A Technical Review Of The Non-Invasive Limb Lengthening Ginza Kojima Device Patent (Big Breakthrough!)

This will probably be the last time I really take any serious look at this device or machine that is claimed to work in increasing the height of people in a non-invasive approach from Japan.

In a previous post “The Actual Patent For The Ginza Kojima Non-Invasive Limb Lengthening Height Increase Device Found, With Pictures!” I had shown that I was able to find the actual patent from a Japanese Patent database on the well known ginza kojima device which has been promoted and claimed to increase height since the middle of the last decade. Many people have talked about it’s claims and the ultimate answer was that it was either inconclusive or that it was a scam.

On some websites like on the Make Me Taller forums and the LSJL forums which have asked this question and I think I might try to answer that question completely and fully and finally put a nail in the coffin on this subject and device.

Here is the technical review below…

Technical Review

8The device is real and the patent on it seems to be real too. The company was visited by Sky from EasyHeight.com many years and ago and he, at that time studying pharmacology, had given his opinion that the machine looked legitimate.

The device is much bigger than expected but requires a human being to be strapped onto a rotating machine as pic

Under the section for the patent “Effect Of The Invention” , section 0009, I copy and pasted the important part below…

“Since the body reformation device of this application is provided with a leg holding fixture and the towage drive mechanism which tows it, in addition to each above-mentioned effect, there are the following effects.

(1) If an ankle, a knee, a thigh, etc. are held with a leg holding fixture and the leg holding fixture is towed with towage drive mechanism, the joint of the root of a knee or a leg can be lengthened straight and a twist of the body and distortion can be corrected. Height can also be lengthened.

Also from section 0010

“Since the body reformation device of this application is provided also with the jaw holding fixture holding the jaw of the user who lay on the back on the stand, in addition to each above-mentioned effect, it has the following effects.

(1) If an ankle, a knee, a thigh, etc. are held with the aforementioned leg holding fixture, and the jaw of the person on a stand is held with a jaw holding fixture when towing the leg holding fixture with towage drive mechanism, it can lengthen straight to a leg flatly and a twist of the body and the straightening effect of distortion are high.”

A video of the device can be found from a previous post “What The Ginza Kojima Limb Lengthening Height Increasing Device Actually Looks Like, Cool!” or to the official website for the device (link below)

Let’s note again that the only testimony we find from the actual Ginza Kojima website is from a man named Mr. Rashid who is from Bangladesh. The people notes that while he wants to get 10 cms, he only got a little less than 4 cm.

“I am Mohammed Mamunur Rashid….I am a student of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. I found this clinic name through internet and personally. I met with Mr. Kojima and doing height lengthening program clinic here in Japan Ginza Tokyo. I have already gained this program from 162cm to 165.8cm.”

Note the fact that the guy got exactly 3.8 cm, which converts to exactly ~ 1.496 inches. That is indeed a height increase. Note that the website calls their services “body contour correction”, not “height increasing services”.

In general, I have found that most Japanese are honest in their efforts and business deals and I do not wish to insult someone by claiming they are a scam. This device does not appear to be a claim. It is legitimate. 

Technical Analysis

Here is why the device actually seems to really work…

Note that the website gives prices for 1-3 cm but adds an incredible amount for each additional cm, being around 1,500,000 yen per 1 centimeter for additional charge(with tax). That is converted to around $16,300 USD for each additional cm.

The reasons are 5

  • 1. The device has one part that holds the lower legs & the tibia in place. – Ankle Weight Principle
  • 2. The device has a 2nd part that holds the person’s neck in place by pulling up. – Traction machine
  • 3. The device mostly has the person lying in flat down at an angled position, which lets gravity do its work. – Gravity
  • 4. The device is spinning, causing what is known as centripedal force to push the person’s upper body and their head further away. –Centripetal Force
  • 5. There seems to be some type of surgery to the bone, which I am not sure of. – Surgery??

The inventor has been very clever in combining the forces of gravity, centripedal force, the element of a traction machine, and the effect of ankle weights all together.

Gravity – note that the device does have the person most of the time have their head positioned below their lower body. The device sometimes swings back up (where the level of the head is above the rest of the body) so as the not get the subject to pass out, getting dizzy, etc. due to the rush of blood to the head. Have you ever tried to do a headstand for too long? The push of the gravitational force will cause a tensile load on the entire body stretching it out, elongating it slowly, effectively massaging or “remodeling” or doing “body contour correction”.

Centripetal Force – we learn from elementary physics that there is something known as centripetal force which happens when an object is spinning around an axis. I refer to the idea of a spinning swing like big circular platform one finds in many children’s parks where kids run in circles to push that flat surface to make it go faster and faster in circles. If you are sitting in the middle, the natural effect is that you will be pushed further and further away from the center. For the patent, you are held mainly in place by the fasteners on the lower leg. As the subject is being spun around, the centripetal force generated would push the ends of the body further apart, but very slowly, possibly correcting any spinal or vertebrate curvature that might exist.

Traction machine – from my research into traction machines, I learned that one of the two main types of traction machine is a strap one wears under the chin area to pull the neck up and correct any vertebrate problems in the cervical vertebrate area. (click HERE for a picture). This means that also the elements of a traction device was also implemented into this invention. The subject will have their upper back and lower neck area elongated from decompression.

