Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Rolfing

Something I did not ever consider as a technique to increase height was the using of rolfing. I didn’t even know what rolfing was until a few weeks ago when I read a post off of HeightQuest and I was exposed to the practice. I am definitely not qualified enough to give any form of quality or informative advice on this technique.

I had to do a lot of research on the internet to see what other people have said about using rolfing to increase height. Overall, the practice of rolfing is similar to a combination of deep tissue massage and chiropractorship. I found a section of GiantScientific.Com about the possible use of rolfing to increase height which I posted below here…

What is Rolfing? How does it lead to height increase?

Rolfing is a kind of deep massage and “movement education” developed by Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979), a biochemist and therapist. Dr. Rolf claimed she found a correlation between muscular tensions and pent up emotions. Rolfing is the name given to Dr. Rolf’s method of massage, which transcends chiropractic in that it is based on the notion that emotional as well as physical health depends upon being properly aligned. Alignment must be of much more than just the spine. To be healthy, according to Rolfers, you must align your head, ankles, hips, thorax, pelvis, knees, shoulders, ears, etc., in just the right way or else the evils of gravity will be felt. By being properly aligned, gravity enhances personal energy leading to a healthy body and emotional state.

In short, Rolfing enables one to have all the body parts in perfect alignment with earth gravity in such a way that the effect of gravity to your body is minimized. When gravity effect is minimized on spine and other parts, they are less compressed and able to stand up taller and lead to overall height increase.

How is Rolfing done?

The deep massage techniques employed in Rolfing structural integration seek to loosen and relax the fascia the membranes that surround the muscles. Rolfing practitioners believe that the fascia toughen and thicken over time, subtly contorting the body and throwing it out of healthy alignment.

To break up knots in the fascia and “reset” the muscles, Rolfing practitioners apply slow, sliding pressure with their knuckles, thumbs, fingers, elbows, and knees. The treatments are not mild and relaxing indeed, they can cause a degree of pain. However, practitioners view this temporary discomfort as a sign that the treatment is achieving the changes necessary to bring the body back into proper alignment.

Before beginning the treatments, your therapist will take a full medical and personal history, and evaluate your posture and body structure for signs of tension and misalignment. The treatments themselves are performed while you lie or sit on a massage table or floor mat. You’ll probably be asked to synchronize your breathing with the therapist’s manipulations. You may also be required to move your arms and legs in certain ways.

During each session, the Rolfing practitioner will concentrate on a different set of muscles, starting with those nearest the surface and moving on to those deep within the body. To maximize the benefits of treatment, the therapist may also teach you self-help exercises known as “movement integration.”

While the treatments have no lasting side effects, they sometimes prove painful. They are also said to occasionally release suppressed memories of severe emotional anguish.

From Tyler’s HeightQuest.Com article found HERE
“”….Rolfing is a form of deep tissue massage.  Deep tissue massage targets your connective tissue of which articular cartilage is a part of.  We know that dynamic loading of articular cartilage enhances gene expression of anabolic activities for cartilage and chondrocytes.  Deep tissue massage is dynamic loading of articular cartilage.  If your growth plates are still open, deep tissue massage may enhance chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation in your growth plate resulting in increased height.  If you have no active chondrocytes then dynamic loading(deep tissue massage) may give you some height in your cartilage.  If you do re-activate chondrocyte proliferation with a mechanism like lateral synovial joint loading then deep tissue massage will have the same effect on enhancing chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation.”
Me: From this other blog found HERE, this women writes about the ability to use rolfing to gain extra height, but she lost is after years of bad practices. 

Usually at least a week needs to pass between sessions, but these people were being trained. Robin was my trainee. I found this entry in my journal, dated August 1, 1984:

The Rolfing is finished! I am really amazed at the difference in my body in the five weeks since Robin and I began the process of becoming Rolfer and Rolfee. See the next page [two pictures of me in my underwear which I am not going to show you!]: it’s not as obvious in these two series that the length I have gained is mainly in my torso, but you can see it if you study the elbow placement and the smoother lines in the right-hand torso. My head is also back rather than forward as it was before. So I am pleased I am now 5’5″ tall, which is taller than I’ve ever been. I feel much more integrated in my body now, and the Rolfing should continue to change my body for another seven months.

