Thank You Tyler Christopher Davis aka Minigolf Of HeightQuest.Com

I have only been on this crazy little project of mine for only a little over 5 weeks now but after searching the entire internet, at least the ones that are written in English, your website is quite possibly the one true resources that is still going strong and active. All the other resources have slowed or died down in activity and being able to produce and find true and great content.

When I look at the boards on say Giant Scientific, or The Impartial Height Message Board, or HeightForum, or MakeMeTaller, I can see that all of the discussions and possible normal and common questions and answers have all already been answered, at least a dozen times over. I mean, how many times can I keep seeing and reading the same type of message…”I am a 19 year old boy who is 5’5″ and want to grow taller. What can I do? Can I still increase in height?” – This is the average post and we all already know the answer, and what to say. Most often however, we say something kind and PC, so as not to hurt the person too much or destroy their hopes. I never want to be that kind of person who goes around destroying the dreams and hopes of others.

Your dedication in your “quest” is something I admire and I wanted to thank. Without some of the articles and ideas you have found and written about , I would have never know that certain ideas for height increase even existed. You can definitely opened my eyes to what is truly possible. One of the earliest posts I ever wrote about was all of the current options that were available at this time. I found an article written by Sam Snyder on his blog talking about your site and all of the ideas you have found located HERE.

I am amazed at what the list showed. When I first saw the list, I was quite confused and unknowledgeable about many of the techniques and method listed like “Using ultrasound, shock wave therapy, and electrical/electromagnetic stimulation to enhance bone formation” or “Injecting mesenchymal stem cells to influence differentiation of bone and muscle cells”. It took me a while to do some mor research and definitely some reading of scientific journal articles to understand where Sam or you were coming from. Now I understand.

I remember maybe 3 or 4 years ago finding your website when I was randomly googling for random stuff. I still remember your website and I thought the title “Quest For Height” was clever, and that you might have a unhealthy obsession towards such a goal which I didn’t think was achievable, at least at that time.┬áNow I know. Now I can kind of see what you see.

Tyler, I know one day you will have to give up on this endeavor. I don’t expect you to keep on doing this for another 10, 20 years. You may move on but the ideas an methods you proposed will be around for someone else to take up and run with. Thank you for being one of the only resources available that I could actually look to to get a truly realistic and scientific approach to this problem. You started your website on this idea and I will continue the endeavor until someone else can come along with the same type of passion, commitment, and persistence to keep searching and learning.

I don’t expect to keep on doing this for the rest of my life, but I will try to keep on writing insightful, detailed, and useful articles as much as I can. I am afraid already that one day I will run out of useful stuff to say. One day I may not find or have another good subject to talk about, because everything that can be said has already been said.

This niche of height increase is not big, unlike weight loss. With weight loss, there seems to be a new diet or fad idea every few years. There are nearly millions, if not hundreds of millions of people who are already writing about their weight lose program or schedule on their own personal blogs, but those probably only gets read by themselves, and 3 close friends. What we write about is soooooo much harder to do, so much more difficult to find a solution for.

You are at least 3-4 years ahead of me on knowledge on what is going on in the scientific community. I still have at least another 100 ideas, methods, and product to look through and review at least. That will last me at least a few years. It seems like every day I hear about a new product or method being mentioned. But I will get to it. I will one day be able to review every crazy idea on height increase on the internet, and maybe in the world. I know, I sound like Sergey and Larry when back in 1996 in their Stanford dormrooms and believed that they could collect all of the data and information from the world wide web and organize them all in a orderly way. I think this niche is small enough that only 1 person (maybe 2 people) can do all of the work. I can’t imagine the whole subject area being more than say 1000 posts. I just past 180 posts after 5 and a half weeks. If I keep on going at this rate, I should be able to cover all of this topic in less than 2 years, even if the rate at which I produce articles and posts decrease by 50%. Like I stated before on a previous post, I want this site to be the first place people find on their google rankings when they type in something like “how to grow taller”. I want the people to be informed, and wise on what is possible.


3 thoughts on “Thank You Tyler Christopher Davis aka Minigolf Of HeightQuest.Com

  1. Sky

    Hello, I am a chinese in Malaysia.

    I am 22. My height is 165 cm (5.41339 feet) and my weight in range of 45- 50 kg (100 – 110 pound )

    My enquiry is, I am a very skinny guy, since I was a kid, and because of my broken family which is very poor, I did not grow as normal kids,

    and that results now my body shape is very small, and the root reason is, my skeleton and all the bones did not have proper growth.

    And my country do not have any technology or medicines that can help me.

    I am very desperated and I am just like a kid. I believe, this will haunt for me the rest of my life ,although I am a very intelligent university student now.

    And I don’t know how long can I hold this…Can I get any help?

    Actually I visited an endocrinologist in my places, and I just know bones won’t grow after puberty, and my bones are just too small that I would find ways to end my life… can i seek help from you?

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