Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Multivitamins And Supplements, Or Not

Let me state first that I have had a rather long day and I am tired so my writing may be more sharp than usual. I wanted to talk about the idea of using multivitamins, supplements, herbal extracts, special concoctions, protein compounds, steroids, growth hormones, and all the rest of those stuff to make you taller.

Let me explain something very clearly. Once you past puberty and your growth plates have ossified and fused with the bones, there is no oral intake compound or supplement that can make you taller. Let me list all of the hypothetical ideas or oral intake stuff that are claimed to allow you to grow taller on the internet.

1. Herbal Extract Formulas or supplement

2. Protein Formulas contained a mixture of Arginine, Orthonine, Glutamine, Lysine, etc.

3. Steroids like cortisol, any compound ending with a “anabol”, or “one”

4. Growth Hormones – like Genotropin, Somatopin, Humatrope,

5. Multivitamins , whether organic, all natural, 100% naturall, supplements, no side effects, and anything similar

6. Strange, Mythical, Magical, Ancient Buddhist Esoteric Shangri-la derived potions

7. Calcium & Vitamin D

8. Glucosamine & Chondroitin

9. Prescription or Non-Prescription Drug

10. Internet scam and quackery claims

None of them will work, at least not at the level you desired. If you ever see a claim or product on the internet that says that it will help you increase by 3-4 inches in 3-6 months, turn around and run as fast away as possible. I have personally looked at over dozens of these types of product and not one has any potential or real scientific data backing up their claims.

Let me tell you what could possibly have maybe a 0.1%-1% chance of working (but that only means 1 inch of extra height or less), if you took it because there has been some scientific research studies which did show some effects. The two that seem to work for a very small minority of test subjects were certain types of steroids and growth hormones. However, the amount one would need to take to see maybe just 0.25 of an inch increase would be at a level that would definitely be unhealthy for the person taking the drug. I do want to remind the person who decides at this point to go to their local GNC or online black market pharmacy to buy steroids or growth hormones that these types of “drugs” are very dangerous and expensive. Most bodybuilders who get asked the question by young teens who are still growing where they can get HGH or steroids to grow taller get very angry at them for even thinking of such a thing. I still don’t know enough about the effects of many steroids to be able to give that same type of judgement. However , I do agree with them that one should not consider such a path which can possibly ruining one’s endocrine or hormonal system so early in life and also suffer through the consequences later.

Note: It is very important to remember that if you are still young enough and still growing, most of the top message does not apply to you. Some of the supplements can possibly work, most specifically the growth hormone therapy where you get injections throughout a long range of time. However, even that therapy is very time consuming and expensive, and often allows one to only gain another 2-3 inches. If you don’t want to take that path, focus on getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Do a complete blood analysis check to see if you might be deficient in any vitamins or minerals. Vitamin A and Vitamin D are often the most cited vitamins Americans seem to be really low on.

One of my ideas and points of the website is to show that for certain types of people, they still grew even after their long bones closed, but they did it through another path, maybe from increasing the cartilage in their joint and then the outer edge cartilage ossifying which could cause added height. The best example are people who had suffered gigantism when they were young and still had their growth plates open. When their plates closed and they were in their late 20s, the gigantism turned into acromegaly but that condition meant they still kept growing, even thought they are not supposed to.

There are currently places on the internet where legitimate research is being done to see whether there are such a compound that could do what the scams claims. So far, there is no “magic potion” .


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