Ankle Weight Principle – The lower leg is held tightly down to prevent it from moving around. The spinning is supposed to cause the joint empty spaces to expand, in the knee and the ankle. Note what the patent says “the joint of the root of a knee or a leg can be lengthened straight and a twist of the body and distortion can be corrected”. There is twisting, and from twisting it is possible to lossen the ligaments of the ankles or the region of the knee to get slightly bigger for a temporary amount of time. We must remember back to many trials by previous height increase seekers in using the ankle weight principles. Some have said that they have seen results but most have not.

Surgery?? – This is the part which I am not sure of which the people never go into. It states clearly from the main website that the workers will both get an X-ray on the subject to test their bone density but they also say that there is some surgery to be done. What that surgery is I have no information on at this time.

We can see that no bone was really being stretched, except maybe in the surgery part which I could not see or get any information on. The increase in height is from stretching out the spaces and cavities in the vertebrate, the knee and ankles joints.

Again, note the fact that the machine was probably not designed or built to be a height increase device, but a substitute or alternative to body manipulation. Alternatives is rolfing, chiropractor, the Alexander Method, stretching, yoga, etc. On the main website they state “Ginza Kojima gives our clients some advice on how to correct the bone deformity all over the body.” The machine was designed to correct bone curvature or any curvature in the body due to body alignement. This implies that it would help people with slight back curvature or people with bones that bend slightly due to ligament issues. Bow leggedness may be one bone disorder which might be helped using this machine.

The twisting of the machine makes the body more limber, stretch out, and be more likely to be aligned completely vertically. Maybe the researchers noticed that subjects which used the device for just body and bone re-alignment also came out 1-2 cms taller so they rebranded or re-marketed the product as a height increase machine.


The machine will use many of the same principles we have seen before but what the Japanese inventor has been able to do very cleverly is to use many basic physics principles to give a person some real results. The machine does work, but so will Pierre Pozzuto’s A-Grow-Bics workout based off of London (read my review which showed that it is effective from the post “Review, Another Look At A-Grow-Bics With Pierre Pozzuto And Why It Might Really Work In Increasing Height“) This device uses traction, gravity, centripetal force, weights, pulling, and everything else combined to give most people a chance to get height increase. Note the fact that the website mainly talks about providing 1-3 cm of height increase, not 4 cm. 3 cm is possible from stretching exercises. From Pozzuto’s A-Grow-Bics class this journalist/reporter wwent from 5′ 2” and added 2 inches at least temporarily (HERE).

Let’s remember that scientists have shown that a person can increase their height by 3% when in space so that means that when the pockets of empty space like in the knee, ankles, hips, or intervetebral disk areas aree expanded even a little like by 1 mm, they do add to some real susbstantial gains. For most people between 5 and 6 feet tall, taht 3 % is around 2 inches of possible height increase if the disks in the body are allowed to decompress. It is possible that from the spinning and the generated centripetal force of the Ginza Kojima device the intervertebral disk pockets can be extended slightly further to say 4-5% of a person’s height if the person used the device for enough time.

However it is rather easy to guess that the height a person gets is probably temporary. What will probably happend to a person who gets 3-4 cms of increase is they loose around 50% of it. I remember cases of people who managed to get 2 inches from stretching but they would shrink down 1 inch when they did not stick to a program. Most subjects might not realize this issue when they do get the increase, until say months later when their bodies shrunk back.

The fact that the one testimonial we find on the website shows  a man who wanted 10 cm but “only” got 3.8 cm shows that this case was probably the best and most dramatic of all the subjects the people who used the device got. I am sure that if after the subject went through the device they got no noticeable height increase, the Japanese clinic might refund their money back. Or they might only charge however much the subject did increase by. If a person wanted 10 cms but only got 2 cms, they would be charge the rate for 2 extra cms.

In the end, this device has been designed to incorporate elements which has been shown to work before in other height increase seekers. Without looking at the surgery part, it would work to non-invasively increase height. The patent shows that the invention is cleverly designed to work better than most other devices and ideas due to the ability to spin the subject and create centripetal force. The high price of this device suggest that maybe we could go for something else, like Pierre Pozzuto’s program which is only about $200 and there is a clear refund policy.

The only issue that has not been resolved is over the surgery part. Tyler in a previous post “Kojima’s limb lengthening clinic review” said that the device gets the person’s lower leg bone, the tibia, to be exposed to green light to demineralize the bone but I have never fully accepted that idea or know where he learned of this information. I don’t see any green light being emitted, but only a large table with straps for the lower legs and the neck (like a traction machine) being spun around at a reasonable speed. I think at this point Tyler was wrong about his assessment of the machine, since it is much more different than most people would have believed.

If the surgery part is done for all patients, then it is no longer non-invasive. If however the surgery is done only on people who see no increase after using the device, then maybe the marketers can use a label like that. If the surgery is to pop open the knee joint slightly, then it would be dangerous for the subject. If the surgery is to to a distraction through making some type of cortical bone fracture, then the machine can probably move past the 3-4 cm of height increase that is only possible through normal vertebrate and synovial joint decompression. 2 inches or 5 cm is the maximum for almost everyone.

This device, if it can get even just 6 cm of height increase, even temporarily, for a subject without the need for surgery will prove itself to be the real deal. The surgery part is what is not known at this time of the exact details on what is done. The clinic seems to be real and the machine probably will have some success on most of the people who use it, to at least reach their full height potential by tapping into what I have called “hidden height”.

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