What The Ginza Kojima Limb Lengthening Height Increasing Device Actually Looks Like, Cool!

So I recently was going through the internet again and I stumbled upon an old blog created by a guy who had done something years ago but still had left his/her written material. The website is called IWantEStatura.Webs.com. The website would have quite a few well written posts which I will eventually add to the Resources page.

However the most interesting thing I found was a video of what the Ginza Kojima device is supposed to look at. After going back to the Ginza Kojima website I would realize that the same video has been on the website the entire time. However the most interesting thing was that the people claim that the Ginza Kojima device or technique has been patented already, with patent # 3802917, which I will find and talk about in the next post.

Analysis & Interpretation:

The video does have sound from the actual ginza kojima website but there is no one talking but only music. I am not Japanese and can’t read Japanese so I can’t help on reading what the words say. The people in the video are the researchers and the test subjects. The device is a lot bigger than I expected. I had originally imagined that the device being sort of small and something that goes around the bottom of the legs, not something so big that a person would be lying on the device.

You can see that the subjects are being spun around and they don’t seem to be in any pain. They seem to be smiling and the people who work at the facility seem to be ather professional and there seems to be around 5 people, each attending 1 of the 4 main devices.

Would It Really Work?

At this point it is really hard to say. In a previous post about the device “A Further Look At The Ginza Kojima Technique and Device” I had expressed the opinion that this facility can not be completely just shunned and easily said to be a scam. The devices, people, website, and contact information all seem to be real. Sky from EasyHeight.com has supposedly flown to Japan years ago and he felt the device looked legitimate. Some people had said that the 1-3, or even 10 cms of extra height increase is only temporary but at this point there is no solid claims or stories.

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