The Book Title For Grow Taller E Book “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” Directly Tells You It Is A Lie

This is my post/rant for today.

In the first product review post I ever did for this website, back in July of last year, I wrote about the most “popular” or infamous Internet Marketing E-Book in this niche for growing taller called “Grow Taller 4 Idiots”. The post was entitled “Product Review 1 – Grow Taller For Idiots“.

In that post I spent over 2 hours writing out a very long, detailed analysis on why it is CLEARLY a scam. These days when I am doing real research for the height increase endeavor, all I get are new webpages and links to the same product over and over again. it is very frustrating. No other niche on the internet, except maybe for penile enlargement or pheromones to attract the opposite sex, has there been more scams.

This niche or area of research we are  in is 95% fake. And the e-book “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” is causing probably 60% of all the bad links and webpages out there.

Just look at the name of the title of the book “Grow Taller 4 IDIOTS “. I want to focus on the last word of the title, idiots. The title itself for the book “grow taller 4 idiots” directly implies that this book which you might be hesitantly considering buying to try to make yourself taller says that you are an idiot and that this book will be perfect for you.

When a person calls you an idiot it says that they think you are stupid, out of touch with reality, not self aware, or they are just using a sharp negative label to describe you, usually to characterize your intellect, personality, or character traits.

The counter argument can be made by people that there is a similar label to idiots and that is “dummy” and that the For Dummies series in terms of educational or how to books have been super popular.

Let’s look at the other label used “Dummies”. It is absolutely true that the “For Dummies” books series has become extremely popular in the last 2 decades. I will admit that I first learned how to play chess, learn about marketing, and to play the guitar by reading a “For Dummies” book. I still think the book “Chess for Dummies” is one of the funniest, simplest, informative, and most down to earth, none technical intro books for chess there is.

However there is a slight difference between the label “dummy” and “idiot”.

Dummy – if a person calls you a dummy, they are implying that you are “dumb” , but your lack of smarts is more likely due to ignorance of the facts. If you just educated yourself more on the way things really worked, your ignorance can possibly go away and the label of “dummy” will be removed. People can call a person a dummy but they do it out of affection, slight humor at the expense of the person they are calling a dummy, in a joking way, but they don’t really want to hurt the person because they still might like the person.

Idiot – if a person calls you an idiot, the indication is that they are attacking you. Being called an idiot is implying often more than just that one is lacking more than just in intelligence and shows ignorance of one’s ignorance. One is not even aware that they are not aware. Being an idiot can not be cured by studying and educating oneself alone. One can be educated and quite “book smart” but still be a labeled an idiot because they make bad choices, act inappropriately, or behave in strange ways.

Plus, why would anyone ever put in a book title for a “how to manual” 4 Idiots?

They are saying that a person who gets the book is the idiot. They are calling a person stupid to their face, and if the person still can’t understand it then they may be too dense to get that they are being tricked and scammed. So does that mean that the “idiot” deserves to be duped, scammed, and robbed of their money?

Some people say they should be but I try to be kinder. This area of endeavor is filled with false advertisements and false promises. I ask the reader and anyone who ever decides to go on the internet to never buy a book which suggest that they are an idiot for deciding to purchase an E-Book.

The book “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” is intended for only idiots. I don’t think anyone is a real, legitimate idiot so no one should be spending their money to buy the book. Stay away from this scam and look for any other Height Increase or Grow Taller Book out there that at least doesn’t try to insult the intelligence and gullibility of the person who is thinking about buying it.



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