Venturing Into The World of Steroids, Stem Cells, DNA manipulation, And Bodybuilding

In my goal to learn everything I can about this area of study, I have decided that another major area of study I will have to get into is steroids and bodybuilding.

Years ago I was in a community of people who was at the cutting edge of a type of technology that the mainstream people would never realize was even possible. The type of experiments and testing they did was on human behavior and mind control for the intent of learning about confidence tricks and social engineering. Apparently they were far ahead of the curve in the field of psychology and security analysis in understanding how people behave and think. For the rest of the mainstream people, it took them at least 10 years before real articles in scientific journals was published validating the claims made by these guys who was already in the know and practicing the stuff almost a decade ago. This revealed to me that what I could possibly learn from textbooks and scientific journals was not enough, but that I have to take a proactiv eapproach in finding the most advanced material there is on the subject.

This is why I realized that to find out and learn more about what is possible, I have to again go to the front line of technology to learn about more the fringe stuff. I plan to join in with the people who are doing steroids, the people who does biohacking and run home grown biology labs, the people who does body building, and the people who are into stem cells research. I plan to read up on isoteric forms of yoga, qigong, taichi, ninjitsu, mysticism, meditation, and everything under the sun.

Wish me luck in my journey. If after my long journey of searching, I do manage to find the holy grail, some form of “magic bullet” solution to increase height, I will be sure to come back and reveal the secret to you the readers.

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