Theories And Ideas On How To Reopen The Fused Epiphyseal Growth Plates

One of the basic ideas that people have thought about on how to grow taller was to reopen the fused epiphyseal growth plates. We learned very early on that the growth plates get thinner and thinner until they disappear from endochondral ossification. The hyaline cartilage turns into bone and there is no elastic material to expand and lengthen the bone anymore. If we can figure out a way to recreate or reopen the growth plates, then we can start growing again.

The body will go through the process of cartilage to bone ossification naturally. There is no problem there. The problem is how to get the cartilage back. Here are a list of ideas that either I or other people have thought about on how to reinitiate the plates.

1. Create a small distraction in the long bones and place in an implantation of stem cells that can then differentiate into the chondrocytes needed to proliferate.

2. Create a small distraction in the long bones and place in an implant of chondrocytes

3. Create a small distraction in the long bones and place a piece of hyaline cartilage that the body is willing to accept

4. Create a small distraction in the long bones, add a fixator and use Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) to speed up the healing process.

5. Create a small distraction in the long bones, add a fixator and use Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to speed up the healing process.

6. Create a small distraction in the long bone and implant a mixture of chondrocytes and stem cells.

7. Inducing micro fractures and/or fractures and getting stem cells from the medullary cavity to reach the micro fractures and differentiate into chondrocytes.

8. Inducing micro fractures and/or fractures and implanting stem cells into the locations to differentiate into chondrocytes.

9. Inducing micro fractures and/or fractures and implanting chondrocytes in the fracture locations to proliferate.

I wanted to make a note to the reader that one can not medically reopen the epiphyseal growth plates per se since the growth plates have already transformed through ossification into bone. You can not reverse the process of going from cartilage to bone, at least not that I know of. What I meant by reopening the plates is how to we get the right materials back in the located of where the old growth plates used to be.

If you happened to think of some other way to get the right materials back in the right places again to reinitiate the lengthening of bone, please don’t hesitate to send me an email so I can edit and add to this list of theories and ideas. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Theories And Ideas On How To Reopen The Fused Epiphyseal Growth Plates

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  2. David

    Hey nice to meet you, I just got back from my endocrinologist appointment and I was so emotional that I thought my life was gonna end. I’m only 16, and I admire tall people and always wanted to be tall. I’ve always been told I’d make a good leader, but I know the only thing preventing me is my height. Height has been a major factor in humanity’s evolution. We look up to taller people no matter what. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln ect. If you can help me in any way I’d really appreciate it. This may be my only hope. As a 16 year old I understand there is much more I have to face in the real world such as education ect. But ones physical appearance plays a major role in ones happiness, especially when I comes down to social and sexual regards. A reply would be great. Please don’t be like my parents saying its gonna be OK, they would tell me that 2 years ago when I toldem that I’d be short! And that’s what happened! What ever bad thing I felt or thought would happen, it happened! I’ve been crying since i came out of the doctors office knowing I won’t grow any taller than 5’7 1/2. If you can help me in any way, then this young teenagers holy blessings are with you. Sorry if I’m a little emotional.

    1. Taha

      Look as far as i know, if you want to grow tall the basic things are:
      1) Lots of cardio exercises (look up something called “sprint 8”)
      2) Stretch in the morning(particularly the spine cause it’s been under decompression all night so you might be able to stretch the cartilage
      3) Get plenty of protein
      4) Swim. Swimming is considered a brilliant exercise for those wishing to grow tall
      5) AVOID GETTING DEPRESSED/STRESSED OUT. They have constantly been proven to be bad for your height.
      6)Get at least 8 hours of sleep (Growth hormones are released during sleep, your spine is decompressed since you’re lying down)
      7) Drink 8 glasses of water( alarge pat of the human body is water,etc.)
      8)Try not to let your muscels become too “tough/strong”, that puts pressure on your bones and is also bad for growth.
      9) Avoid caffeine, especially 6-7 hours before bed.
      I’m no expert and i’ll admit, most of these are just a few tips i got from Lance Ward(GTG), but I think it’s worth giving a try.
      And remember, if you want to grow tall you’re gonna have to work really hard! Don’t let a single day get wasted

    2. Mardina

      How shallow….
      Anyway, if it turns out to be genetic and you truly don’t grow anymore than 5’7, what are you going to do with yourself? We don’t always get what we want in life. Your statement of “my life was gonna end” irks me. If you’re truly a good leader material, I am 100% sure no one will care about your height. If you’re an aspiring model or sportsman, it will be a different story (and sportsman also have to rely on skills and talent, not just height. FYI, soccer players aren’t all tall, and models got to have a unique, sellable look plus being tall). Your parents were right that you shouldn’t be preoccupied with outside physical looks only. That way, you’ll NEVER be happy.
      Lets say you got your wish, but then there’s someone else close in your circle, maybe a pal or work colleague, or boss or relative, who’s regarded higher socially and sexually (maybe he’s smarter, richer, more leader material, taller than you after you got taller, more alpha male, etc)… Then, what are you going to be dissatisfied with next?

      I am all for those who work hard to get what they want (including extra paltry increase in height). But the way you said it is just like: if you don’t get what you want, you are unable to do anything worthwhile in the world. Its like a selfish baby throwing tantrum.

      Since you’re 19 now…
      You can try limb lengthening surgery and gain 11cm. But if the surgery fails…

  3. Smoking Man

    My understanding is the technique from the movie Gattica actually works, if you have $100K and are willing to be in leg braces for however long the process takes. Basically, they put your legs in braces, then break them and slowly pull the leg bones apart as they heal using a screw in each brace that’s only turned a small fraction per week or such.


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