Natural Height Growth October 2012 – Monthly Website Traffic Data Report

Note: To see the report from last month, go to Natural Height Growth September 2012 – Monthly Website Traffic Data Report

So here are the results for the traffic that has been going through my website for the month of October. This will be a monthly thing to show the regular readers how this website has been developing and growing over time.

Overall, this month has seen a few changes with the website on how it is presented in terms of graphical layout. I have been trying more and more to focus on less quantity, and more quality in the posts. Some are quite informative and long. The number of emails I am getting these days and me daily email exchanges with people have gone up dramatically. Overall it has been a great and enlightening experience as they give me feedback on what they like and don’t like about the website. Then, I go back and work and edit the website to make it more user friendly for them. The number of people checking out the Facebook page and the likes have also been increasing.

I’ve added a few features, like a mailing list at the bottom of the page, thought about adding a forum, combined a few old sections which no one was looking at, and made a bigger effort to get the readers to the right direction. Also, I am going to try to apply and get a podcast going for the website to increase the audience.

So here is the report from Clicky below.


Analysis: What seems to have happened from the end of September to the end of October is that the total number of visitors have increased from around 4700/month to 9500/month. At the currently time the number for October is only less than 9100 but these days the number of visitors is actually around 400 total visitors/day. I am assuming and calculating to the end of the day. My highest number was yesterday at 452 which is extremely high. For september, the number was around 200 visitors per day so the traffic has increased by about 100% again. Obviously this trend of doubling each month is impossible to sustain in the long run. I am willing to calculate that the traffic will not be increasing much higher after November since the rate at which I am producing posts and articles has dropped dramatically as I have shifted my focus on working on my primary company and business.

As always, it is always important to realize that the numbers are NOT for an entire month which is usually 30 or 31 days but 28 days. Clicky does give me the option of looking at the traffic data of a month but I have to wait until the next month. I really just wanted to get this monthly report published quickly so I can move on in researching.

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