Product Review XIV: InstaHEIGHT Super Massing And InstaHeight.Com

Me: I had posted recently about the fact that I have had many free copies of E-Products available for download in the “downloads” section of the website and I mentioned that I had at least an old copy of the E-Product “Grow Taller 4 Idiots”. One of the regular readers expressed his opinion on the product and another reader responded to the one reader and mentioned about this website and product which I have not seen before which links to a website I got a chance to look at it earlier today. From a first glance, it was clear that this website was to sell another height increase E-Product. 

Since I have not done a product review in a while, I guess I wanted to do a slightly more detailed analysis on this product before making any judgements. The first thing I notice is that the page is a very long sales page. I scroll down to the bottom and see that there is 2 height increase products being sold with a third E-Book added on Strength Training. The three products are…

1. 10 Steps To Extra Height – Inch Adding, Get Taller Today – Authors: Deavon Stoller &

2. Human Growth Hormone – HGH Explained, Understanding InstaHEIGHT Super Massing – Authors: Deavon Stoller & 

3. Darren O’ Connell – Training For Power And Strength – Author: Deaven Stoller &

All the products are copyrighted on 2009. At the bottom they lowered the price of these 3 products from $97 to $67.

If you actually click on the download button, you realize that the 3 E-Products are stuff you get from the biggest E-Product market place on the net, Clickbank. I personally have never trusted any of the products that is exchanged on Clickbank personally because I used to be part of that IM community.

First, right off the bat they make two stupid mistakes.

1. They said that the average height of Korean men is 5′ 4″. If they were talking about North Koreans, then they are right but the average height of South Korean men is actually around 5′ 9″-5′ 10″. Why would this website want to show the average height of North Korean soldiers when the nations they were talking about was on the Polish, Chinese, and Vietnamese soldiers.

2. The picture they have on Mia Ku in 1997 may be 5′ 7″ but the picture next to her is NOT Mia Ku in 200 but of Dana Torres, Olympic medalist who is well known to be 5′ 11.5″ . They are not the same person.

The Science/Theory: It seems that the people who wrote the book are trying two ways to make you taller: One way is to thicken the cartilage disks in your vertebrate. If I remember correctly though at adult stages, there is very little cartilage if there is any at all. From our studies we  remember that the disks are not really made of cartilage, but a collagenous fibrous material. You have the vertebrate bone that is attached to ligaments which are attached to the outer and inner collagenous material. If there was any cartilage left it would be at the very outer edges. The other way that the products talks about is from “how to stimulate the growth platelets on a cellular level and where the easiest and quickest activity occurs”. I am not familiar with the possibility of using growth platelets on a cellular level. I know there are growth factors that are platelet derived but I have not done enough research on this type of growth factor yet. The idea they are talking about Super Massing is as  they describe it “The stress applied to the body is not to build muscle but to ignite the body to release HGH”. As we already know excess HGH release will only cause extremity and facial features who enlarge after growth plate closure.

There is two big claims from the webpage which I found to be rather incredible. They are

1. Our employee Sung Xiavi works remotely in China and her full time job is at the “secratariate commission of the peoples health”. She mentioned the document in one of our podcast business meetings and we took the opportunity to access the materials with her translation efforts. This material is high classed confidential government information.

2. Does it really increase penis size in men?

Yes, in all cases, the genitals including the testicles grow in volume and size. In men this process produces much testosterone naturally which is the main driver of genital size. An increase in the genitals in men is a typical outcome along with the height gains.

Also, at the bottom is a disclaimer with this message…


Every effort is made to provide completely accurate and fully disclosed information. However, this disclaimer immunes, its management, owners and affiliates and distributors from all claims.  Errors or ommissions are always possible and and we cannot warrant this website or any parts of the said (Product) to be free from said errors or ommissions. Your are advised to always seek medical advice in regards to any changes in your diet or exercise program to ascertain your fitness for it. We cannot possibly assess each purchaser for the capacity or fitness to do the advised work in the method to grow taller, so for this reason we disclam all liability and it is a term and condition of use that you understand this material is provided “as is” and does not include a fitness examination of any kind.
Me: So I typed in the website url to see what was on that site. The site leads me to another site that sells the same 3 E-Products. The person to contact on this website is Theodore T. Hunger. it would seem that this other website is a part of an affiliate marketing group. They claim this…
From the instaHEIGHT website
Help us share this remarkable information and make a good automated income too for yourself…IT’S EASY AND FREE!

The InstaHEIGHT Super Massing package is the new buzz and you can take this free opportunity to get in too. FREE! It’s easy and will take you a few minutes to get started. 

Existing affiliates are making $3000 to $5000 a week with us on auto pilot. We do all the work, the product delivery and handle all support issues. All you have to do is place your clickbank identifier link on your website and let your visitors click it.  We do the rest. you get a whopping $30 dollars per sale!!

