Review, Another Look At A-Grow-Bics With Pierre Pozzuto And Why It Might Really Work In Increasing Height

Yesterday I got a email message sent through the company email account where they forwarded a link where the article was about Pierre Pozzuto and his A-Grow-Bics program in London. Now I have already looked at this guy and his claims in a very recent post entitled “A-Grow-Bics Class With Fitness Trainer Pierre Pozzuto Of Fitness Chain Gymbox Claims To Increase Height Through Microfractures“.

At the conclusion of the previous post I had said that it was difficult to say with confidence that this guy can really help adults grow taller. The one source I was using was an article written by a reporter who tried out Pozzuto’s program for only one day and did not see any increase in her height after she went through the intense training and stretching. Of course the claim was always that the person would see at least a height increase of 2 cm or more after doing the program for 6 weeks or they will get their money refunded. Overall, I did the research and saw that this Pozzuto guy was the real deal and he was a licensed physical trainer based in the UK. This article was from the DailyMail UK. It seems this reporter tried out the program too and she noticed a height increase of 2 inches or 4.9 cm to be more exact.

So what is in the program?

“This revolutionary exercise system blends elements of Pilates, Yoga, cardio exercises and stretching moves; it involves hanging upside down like a bat . . . oh, and being strapped on to a rack…”

It seems there is 7 main parts which goes in this sequence…

  1. You first hang on a bar for an extended amount of time, over 30 secs.
  2. You get you ankles locked on bar and you are hoisted up and hanging upside down. You than are to try to reach for your ankles and this strengthens core muscles.
  3. You get on the ground on your stomach and alternate your limbs to strengthen the core muscles and stretch out.
  4. There is an exercise called the “Superman” using cords. Don’t really know what is going on.
  5. You do high intensity jumps on boxes as much as possible to increase HGH production levels.
  6. You then get on a treadmill to do short sprints at the top speed to increase HGH production levels. This is also where the idea of microfractures come in.
  7. You then go to the “rack” which holds the body down with clamps to the wrist and ankles and stretch the spine.

In terms of duration, it was stated..”The whole workout took just under one hour, and Pierre and I went through the same routine once a week for six weeks. I was also given ‘homework’, which involved a few stretches and Pilates exercises,...”


  • “Participants are measured at the beginning, and again after every session. There was nothing to show for my effort after week one or week two.
  • But at the end of week three, I’d grown 0.8cm; by week four, I’d grown 2cm; and by the end of the course I had become an astonishing 4.9cm taller.
  • I was stunned, and even Pierre had to measure me twice before we both believed it: six weeks ago, I was 160.5cm (5ft 2in); now I’m 165.4cm (5ft 4in). “
We see that this reporter was a person who stuck it out through the entire 6 weeks unlike the other reporter who didn’t see any results after the first day. This obviously makes more sense thinking back on that expose which was sort of biased and one sided. It is worth to note that Pierre is not charging an insanely high rate for those results like a lot of scams but only 200 pounds which is very reasonable. She ends the article with this comment…
“…And, while it’s unlikely I’ll stay this tall forever as my spine will squish back down over time, Pierre reckoned if I keep up my stretches and remember to maintain a good posture, at least some of the height gain should be permanent…”
So it seems that she and Pierre also recognize and acknowledge that the height is not permanent but some of the increase may be permanent with some lifestyle changes towards healthier living. I remember from the Giant Scientific forums that there was one well known member named Monaug who through a stretching and exercise program saw his height also increase by about 2 inches. If I remember correctly his increase was also not permanent and he lost maybe 1 inch of it later on. However half of the height increase was permanent so he did end up 1 inch taller than before.
Conclusion: This program is probably worth checking out for anyone who is based in the UK and around the London area. It doesn’t hurt to try it out and if they don’t get the 2 cm as promised they get their money back at only 200 pounds and end up healthier and fitter than before. I really can’t see how a height increase seeker can loss with this height increase proposal.
The article was entitled “Impossible? No. But it’s definitely a bit of a stretch! How one 5ft 2in writer gained two inches in height” By JENNY WOODPUBLISHED: 00:13 GMT, 29 November 2012 | UPDATED: 13:29 GMT, 29 November 2012

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  2. victor ferreira

    this is probably just a lot of stretch, strengthening of core muscles, posture improvement and spinal decompression. nothing would lead to such a big height increase in just 5 sessions and a few exercises at home. considering she`s not lying or they didnt measured her wrongly


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