I also found some other earlier entries where I complained mightily about the pain. It does hurt, and the Rolfer uses her elbow, hard pressure, and her fingers to shape the fascia underneath the skin. I found a link to a woman’s page who went through it to help her overcome past injuries. I gained almost two inches in height at the age of 43, and I kept it for several years.As the years wear on, the effects of gravity begin to pull you back down. (I’m back to 5’3″.) I went through two series of five to gain back the height, and a couple of sessions of three. Although it’s been at least five years since I had any Rolfing at all, I learned so much about how to move around from my core. Sometimes on the street I’ll see somebody and unconsciously think how much Rolfing could improve them. Almost every city has some Rolfers, if you decide to give it a try and spend a fair amount of money!

From a discussion on The Impartial Height Increase Boards

well ill get right to the results and the give you the back ground…

after 10 sessions of rolfing i measured my self and im between 1/4 to 1/2 an inch taller. i started out at 5’9 and when i measured yesterday i was a little past 5’9 1/4, and i didn’t sleep very good the night before. so maybe when i get a good nights sleep ill be up to 5’9 1/2. well see

other benefits are my shoulders and much more broad. my shoulders and legs have a lot better range of motion. and supposedly im less exposed to injury when playing sports. my rotator cuff was kind of messed up before i started the sessions and now that its over, my rotator cuff feels a lot better.

now the background

i jsut turned 21, my plates are fused (not that it matters with rolfing), and i really haven’t tried to many other thing as far as height increase stuff goes. i tried cycling for a lil over am onth and had no results and stopped because i was worried about my knees. and i was just ****ing bored of riding a stationary bicycle.

i definately thought i was going to be atleast 5’10 when i measured myself because a few people told me that i looked taller. i even felt much taller than when i started the rolfing. i had to adjust my rear view mirror in my car a few times because it seemed like my back was getting longer. my torso definately looks a lot longer so i don’t know what the **** happened, i don’t understand how im only 1/2 inch taller at max. but whatevs, im happy i atleast got that. and even if i didn’t grow taller at all, im happy with the other benefits i got from the rolfing.

the 10 sessions cost $800 from a certified advanced rolfer in san diego, cali thats where i live. the sessions were pretty painful but nothing too bad. and as far as the emotional or physcological aspect of rolfing goes, the rolfer said that kind of for people that are mentally unstable, and the pain of the rolfing just brings out bad memories. it rarely happens to people.

so now im going to explore the LHL formula and hypnosis. i want to atleast make it to 5’11 and im pretty sure im going to.

if you have any questions about rolfing feel free to ask




How Rolfing Helps You Grow Tall?

Rolfing is manipulation of soft tissue in order to realign the body structurally and harmonizing its movement with gravity. In other words, proper alignment of the body is what Rolfing is all about. All parts of the body like the feet, ankles, neck head should be aligned for correct posture and for general well being. It also involves deep massage.

Rolfing is more than just massage. It reshapes the body’s myofascial structure by applying pressure and energy, and in the process freeing the body from the effects of physical and emotional traumas. It is meant to improve the overall well being of a person. It counteracts the effects of gravity, which over a period of time pulls the body out of alignment. This pull causes the body’s connective tissue to become harder and stiffer, and the muscles to atrophy. This leads to stiffening and contraction as well as slouching or an overly erect posture.

It has been observed that there is a correlation between muscular tensions and pent up emotions. A healthy emotional makeup would depend upon the alignment of the body parts. Rolfing enables the body to be perfectly aligned with gravity, so that the effect of the gravity on the body is minimized. Once the gravity effect is minimized on the spine and other body parts, then they are less compressed and one looks taller.

The deep massage technique in Rolfing loosens up the fascia and relaxes it and improves upon the muscles surrounding it.

The general belief by those practicing Rolfing is that the fascia toughens and thickens over a period of time and results in unhealthy alignment of the body. The Rolf practitioner will concentrate on different set of muscles and try to improve upon them through massage.

Rolfing stretches out the muscle fibers and they become more supple and elastic. This in the process helps in improving the height as stretched muscles add to the height.

The treatment is painful at times but there are no side effects. Sometimes suppressed emotional anguish is released.

Rolfing improves posture, which in turn adds inches to your height. Any person with a good posture will look tall. A good appearance consists of an erect back, a straight head and walking in a manner that you appear tall and a person of good health and general well-being.

Me: In conclusion, the type of deep tissue massage rolfing is seems to definitely at least in the short term realign some back vertebrate and give a person some extra height. It does seem to work for a percentage of the people who use it. Most people would also agree that it only improves posture and body aligned, so if one does stand well, the added height is lost soon. 

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