  • If you sent 100 visitors a day, you will make 16 sales a day. $480 dollars a day or $3300 a week 
  • If you send 1000 visitors a day, you will make 160 sales a day $4800 dollars a day or $33,000 a week
  • If you send 10,000 visitors a day, you will make 1600 sales a day $48000 a day or $330,000 a week!
Me: So this website says that if I can send 100 people to the website a day I will make $3300 a week? For 10,000 people a day I will make more than even CEOs of fortune 500 companies. Really? This sounds like an Amway Multi-Level Marketing Seminar I once was tricked into going to. Final Conclusion: Another one of those E-Products scams that don’t work for adults and want your money.

38 thoughts on “Product Review XIV: InstaHEIGHT Super Massing And InstaHeight.Com

  1. Rafael A. Gonzalez

    Hello and thanks for the review,
    I understand the flaws you found regarding the
    Validity of the Instaheight program. However,
    You have to see the book before evb thinking it is a scam. If you could provide me with an address I can send you the book for free. I NEED hope and will not be swayed by extreme cynicism. I know it’s important to be cautious, but you must have some sort of faith. The book doesn’t just talk about height growth.
    Thanks again and have a nice day 🙂

  2. Rafael A. Gonzalez

    I have no shame in saying actually paid the $67. The e-book, from my research, has gone through improvements. Google “Instaheight super massing” and one of the results should yield a PDF file of an older version of the book. The version that I purchased was completely different and was not promoting additional muscle building or diet books as the old one did.
    I apologize if I come off as an insolent, stubborn person, but this is coming from a guy who has tried 4 different ebooks with almost no gains ( with the exception of GT4I, which only increased my height by 1 measly centimeter within the 8 weeks I used the program). I completely refuse to believe that height growth is just a matter of chance, and the Instaheight program seems to refute this statement.

    1. admin

      Thank you Rafael. Why don’t you scan it if it is an actual book, or use the snipping tool if you are using windows OS, or use the Shift+Command+4 if you are using mac OS to take a picture of just the 4 best pages you think from the Book and send it as an attached jpeg to the website email above at ? I’ll review the science, the ideas, and write up a better more informed review? How about that? I will be fair to all possibilities.

      1. Rafael A. Gonzalez

        Hi 🙂
        Well, I have already begun implementing the strategies in the program. As of now (two weeks later) I have not seen height increases yet but I believe it does take some time to get the body used to the changes.
        I would tell you it’s definitely NOT a scam since I have gone through the three books and the info is priceless.

        Any more questions let me know.


          1. Rafael A. Gonzalez

            Hello Michael,
            Please accept my apologies for having suspended the usage of InstaHeight. I’ve had a lot of disputes with my parents about the techniques in the program (particularly fasting) and was forced to stop its usage. I also feel bad about keeping some people’s hopes up and not responding promptly. I really do hope they haven’t given up on height increase altogether 🙁
            I am most definitely taking Elevate GF and I promise I will update on my progress every month, if possible.
            Thank you for the patronage you kindly offered me to try Instaheight. You have been very open-minded about the topic of height increase. Of course, while your research is VERY helpful, I doubt the practicality of some methods you propose. Personally, though, I think it’s very scholarly work on your part. Keep it up.
            Lancelot Ward has disappointed me a bit because it seems he wasn’t able to help Michael too much with his own engineered programs as well as the other two kids he is supposedly assisting using his brand new program (which I didn’t buy).

          1. Rafael A. Gonzalez

            Hello Tanya,
            Unfortunately I didn’t give the program enough time for the height increases but I did start gaining abdominal muscle in the first month. I would suggest you visit and check out the reviews for Instaheight. I want you to know that it DOES work 🙂 My parents were very hard on me for following this method and I had to stop using Instaheight.
            I could send you the program so you can try it out for yourself if you want. Free of charge since I believe you can achieve what you want, and compared to money, the benefits you will see from this program are priceless! Let me know, then 🙂

  3. Rafael A. Gonzalez

    Now this just crossed through my head (and of course I respect your opinions entirely), but maybe the author, in regards to the Mia Ku and Dana Torres pics, wanted to show Torres as a model of what Chinese athletes like Mia ku might have looked like 4- 5 inches taller. Just saying….just a humble hypothesis.

    1. heritiana

      Please , i wanna contact some people who really used it and got result from it like Mia ku or other people that i can contact please send the information to my official email or contact me on facebook;Heritiana Alexis , coz i m too short and wanna be taller like other people.kindly!!

  4. tim

    i think all of these e-books should be uploaded here, I would send everything I have but actually I only have those which are already uploaded here.

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  6. Matt Ramsey

    Hi Rafael, do you think that you could send me this product? I’m 18 and fairly sure I’m still growing so I’d love to give it a go, I just have no money to buy it at the moment and time is running out! I don’t know what I could give you in return, other than that maybe we could try and do the programme together, comparing gains and pushing each other on? We could also share some info with each other too.

