What I Want From You, The Reader…

I have to be clear about my intentions on why I choose to do this project.

There are multiple reasons on why I spend 5-6 hours of my day each day writing up to 5-6 articles. I have been interested in learning how to increase height for myself for many years now. It started really when I was 22 and that desire has come and gone.

I am now mostly content with my height but sometimes I do feel a slight twinge of envy when I see say another guy who is much taller than me. It makes me realize that I may never reach their great height. I fee like I will never be admired, liked, or respected like this other person who can command respect and awe just from standing there. I guess I could say that I am slightly above average in height and that should be enough for me. So why do I keep on writing this blog/writing?

Well, mainly because my main business is stalled for now. I started my own life coaching business and finding clients has been difficult. I have had 5 clients but most of them were unpaid. I moved to another country to test another market but it has been hard to break into the market. I am still trying to figure out how to do it. I gave myself half a year to test this other market in another ocuntry. If that doesn’t work out well, then I will go back and focus on my primary business.

In the back of my mind, I have always wanted to go back to school. The 3 areas I have only considered going into 1. Genetics, mainly so I can study auxology or the study of human growth and height so that I can maybe find a way through DNA manipulation to help others increase their size and maybe cure cancer. 2. Mechanical Engineering, I have always had a dream of designed and building the huge airplane engines and testing out fluid mechanics equations. 3. Neurosciene or psychology to learn more about the way the human brain works. I find the classes I sat in on like Cognitive Psychology or Social Psychology extremely fascinating.

I had studied engineering back in school ,and if I could go back I would probably choose either #1 or #2. I have already learned a lot about human psychology from my stint through learning hypnosis, NLP, ego defense mechanisms, and social engineering. However, I realize now that my desire to pursue a Ph. D in genetics is probably a pipe dream since there is so much course work and knowledge I would have to catch up to. I thought about doing physics but I realize I am not intelligence to be able to make through the course work at the Graduate Level. So if I go back to school, I would go into Mechanical Engineering. Of course that is just my long term goals.

For my real intentions for this blog, this will be my way and my outlet on my unfulfilled dream to be a geneticist or biomedical engineer who invents or discovers a way to help other people increase their height. I promise that I will slowly, add more and more to this website.

I have hoped that I can fuse my Life Coaching business with this website. I figured that I could probably offer some form of therapy or coaching for people who might be too obsessed about this subject. I know for a fact that people who become really dissatisfied with their height, which happens to be one of the most basic things which we have no real control with in our lives, can lead to great overall unhappiness in one’s life. If they let this one aspect of their life control their life, one day they can wake up and realized that they had spent the last 10 years chasing after an illusion. I can offer a system and program to help certain people add 1 inch to their height, and maybe in extreme cases 2 extra inches. I really do believe adding up to 2 inches (5 cms) to your height is possible through good stretching and testing the limits of human potential through a natural way. Beyond that, it is either some form of technique through a branch of either pseudoscience, eastern mysticism, or biotechnology like DNA manipulation or Stem Cells Implantation.

I do have a system which I created which can help people get over their issues with their size and find a better way to interpret their situation in their life and find something else to put their energy and focus on. It will definitely be cheaper than paying tens of thousands of dollars going to have one’s legs increased by a few centimeters. Please do consider me and my coaching company when you feel that your desire to increase your height may be ruining your life and destroying your ability to be happy and enjoy your life. I really can help you through your personal and mental issues and insecurities. I have spent over 3 years now learning about human psychology, self improvement, and personal development. I have experience with Eastern Philosophy, meditation, hypnosis, NLP and Cognitive Psychology. I understand since I went through it myself and came out of the other end (relatively) normal.

If you are just down or depressed and need someone to talk to, just give me an email by clicking the button at the upper right corner of this blog. I will be also there to give some free advice and an ear to listen to if you can’t pay or want to give the fees.

Eventually the number of new and fresh ideas for how to increase one’s height will be gone and many of my posts will just be repeats of old posts. I have seen this happen with other blogs which tries to go into this subject. There is a threshold which I know I will also hit one day and I will have covered say 100% of all the possible ways or idea that humans have come up on how to increase their height. That day may come 3-4 years from now, After I have written over 2000 articles and posts discussing every possible idea.

Here is an important question that I have asked myself:

“How much longer will I keep on writing and working on this project and blog until I give up and move one to something else?”


This project will be an on and off thing where I will try to write 4 entries these day, then move to 2 entires, then 1 entry a day, then 1 entry every other day, until finally I will write probably once a week. I promise that this project is something that has always been inside of me which has been trying to get out for the longest time, since I was at least 22. This project is the manifestation of over half a decade of personal research and analysis. I plan to continue to work on this project and update this resource for height increase at least once every week for at least 5 years. I want to write as much as possible until I cover everything that there is on this subject. I want to cover every aspect and endeavor of humans desire to be taller. I truly believe that this area of study can be completely covered by one person. I want to make this site and blog to be the greatest, most honest, completely clear resource on the internet for anyone who has ever desired to be taller and put the phrase” How to grow taller” into Google. I want people who research for a solution and technique to their height increase desires to found this site as the first link and resource that pops up when they search on the internet.

When I look at my fellow H.I.S like Tyler Christopher Davis who writes for his site Quest For Height, I can only say that the whole process he is doing seems to have no sight in end. There is no clear solution that he has found in the 4 years he has been writing his Quest For Height blog. Do I intend to reach the same state as him, only pushing out scientific journal entry articles which hint at the possibility of using their new found results into being implementing into height increase? No, If there comes a point when I really that the whole endeavor is hopeless and there is nothing we can do, I will write one final post and say my good byes.

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  4. Zach

    Hey, first off I just want to thank you for all the time you put into this. I think it’s awesome that you not only do this stuff to get taller for yourself but you share it with people like me who are still craving a couple inches. Thank you. In 18 and I would like to hit 6’3 it’s always been my goal. Standing st 6’1 right now. This might be Kind of greedy but I really want to hit it. Could you point me to a website that you think would benifit me in reaching my goal. And thanks again for your articles..


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