Old Posts, New Posts, And Un-Related Posts Appearing Everywhere

You will not see any new posts on the front page but if you search through the older pages you will notice that many new posts are appearing. I have a lot of old posts I want to rewrite and edit.

I will not intend to add anything new on the front page for 2 weeks because there is so many articles and posts I wanted to add and edit in the backend.

There are over 40 posts that I will release over the next 2 weeks that are all Mind Hack and Body Hack related that I have not done since I wanted to keep the aim and purpose of this site always on height increase. However, I feel now is the right time to release many of the old posts that I have not been able to get to.

The website is currently being reorganized again.  If you stay with the site and look at the new posts, you still might find them interesting since some of the posts are very applicable towards real life situations.


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