  7. Rafael A. Gonzalez

    Hi everyone!
    I want to personally apologize for not keeping up with this particular thread. Unfortunately, because my mother (who can be quite a bit overbearing) gave me a hard time about the fasting technique, I had to suspend its usage. I did, however, have enough time to actually build up a six-pack with the program, so it does seem to deliver results but I didn’t put in enough time to see the height.
    Matt, it would be great if we could follow InstaHeight together, but as long as I’m living with my parents, it might be near impossible to follow the program to the point 🙁 I would suggest you go to The site looks VERY honest and there are people who have actually seen results (as much as 3 inches in two-three months). I’m currently taking Elevate GF since my lifestyle at the moment is very spontaneous in terms of activities and duties and I might not be able to put in enough time into a traditional height increase exercise routine. I’ll send you the Instaheight program if you’d like, compliments from myself since I believe personal achievements are worth more than all the money and riches in the world.
    Tanya, I would suggest you also follow the program if fasting won’t be a problem for your health. If you’d like, I can send you the program as well, for free.

    1. shagie

      Hi rafeal, I read the instaheight programme too but when I got in this forum I started to doubt the whole thing, am just so confused and I reall want to increase in height, guess my own case is worse cos I will be 25 this year don’t know if any programme can work for me. I would appreciate if u can send me the instaheight too…. Thanks and God bless


    2. Jerry

      Hi Rafael,

      I read your comments and would have been interested to know what kind of results you could have achieved on the InstaHEIGHT Program. It is a bit unfortunate that you are unable to continue the program due to conflict with family regarding the fasting method.

      As for myself, I am very keen to know whether this would work for myself. I am 24 years old male and will be turning 25 early 2014. The Old PDF I have of this mentions how this may be less effective for 25 and beyond. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind to send me the program to test it out. Of course, I would be more than willing to update on my progress, including whether or not I have had success in bone lengthening in the legs, or just lengthening in the torso/neck, as well as muscle changes.

      Thanks again, and looking forward to your reply.



      1. Raphael

        Hi Jerry!
        Sorry I couldn’t get back to you in a timely manner. Life has been a bit busy, but I never lose track of that which matters to me. Please send me your progress to I am REALLY eager to know how InstaHeight will work for you. I visited and there are quite a few people that did see gains in height. You can obtain the three e-books from Michael’s “Free Stuff” folder.
        Thank you and I am very willing to hear from you 🙂
        Good Luck!

      1. Raphael

        Hello 🙂
        If you go on to, there are genuine people who have made positive reviews on the InstaHeight method, which tells me that if you follow the directions correctly, it’s sure to help you gain height. I did use it for a month, but had to stop due to conflicts with my parents.
        If you so recur to this particular method, I wish you the best 🙂

    3. sujan khan

      i am sujan 20 yrs old girl,my height is 4’8″ due to this i am not getting marrage.
      my parrents waste much money on me for height increease bt it didnot i cant tell to my pareents anymore for this.
      plz any body send the pdf of instaheight program so i will be ever greatful to u.
      my mail id

  8. shagie

    Hi rafeal, I read the instaheight programme too but when I got in this forum I started to doubt the whole thing, am just so confused and I reall want to increase in height, guess my own case is worse cos I will be 25 this year don’t know if any programme can work for me. I would appreciate if u can send me the instaheight too…. Thanks and God bless

  9. heritiana

    Hey guys!!!
    I read all of your conversations and i found out that this program can also increase my short stature so kindly guys if anyone of you can help me to tell me what exactly did you do to increase your height because i got confused on the program so kindly send me the program to my official email.
    Thank you guys and hope to hear something from you soon.

  10. Harry

    I don’t have this book, but I have read a lot about it. That it has shown very brilliant results, but after reading all the stuff here, I am confused. I am 25, I have gained around an inch in last year. Don’t know how, but I think if I try then it may work for me. And yes, there are quite good reviews on I am looking forward to try it. As it comes with 100% refund guarantee.
    Above money, I am hoping to see changes in my height.

  11. katherine

    Hello all,I have a request if someone could send me the full version of the supermassing techinique..I did download the free version but I don’t have another one.I want to try it and see if it works for ninety days.And then I’ll update you guys too.Rafael could you send it in my email too?

  12. Louis

    Hi everyone i will try to use the instaheight program next week and i would update here !
    I am 19 year old male i hope it will work and 2 inches would be a miracle for me.

    Let’s share our knowledge everyone! Keep our hearts burning with passion and together we will liberate ourselves of this height dillema lol 🙂

  13. paul

    hi am paul, i have been looking for ways to increase my height. I came across instaheight it seems to give hope. Am requesting with full version instaHEIGHT program please send to my email: , am from Africa and will be updating u on my progress i wound if it can work in Africa. I will highly appreciate if anyone do me this favour thank u

  14. Jack

    Hello all,I have a request if someone could send me the full version of the supermassing techinique.I am from a poor family and I am 26 yr old male.Kindly send the full version to my mail life is at stake because of my height.God bless u.

  15. Saurabh

    Has it worked for anyone please update.. Iam gonna die if my height doesnt increase within one year.. Life has just frustrated me.. 🙁


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