol, 2 years of residency, and 6 years of specialization. We can choose to focus on our careers but with our professional lives these days, with the way at how fast technology is changing these days, we will probably move from career to career at least 10 times before we finally (ever we ever do managed to) retire at the age of 65. It does seem like the central theme in our lives is change. We can stand still and wait for our desires and goals come to us, or we take that first step forward and start chasing after what we truly want in life.

3 thoughts on “What Will You Do Once You Achieve Your Dream Height?

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  3. Minnie

    Go to the store and buy some clothes that fit instead of having to seek “extra short” clothing. Start performing hip hop in clubs / public without having to use my height as a gimmick such as Lil Kim who is my height does. Be able to wear a flat bottom shoe like a ballet flat.


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