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While I was scouring through Google again today looking at the connection between quercetin and possible height increase I came across this website that seemed to be offering another E-Product which is a book on how to grow taller.

From a just the first few glances, it looks far more credible than almost any other E-Book that I have found in a long time. The website is The E-Book he says he wrote up and is putting up for sale is “Maximize Your Height: Four Keys to Growing as Tall as Your Genetics Will Allow“. Here is the issue with a curt retort that this guy is another scam artist trying to take your money.

  • He seems to have some real credentials witha doctorate degree in Chiropractor.
  • He claims that the book is written for parents who want to help their kids who are still growing to maximize their growing potential.
  • His website seems to be a real authoritative website for Natural Health Medicine. From a quick look there seems to be almost 30,000 people who like Dr. Kim’s website and Facebook profile!
  • He has his own podcast and seems to really know what he is talking about.

The book is sold for around $20. Apparently there seems to be an entire natural medicine and supplement online store on his website selling stuff like Quercetin. There is a specific checkout and payment software that is integrated into the website and the website is not the usual WordPress based platform website but made using the computer language Drupal, which I have only a little bit of understanding on. While This Dr. Kim calls himself a doctor, we do note that he has a doctorate in chiropractic which many MDs in the established medical community might say is not a real Doctor. However I don’t want to try to argue whether this Dr. Kim is a “real doctor” or not.

Conclusion: This E-Book would go on the list of books which I have already looked at which has nothing new to deliver. From Amazon we already have maybe 3-4 books already out by Pediatricians and General Physicians which wrote a relatively thick guide on how to maximize the height of one’s child. The four keys are always proper nutrition, exercises through stretching, sleeping, and probably supplement taking. It is probably not a scam, but for the purposes of our website and what we are trying to do, it is not very helpful. However I will be putting this book in the product and books listing place to let parents of children know that there is a resource for them if they are just starting out understanding Auxology.

From the website there is a short biography on his education and credentials.


Dr. Kim studied at the University of Toronto before going on to earn his doctor of chiropractic degree from National University of Sciences in 1997.  He graduated summa cum laude, and went on to join multi-disciplinary clinics in Alaska, California, and Ontario.  Today, he lives and works in Ontario, Canada with his wife and two children, and is the editor of, a natural health website devoted to sharing principles of self care.”

On the Product Webpage….

Maximize Your Height: Four Keys to Growing as Tall as Your Genetics Will Allow

Posted By Dr. Ben Kim

In the summer of 2004, a guest of our clinic asked me what he could do to maximize his height using natural methods. At that time, he was still in his early 20s and aspired to play professional baseball.

What began as a casual conversation about the physiology of bone growth led to me writing an article on this topic, which I ended up publishing on our web site.

Since publishing that original article, I have worked with a handful of parents who have sought comprehensive guidance on this topic for their children; all of them were interested in doing everything that they could to help their children grow as tall as possible for various athletic activities.

After spending more than two years polishing up my guidelines on how to maximize one’s height via specific exercises, stretches, and food choices, I have put these guidelines together in the form of a practical special report. It’s called:

Maximize Your Height – Four Keys to Growing as Tall as Your Genetics Will Allow

This 98-page special report provides concise instructions on what children and young adults (up to early to mid 20’s) can do on a daily basis to grow as tall as possible. The instructions in this special report are based on basic physiological principles, and require no special tools or procedures to help a child or young adult maximize his or her height. This special report includes:

  1. A concise outline of the four keys to growing as tall as your genetics will allow.
  2. A comprehensive list of the most important nutrients that are needed for optimal bone growth.
  3. A comprehensive list of healthy foods that are naturally rich in the nutrients that are most needed for bone growth.
  4. Sample meals that provide a balanced approach to obtaining the nutrients needed for maximal bone growth.
  5. Specific instructions on stretches and exercises that are essential to supporting optimal bone growth.

This special report comes with a bonus recipe section that contains dozens of healthy recipes from Your Best Weight.

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