Useless Sites

This is just going to be a subsection where a bunch of websites and webpages that is not scams and so sleazy enough to be in the scams section end up. Most of the sites have information that is really lacking of any content and don’t go into detail or depth in explaining stuff.

This webpage will be edited and added upon over time.

  • – Appears to be a dead blog which is filled with useless incomprehensible, no content posts, Google Adsense ads, affiliate links on all corners, and promoting and selling the “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” product/program.  Enough said.
  • – a useless webpage with links and ads. nothing of value is remotely on it.
  • – is a very small blog webpage with 3 short posts and nothing else except some affiliate links for lift shoes. dont think it is selling any scam products.
  • – a 1 page blog with one blog post of useless information with links going to prescriptions of non-height related drugs.
  • – this link to a forum or board has a dead link.
  • – was an old sight for an Ayurvedic Doctor Bagga which doesn’t seem to have any effects.
  • – nothing here
  • – dead link
  • – HowCast is NOT a scam site. The reason it is here is because the information that they provide on the webpage is unhelpful and not very useful.
  • – this is a dead link url
  • – has weak content and information
  • – a webpage full of pictures of female models and have no content or information related to height increase. useless.
  • – one page sales page that writes a low content article and tries to sell some height growing pill/supplement.
  • – Wiki How is NOT a scam site. They are a legitimate site which provide good content. The information and content provided by this website was unhelpful.

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