Natural Height Growth November 2012 – Monthly Website Traffic Data Report

Note: To see the report from last month, go to “Natural Height Growth October 2012 – Monthly Website Traffic Data Report.

The visitors in the month of November has also increased like every single month so far. Unlike the last two months, October and September, the traffic did not double but still increased by a dramatic rate. The month of November has 30 days and for me in Asia right now, the numbers above only take into account 1/3rd of the entire day. That means that by the end of the day, it would probably reach about 600 total visitors/day.

I did finally figure out how to configure the date range to give the total month instead of just the 28 days I did for previous months. One idea I have thought about doing for the end of the year is to do a yearly report in the month of december to show how the blog/website has been progressing and growing over the last 4 months or so.

As the numbers show, the average number of visitors to the website had been held steady around 400 total visitors/ day for a while, around 3 weeks. It reached almost to the 600 mark a few times. Only this last week has the traffic jumped up to 500/day , and then 2 days ago the traffic reached slightly over 700 total visitors/day. However the numbers really average out to be around 600 total visitors/day. This shows a 50% increase in visitor traffic from last month.

I guess what I would like to see is that by the end of the year, the total number of visitors to the website would surpass the 1000 total visitors/day mark. That will show that many people are coming back and revisiting the website. What is good news is that the bounce rate has dropped a little to just 24%. One thing that I have been very surprised in was that there is so little traffic coming from China. Then I realized that China has a firewall that blocks out many websites. I would assume that if China loosened its restrictions on the websites that can be shown in the country, the website would get more traffic from China. For most countries like India, Philippines, and other asian countries the bounce rate has almost always been lower than average. The surge to 700 visitors/ day I saw in the traffic yesterday was mostly from a Japanese website that has linked to the website. I really don’t know why or how they found out about this website.


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